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Chapter1:The BattleCategory: stories
Saturday, 1 December 2007
09:13:59 AM (GMT)
Lugia: (random Lugia)/Torrent and lugia_is_right/Whirlpool
Moltres:moltres(she's the only moltres I know!)/Flamera
Zapdos: (random Zapdos)/Electric

Location:A cave...where Articuno lives......

Torrent:Look at the moon.......
Icy:I know!It's so pretty....!
Torrent:*hugs Icy*

Location:In the Skies.......
Blazier:Where's Icy?
Flamera:Calm down,Blazier!You don't have to go wack over losing track of Icy! remind me of someone who goes rational when he sees his
Blazier:*takes a deep breath*Guys.Give me a-
Flamera:I'm not a boy!!!!!
Blazier:.......*slaps his forehead*
Electric:*sighs*She's at Frosty Forest with Torrent.
Blazier:Torrent?!The Lugia?!?!?!*flies off angrily*
Flamera:O_O that was fast...
Electric:Are you kidding?That's as slow as a Slugma compared to his take off!!!!

Location:Back where Icy is........
Icy:*hugs Torrent back*
Blazier:*Ho-Oh cry of despair*Electric was right.........
Blazier:NO!!!!!HOW COULD YOU?!
Torrent:I-I didn't know!!!!!!!
Icy:Oh....drat.....*flies some where safe and bumps into Electric and Flamera*
Electric:Hey!Blazier went this way,right?
Flamera:I can feel it.He's nearby.*both fly off*
Icy:Wait up!!!!*follows*

Blazier:I told you to stay away from her....!
Torrent:So want a piece of me,then!!*Hydro Pump*
Blazier:Wrong move.*evades Hydro Pump and uses Sunny Day then Fire Blast*

Within 3 seconds,this turned into a bloody,fierce battle between the two brothers.

Voice:Stop this bloodshed at once!
Flamera:Electric,am I dreaming,or am I hearing another Lugia voice?
Electric:You ain't ain't........

The voice was Whirlpool!

Whirlpool:Torrent!Stop this at once!
Blazier(coated in fiery blood):Stay out of this!*Fire Blast*
Whirlpool:Aaaah!*hits a sharp rock and gets cut*
Torrent:Noooo!My sister!How could you do our sister?!

The bloodshed battle continued....

To be continued

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