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OMG! The Principal's Wife Is HotCategory: Sex Stories
Thursday, 11 October 2007
12:11:28 PM (GMT)
Now those were the days…High School. Everyone has stories from high school.
Some are good and some are bad. For me, I got in trouble a lot. I guess I was
considered the class clown/practical joker and I went on many unwanted trips to the
principal’s office. I hated our principal because he was always busting my
balls. Sometimes I wouldn’t even be doing anything bad and he would give me the
third degree. I guess he knew me.

The only, and I mean only thing that I kind of looked forward to going to the
principal’s office for was to see pictures of his amazingly hot wife. He had
pics of her everywhere and I don’t blame him. His wife’s name is Veronica
and she was about 37 yrs. old. Even her name sounds fucking hot. For the life of me I
couldn’t figure out how she ever hooked up with Principal Larry Edwards. I
mean, he wasn’t exactly good looking enough to be boning something that hot and
stuff like that should be illegal. 

Veronica was tall, tan, and beautiful. She was probably 5’9” standing
flat footed, and when she puts a pair of heels on her dynamite legs, you can’t
resist looking at them. Most of the time she wore short skirts, either just about or
several inches above the knee, to show off her long, tanned, silky-smooth, toned
legs. When she walked in her high heels and short skirts around town, men would
almost get whiplash from turning to check her out. Her tight round ass would shake
side to side which was hypnotic to anyone following her step.

The legs weren’t the only thing she showed off either. For the longest time
there have been rumors that she had a boob job because she had some of the most
perfect tits you have ever seen in your entire life. They were just the right size,
perky and rock hard, and could usually be seen peeking out of her button up blouse or
pressing tightly against a low cut t-shirt. Yes, they had a golden tan too just like
the rest of their body. I doubted she had a tan line on her body. Veronica had a
beautiful face which always had make-up and shiny lip gloss on and her head was
covered with shoulder length, curly brown hair.

Well, like I said, I was usually getting in trouble or pulling a prank. One night at
a basketball game I snuck down into the school building and managed to pick the lock
to the principal’s office. Once inside I closed the door and locked it before I
began to look around. I was looking for something to vandalize and it had to be
something good. Just then I saw a big 8x10 photo of his hot wife sitting on the
corner of his desk. Right away I knew what to do.

I slid my shorts and boxers down to my ankles, grabbed the photo, and began stroking
my cock. Within seconds of staring at his hot wife’s picture I was getting hard
as a rock. I kept jerking away at my cock and before I knew it I was cumming all over
her photo. My thick spurts of cum were splattered up and down the picture and I
quickly put my clothes back on and got the hell out of there.

The next morning at school I saw Principal Larry walking down the hallway and it
looked like he was pissed. As we passed each other he gave me a glaring look but
didn’t say a word. It’s obvious that he doesn’t know who came all
over his wife’s photo but I’m sure I was one of his prime suspects. Later
on that day I was heading to the cafeteria for lunch and I had to pass by the
principal’s office. As I passed by his door I glanced into his office through
the small window in his door and saw Veronica’s tanned legs crossed, sitting in
a chair, while she was talking to Larry. 

I got a slight boner thinking about her but got over it and finished the day. That
night there was another basketball game and I decided to go to it. This time I
brought my camera just in case I wanted to take pics of my friends or document any
more practical jokes that I may pull. At the game I was sitting in the bleachers for
a little while talking to some friends when I noticed Veronica enjoying the game in
the bleachers also. She, like always, was looking good and had on a short, fluffy
skirt with a tight top showing off her amazing body. 

Well, I had an idea. I quietly sneaked underneath the pull out bleachers and made my
way towards Veronica. I was going to get a look up her skirt. She was sitting up
towards the bottom of the bleachers so it got a little tight crawling up into the
right spot but I managed quite well. Before I knew it I was inches away from
Veronica’s heel. Tonight she was wearing open toe heals and I could see her
smooth, manicured, French tip toes. I would much rather cum all over them instead of
a picture. All I had to do was wait for her to stand up.

A couple of minutes later it was close to the end of the game and it was a close one.
Within the last two minutes of play everyone started to stand up and watch. So did
Veronica. As soon as she stood up I peaked out from underneath the bleachers and
could see freely up her skirt. It was amazing! Her tanned legs went all the way up to
her ass which was covered barely with her red lace panties. Her panties were tight,
riding up into her crack, and in the front the material sunk into her thick pussy
lips creating a beautiful camel toe. 

I quickly turned my digital camera on and began taking pictures. I probably snapped
off about fifteen pictures and then I got out of there. I raced home in my car which
wasn’t too far away and as soon as I was in my room I hooked up the camera to
my printer dock and downloaded the pictures on my computer. They turned out great for
the most part. All I had to do was lighten them up a little with some photo editing
software and you could see all of her goodies. 

Being stupid I printed out a bunch of copies and decided to sell them to other guys
at school. It went well for a few days and business was booming. I sold the photos
for five bucks a pop and every night I had to go home and print out more copies
because they were selling like hot cakes. 

Well, a couple of days later a kid got caught doing pot in the bathroom and was
expelled. Principal Larry went to clean out the kid’s locker and while he was
doing so he found the photo of his wife that I took. Larry was fuming and immediately
began a manhunt for the person responsible. I knew that I didn’t have a prayer.
About an hour later I was sitting inside Principal Larry’s office because
someone finally ratted me out. His face was bright red with anger and for a few
minutes he didn’t say a word to me. 

Once he was done chewing me out he called my parents and my dad came from work to
pick me up. When my dad got to the principal’s office Larry showed him what I
had done. It was silent when my dad looked at the picture and even though my dad
couldn’t show it I knew that he loved every second of that photo. The principal
jerked the photo out of my dads hand and he took me home. I was suspended for three

Of course my dad ended up punishing me as well, but that didn’t stop me from
noticing him sneaking one of my photos into his pocket before he destroyed the rest.
It was always a little awkward every time I saw Veronica from then on. I usually
tried to avoid her and I did a pretty good job. There was one time however when I was
walking to the cafeteria for lunch, Veronica came walking out of Larry’s office
toward me in the hallway. 

We both looked at each other as we walked closer and closer. I must have had a look
of panic on my face and she showed no expression. Right as we were upon each other
and getting ready to pass in the hall she gave me a little smile and kept walking. A
few feet after we had passed each other I turned my head around to see her and she
did the same. Just before she rounded the corner into another hallway she smiled
again and winked at me. At lunch I told the other guys what had happened and no one
believed me. 

Shortly after that I graduated high school and I know that principal Larry was glad
to get rid of me. I stayed at home and went to a local college so it was nice to
still be able to see all of my friends. There was one day though that quickly became
the best day of my life. 

It was a blazing hot August day and school had just started back. I was nineteen and
at a gas station in town waiting in line to pay for some gas and a drink. All of the
sudden I heard this sexy voice from behind.

“Where’s your camera bad boy?”

I turned around and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Veronica was standing behind me
in line. She smiled and said, “Cat got your tongue?”

I blushed and nervously said, “Uh…Hi…listen, no hard

“Of course not, all though it is kind of fun to torture you,” Veronica
replied with a giggle. 

“I’ll tell you what. You want to make it up to me?” She asked. 

“Yes, of course!” I replied.

“Then follow me to my house. I have a car load of groceries that you can help
me unload.”

With that said I jumped in my car and waited for her to come out of the gas station.
I was so nervous in there I didn’t even notice what she was wearing. She walked
outside the gas station into the blazing hot air wearing one of her shorter skirts.
Her golden tan glimmered in the sunlight and after she started her car I followed it
to her house. I was a little nervous but not too much seeing how she seems to have a
pretty good sense of humor. 

When we got to her house I said, “Principal Larry isn’t here is

“No, don’t worry. He’s at school and won’t be home until
4:30,” she replied. It was about 1:00 then so I had plenty of time. Veronica
opened the back door of her SUV as I stood behind her waiting for her to hand me some
groceries. As we got to the end of the groceries she had to lean farther into the car
every time to get the bags. Every time she bent over her skirt rose higher and higher
until the last time you could see the bottom of her firm ass cheeks peeking out from
underneath her tiny skirt. 

When she handed me the last bag she smiled as if she knew exactly what she was doing
to me. I followed her inside and she shut the front door and locked it. 

“Won’t you join me for a drink?” she said. 

“Sure…that sounds nice,” I replied setting that last bag of
groceries on the kitchen floor. I stood in the kitchen to talk with her as she began
putting away the food. She had on a low cut t-shirt and every time she bent down to
grab some food out of a bag her huge tits were practically about to pop out. When she
was done I went into the living room and sat on the couch. Veronica poured a glass of
wine for both of us and sat on the couch next to me.

“I love to have a glass of wine in the afternoon to relax with,” she said
as she kicked her heels off and put her feet up on the soft couch facing me. I turned
to face her as we began talking. 

“My husband and I got into a huge argument and have been fighting for a few
days,” she said. “I found some dirty emails some other girl was sending

“Oh…well, that sucks,” I replied.

“Yeah…You know what? Larry hated your guts when you were in high school
and nothing would piss him off more than if I were to sleep with you.” Right
after she said this her foot etched its way toward me.

I half spit my wine back into my glass when I heard what she said.

“Are, are you sure Mrs. Edwards you want to do that?” I asked nervously.

Just then her foot rubbed up on my leg and she said, “Of course, don’t
you want to?”

“Oh I definitely want to,” I replied as Veronica spread her legs wide

“See, you don’t have to sneak around to look up my skirt do you. Oops, I
forgot to put panties on today.”

I was in a daze staring at Veronica’s cunt. Her bald pussy lips were long and
hanging out waiting for someone to suck on them.

“Why don’t you massage my feet,” she said resting her foot in my
crotch on top of my growing boner. I began rubbing her soft feet as she laid back on
the couch and relaxed. 

“That feels really good,” she said in between moans.

I scooted closer to her and lifted her foot up to my face. Veronica looked at me to
see what I was doing and I began slipping her manicured toes into my mouth one by
one. Veronica sighed and moaned while I sucked on her toes and while doing this I
began caressing her legs. Her legs were smoother than I had imagined. 

As my hand glided up and down her legs I could see her pussy getting moist. She let
me suck all of her toes and than she pulled her foot away and got up. 

“Stand up.” She said. I stood up and she began loosening my belt and
dropped my shorts to the ground. Next she pulled down my boxers over my huge boner
and smiled looking at my cock. 

“My, we certainly have grown up,” she said looking at my cock. 

She pushed me back down onto the couch and pulled off her t-shirt. Next she reached
around and unsnapped her bra sending it popping off of her huge tits. They were
amazing. Not one tan line. She had some big, brown nipples that were half erect and
after standing there for a second she knelt down in my lap.

Her hands rubbed all over my dick and played with my balls as her tongue swirled
around my purple knob. She engulfed my entire dick with her mouth. Her lips felt so
good sliding up and down my thick shaft while she sucked me hard. Every once and a
while she would stop and lick my cock from bottom to top and suck on my balls while
her hand jerked away at my cock. 

I could tell that she loved sucking my dick and I loved watching her head bob up and
down on my prick. Sometimes she would take my cock out of her mouth and stick it
between her tits. She would slid her tits up and down my dick getting them all wet
and then would stick my dick back in her mouth. She was sucking me off so good I was
going to cum soon. 

A minute later I said, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

She took my dick out of her mouth and began jerking me off with her hand. As her hand
tightly slid up and down my shaft she held my dick right in front of her face.

“Come on Dom, come all over my face!”

All it took was for her to say that and a few strokes later I yelled out as several
spurts of cum flew out of my dick and onto her face. The first shot landed in her
hair and the rest piled up on her forehead, nose, and cheeks. She sucked off any
remaining jiz on my cock and then took my dick and rubbed it all over her face. My
dick rub into my cum and spread it all over her face turning it into a slimy,
glistening mess. 

“Now this would be a good photo,” Veronica said and laughed. She told me
to go get her camera out of the bedroom, so I did. I took several pictures of her
face covered with my cum and doing this really turned me on. After that she went and
cleaned off her face and came back to sit on the couch.

“Now it’s my turn. Come here and eat a grown woman’s pussy.”

She slid her skirt off leaving herself completely naked and I knelt down and began
licking the sides of her cunt. I dove my tongue through her slit and sucked on her
thick pussy lips over and over. I loved sucking on her pussy lips and stretching them
out before letting go. She moaned loudly the entire time I flicked my tongue rapidly
over her swollen clit and loved it when I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her
pink whole.

Veronica grabbed the back of my head and guided my tongue while I ate her pussy for
several minutes. I loved every second of it and could have eaten her for an hour. 

“Right there…Oh god!” she would say over and over again. 

“Faster, faster!!!” she yelled when she was about to cum. Soon I felt a
heavy gush of liquid flowing out of Veronica as she came, moaning and sighing. I
stopped and watched her soak in her orgasm while I stroked my cock harder and

“That was awesome,” she said. After a minute she got up, grabbed my hand,
and led me to her bedroom. She lay on her back on top of the bed and said,
“Come fuck me Dom.”

I got on top of her and slowly slid my cock in between her pussy lips and up into her
warm, tight hole. She felt so fucking good. I began pumping away at her hot body
sliding my cock deep into her pussy. 

“Umm…I love having such a young, hard cock inside of me,” she said
in a dirty tone while fucked her harder and harder. It was obvious she likes to talk

(Now I have fucked a few girls in high school but none of them were anywhere near as
hot as Veronica.)

I had to stop a few times to keep from blowing but kept right at it. I was fucking
her so hard it sent her fake tits bouncing up and down. I loved squeezing them and
sucking on her nipples while I grinded up against her.

“Fuck me doggy style!” She said.

I pulled out as she turned and bent over and then I shoved my cock deep into her.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled out. I grabbed onto her hips and pounded away
making loud smacking sounds against her round, tan ass. 

“Fuck me harder, Fuck me harder!” She yelled.

Veronica would rock her body back against mine slamming my cock deep into her juicy
little cunt. She felt so good I had to come again. I pumped my cock as fast as I
could into her until I had to blow. I held onto her hips as I sent round after round
of my gooey cum into her pussy. 

I pulled out and could see my creamy cum starting to slide out of her hole. As she
pushed it out of her it fell onto her comforter. Veronica turned around and sucked up
the big blob of cum that had fallen onto the comforter with her mouth. She was
definitely a freak. I laid down next to her sucking and kissing her nipples and
squeezing her massive tits while she caressed my cock back to life. Before long I was
hard again and ready to fuck. Veronica straddled on top of me and plunged my cock
into her. She began riding me back and forth and with every passing second she
increased her pace.

I loved watching her tits bounce while she fucked me. As she rocked her body and
grinded her clit into my dick she was getting turned on. She got it so my cock was
hitting the spot and she full out assaulted me. She moaned and groaned as her body
slammed into mine sending my cock soaring in and out of her tight pussy. Before long
she was cumming.

“Oh yeah…Oh fuck!” she said while her pussy contracted on my dick
and her juices fled out of her. After she came she collapsed on top of me out of
breath and I stroked her back as my hard cock was still inside of her. Within a
minute or two she started moving her body on top of me again.

“Turn over,” I told her.

“Yes sir!” she replied.

I got on top, placed her feet up over my shoulders, and began fucking her again. I
kissed her feet and toes and rubbed her long, silky-smooth legs up and down. After a
minute I laid down on top of her as I pumped my cock deep inside of her and she
wrapped her legs tightly around my back. With every thrust to her body she pulled my
tight with her legs filling her pussy completely with my dick. This intense thrusting
was working Veronica up into a frenzy and I could tell she was going to cum again
along with me. I thrusted slowly hitting the same spot over and over that was getting
her so excited and after my dick got really hard I spewed out what cum I had left
inside of Veronica’s cunt. Her mouth dropped open and moaned while she came at

neveragainxx says:   17 October 2007   392698  
It's like Poetic Porn! ^o^
bluejay29 says:   18 October 2007   889132  
omg is this like =a real story? If it is ur lucky...... To have such
a great sex story to tell everyone. Write more this was wonderful
bluejay29 says:   18 October 2007   231294  
BTW I would like to know how it ended so could you post that in
another diary?
‹***!BICURIOUS PURPLE!***› says:   25 October 2007   222594  
wow nice story better than the first two!
‹rawrxkathrose› says:   23 November 2007   421627  
Nice story 
You should b a sex stories author
cuz ur really good at it
u should write some more
ashleeredger1 says:   17 December 2007   343495  
wow that made me soo horney
‹duckie› says:   18 February 2008   928879  
that made me horny
midnightangel94 says :   28 October 2008   547292  
fuck that was a gud read!!

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