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All about me.Category: Me
Sunday, 14 October 2007
01:07:54 AM (GMT)
Goals:To win the love of a special girl,to protect that special girl and friend and
Alive family member:Sister
Pokemon: *Shiny* Umbreon
Change of encounter of me:1%

Story of me:
Me and my family lived in the ruins of an ancient relic somewhere in a hidden forest
far off from japan.
There was a hideout somewhere there,which is where team galactic is.
There caught my 2 sisters and my mom and dad and they got killed trying to get away.
I didnt know where to go,since I was just a shiny eevee. They tried to catch me,but I
was so tiny that I was able to escape.
I got to a place that was quiet and dark.
It was really pretty,though.
So I slept there,and a week after that when I woke up,I saw 2 brown,big feet. As I
looked up,a saw a fluffy brown-ish orange-ish coat,a white patch of fur,and a
thunder-bolt like tail. I looked up slowly and saw a head.
WIth funny shaped ears and a big smile.
A raichu.
Then,we talked.
"HIIII!!!" Said the raichu.
"Hi." I said.
"Come with MEEEEE!!!" The raichu said.
So I did.
Then,we were in a patch of grass,It was on a cliff. I saw the early morning sun,and
felt the dewy grass on my paws.
My fur shined very brightly.
Since then,That very raichu became my sister,We just chose that,because we bonded so
well,taht she felt like a sister to me.
That very raichu is my real life sister,too.
On here shes called The_Raichu.
Then,on a full moon on halloween,Me and my sister made ghost costumes. She cut out
holes,so we could see.
The moon was blue that night,and that swhen I suddenly evolved. A humungous flash of
blue light shown,and thats when everything shined as bright as the sun.
And thats my story.

tiff1819 says:   14 October 2007   789362  
who do you love
Shiny_Umbreon says:   14 October 2007   496339  
................iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIII CANT TELL!!
iiiTS A SECRET!!!!
tiff1819 says:   14 October 2007   773425  
why not you can tell me trew massage i wont tell anyone iam like a
sister to you
Shiny_Mew says:   15 October 2007   567749  
Wow......the story is nice....*eyes suddenly shine*
Shiny_Umbreon_rules says:   19 October 2007   777473  
That story is awsome!!!!
Mystic_Mew says :   30 October 2007   942784  
Hi XD Guess who? ( hint hint: Starlite_Ninetales?)


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