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All ABOUT ME !!!! wooooooooooohooooCategory: life
Monday, 5 November 2007
01:39:17 AM (GMT)
1. Are you currently mad at someone? no
2. Which family member has the worst temper? my sister
3. Have you ever thrown something at anyone's face? yes
4. Does your face turn red when you're angry? no
5. When you're mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell? stare

1. Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you? no
2. Have you gone bungee jumping? no, but super want to
3. If you won a million dollars what would be your first thoughts be? I'm going
shopping tm!
4. If you could do anything right now, what would it be?  go 2 mwa BFFL's house

1. Name: jassel.R (Ja-zz-el
2. Where do you live? Australia  
3. What's your main goal in life? Be the best person ever in the history of my family
4. Do you want to have children? no im only 11 !!!!

1. Sex before marriage? no
2. Lower the drinking age? no
3. Abortion? it's sad
4. Recycling? veryy goooddd

1. Person you saw? my sister
2. Person you hugged? dad
3. Movie/Tv Show watched? The fairly odd parents 
4. Song you listened to?  Fargalicous 

1. What are you doing now? I'm doing this
2. What are you doing tonight? sleeping / watching tv and maybe some hmwrk
3. What are you going to eat for dinner? pizza?? 

1. Is: Tuesday
2. What are you doing? homework

1. Currently love someone: no
2. Like someone: kind of, but I cant let myself like him..
3. Do they know it? no
4. Is it a simple or complicated situation? ??donno
5. Does someone like you? No 

1. Bought something? yes
2. Gotten sick? no
3. Been hugged? yupp
4. Felt stupid? ohh yeahh
5. Missed someone? yes 
6. Failed a test? no
7. Danced? oh yeah baby 

1. One word people use to describe you?  friendly(shy)
2. Can you roll your tongue? hehe yes
3. Can you raise one eyebrow? yup
4. Do you make your bed daily?  sometimes.....
5. Do you think you are unique? maybe? yes

1. Said "I Love you"? no
2. Given money to a homeless person? yea
3. Smoked? no
4. Waited all night for a phone call? yes
5. Snuck out? no
6. Sat and looked at the stars? yes 
7. Slept in a bed of the opposite sex? no
8. Hooked up in the woods? nope
9. Spent more than 200$ in one day on shopping? yess
11. Been dumped? yea
12. Stolen money from a friend? no
13. Slept naked? no
16. Seen someone die? no
17. Been on an airplane? yes !!!!
18. Slept all day? yeah
19. Missed someone so much it hurt? no, not reallly..
20. Fallen asleep during school? yes
21. Been lonely? yeah
22. Cheated in a game? yeah
23. Been to the zoo? yea
24. Been in a car accident? no
25. Had detention? no
26. Cried yourself to sleep? yeah
27. Sung in the shower? yesss evertime !!!
28. Kissed a complete stranger? no
29. Laughed so hard you cried? yeppers
30. Regretted hurting someone? yeah
31. Regretted loving someone? YESSS
32. Been SUPER happy? lol for shure
33. Been the first to say I love you in a relationship? nope
34. Held a grudge for a long time? yeah

Hurt or be hurt? be hurt
cry or cry someone? cry
Kill or be killed? be killed.

Do you regret a lot of things? yeppers
What don't you regret? idk
Have you changed in the past year? yes i have
Would you change if someone told you to? nope, well maybe if i was being like mean
or something but if someone said i was ugly or not cool I would not change becuase
of that.
Last edited: 5 November 2007

angelfreak10 says :   3 January 2008   322427  
KOOL !!!!!

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