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Tuesday, 29 January 2008
11:04:06 AM (GMT)
The foggy night swirled around me. Footsteps. In the distance. A heard a small
creature scamper across the damp ground. I stopped. 
	“CACAW!” A crow screeched near me. I looked up, startled. I heard a voice that
was unintelligible, it talked around me.
	“Maaagggggiiiee,” The voice whispered. “Maggie, I’m coming for you. I’m
coming sooooon.”
I screamed. My breath filled the air around me with mist. I ran. The ground under my
feet seemed mysterious due to the fact that it was pitch black. The Shape stepped out
from the darkness. My shriek pierced the air.

	“Maggie. Maggie, wake UP,” Gemma Kimberly, my best friend, said. “You were
screaming in your sleep. Again. And you were crying. A lot. Are you okay?”
	“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a nightmare,” I replied. I laid back down. I explained I
just wanted to sleep. I buried myself in the sheets and blankets and pillows and
stuffed animals. I heard Gemma settle back into the covers. The wind howled outside
the window. I ignored it and tried to drift away. I did.
	“What was the little freak show last night, Witherson?” Kayla Madison greeted me
as I entered the biology room.
	“Shut it, Madison. How pathetic was your Sunday night that you had to listen in to
other people’s conversation?”
	“Whatev. Like I care about your little issues,” She sighed. My friend, Marco
Zeega, mocked her behind her back. Screwing his face up in faux concentration just
before she whipped her blond, pink streaked hair around to glare at me.
	“Just what is so funny, Witherson?”  Kayla snapped. Kayla peered behind her to
see his face, screwed up and trying to hold back a fit of laughter.
	“Ugh, go ahead and laugh at your immature little jokes, rubes, but know that I, a
mature adult, am going on a date with William Pentichini tonight,” She smirked that
evil girl smirk. I didn’t even like William Pentichini. She was so oblivious. 
	“Well, aren’t I so, completely jealous!” Marco shouted in a falsetto voice.
Several biology students took notice. Lucky me, Mrs. Minchino entered. The students
lost interest in us quickly, the Bloodsucking Vampire in the front of the room
commanded all their attention silently. Her glare kept a steady stream of fear
pouring out of the students, a stream of near terror that ceased to end. She twitched
a muscle and Kayla and her cronies jumped. I smirked at their lack of self restraint.

	“I leave you students alone for five minutes and you immature little creatures
couldn’t control yourselves?!” Mrs. Minchino asked incredulously, her voice
cracking at the end of the question. Mrs. Minchino isn’t one of those teachers who
are very picky about what she says in front of and to her students. She’s usually
very funny and happy but recently she’s a little bitter about her friend’s
marriage. Her friend married her ex. You can imagine…
	“Maggie, can you please hand in your biology paper!? Rico, that worksheet I gave
you? KAYLA, stop talking to your stupid friends during my class!” Mrs. M was having
a mental breakdown.
	After the Minchino Meltdown, I felt extremely wasted away. I trudged down to the
nurse’s wing. Once inside the health room, I spotted several sick kids walking
around and coughing. Ms. Bitrafont, the nurse, saw me coming and eyed me over.
	“What’s wrong, Maggie? You’re never sick.”
	“I feel terrible. I’m all achy and disgusting.”
	“Go on back to your dorm, rest awhile.” I was thankful, I walked as slowly as
possible to my dorm. Once there I crashed into the comfort of my bed. I looked into
my Drawer of Stuff. An empty glass bottle, two bottles of sandalwood incense,
simmering oils (apple cinnamon, sugar cookies, etc.), a simmering pot with stars the
sun and the moon carved out of its smooth, soapstone surface, special stones, and a
leather-bound spell book. I went to my Bag of Stuff, I found some interesting items,
crayons, candles, thread and more miscellaneous things. I pulled out a crystal
candlestick, a blue candle, yellow thread, and sandalwood incense. I tied a knot in
the thread for my question (why am I having nightmares) and wrapped it twice around
the candle, lit the candle and the incense and tried for a nap.
	“Wake up, Maggie!” Rea Frima yelled. Rea, my other roommate is a
little…eccentric. She was obviously upset about something.
	“Maggie, I am not even close to kidding!” She screamed more urgently. 
	“I’m up! I’m up!” I yelled back. 
	“What’s this I hear about some…stupid rumor about me going out with that guy,
oh, what’s-his-face, it starts with a G. Gavin Megallo?!”
	“I don’t know, ask Gemma, she’s probably heard more about it than me!” I
shriek in defense. I was startled and scared to freaking death because of Rea. Rea
apologized and left the room in a huff. Six and a half minutes later, Marco busted
into the room.
	“Rea’s going out with Gavin Megallo!?” He moaned. “What does she see in him?
I mean, what does he have that I don’t have? My little rosebush is missing out on
the best boy, ahem, man that ever attended MoMo High!” MoMo High is Marco’s
little nickname for Monroe Montoya High School.
	“It’s a stupid rumor, Marco. She’s not actually dating him. Relax,” I
comforted him. He sighed.
	“Well, my little kumquat, someone drank their V8 this morning!” He smiled
approvingly at me. I groaned.
	“Please get out of here. What time is it anyway?” Marco’s face scrunched up in
a funny grin.	
	“3:20,” He smiled.

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