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ds is nothing compared 2 a psp. what do u think?Category: (general)
Sunday, 4 November 2007
01:41:37 PM (GMT)
go psp!! its the best!! nothing can make me think that ds is better than psp!!

psp is the best! no one will convince me!! psp!
my life is a psp! i have all these kool games and i have a sweet kool analog stick
and i llike its shape! its like an octagon but its wider! so creative and its also
you get kool umd thingy as your games!!you can even down load games and music and
pictures!! go on the internet! 
ds is lame.. it has a touch screen thingy but u can't download anything!it has 2
screens but no internet.. sure you can talk over the internet with ds messenger but
you can't go on internet!! infact i wrote all this on a psp!!hah ahahahhahah
ds has an original shape as a square. nothing so kool about that huh? 
well what d u think?

momokoko says:   4 November 2007   943292  
true!!!! psp rulez!!
‹vampric godess› says:   4 November 2007   241474  
true its true
Misao says:   4 November 2007   353134  
Its is cool but i preffer DS ^-^ its cuter.
Angel_Puzz says:   4 November 2007   795864  
a DS is cheaper and the same exsept:
It has a touch screen
It has the stick thinging
Its the owner of the most poplur game NINTENDOGS!!
oh yeah and you CAN download if you have the right software.....
Angel_Puzz says:   4 November 2007   997936  
AND it has a top screen
psp says:   4 November 2007   593358  
can go on wi fi
has an analog stick thingy
can download if u have the right version
can play all the violent games u wanted 2 play on ds
looks more mature
has better graphics
psp says:   4 November 2007   664182  
PSPs more like a boy thing because most girls like cute things
‹*Expired*› says:   4 November 2007   173187  
comes in 3 diffrent colors
touch screen+top screen
cooler games even tho yuyuhakusho for ds is only in japanese T___T
can connect with other ds
has r4 that cerahureka always hogs when she sees my ds ^_^;
can inject gameboy games AND ds games

big case
in japan theres such thing as a BLUE psp but only cuz japans tech is
really advanced
download videos
goes on internet but doesnt really connect and all u do is read stuff
‹*Expired*› says:   4 November 2007   127315  
more good stuff for ds!!
psp says:   5 November 2007   433647  
you can go on kupika! i wrote this on my psp!
Lyncheh says:   6 November 2007   691355  

^ DS has the internet too.
puppyprincess says:   6 November 2007   219445  
I like DS better
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at

It has 2 screens,
a toach screen,
it closes,
it's cheaper,
puppyprincess says:   6 November 2007   658591  
it also can do wi fi + the internet
psp says:   6 November 2007   538587  
wi fi is internet dumbo
naruto_fan_girl says :   11 November 2007   396699  
psp rock!yay ds are cuter to most girls but i think there ugly and
way to fat to fit in my bag to me the psp is cuter and cooler.


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