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The Drama Direct Days, Part One.Category: Drama Direct
Friday, 28 September 2007
08:45:02 PM (GMT)
I met them right after New Years. Well, not all of them. I knew some through
friends, and others from school. But I think I truly met them when I walked through
that glass door and into what would be my second home for the next three months.


It was only ten doors down from my house, so the drive was only a couple seconds
long. When I saw the inside of the building, I gasped. The carpet in the small
waiting room was blue with film reels embedded onto it, and the two giant sliding
doors were closed, leading the way into the dancing room. 

I waited, where an older man with long silver hair and a beard whistled to himself.
He asked me if this was my first time at Drama Direct. I said yes. He told me to just
breathe and be myself. Easier said than done.

Luckily, one of my best friends, Kacie (known here as Ixceka), walked through the
door just as I did. It was her first time auditioning, although she had taken Drama
here. We both filled out the long application forms, insurance crap, etc, etc.

We were called in to audition at the same time, which was a little bit of a relief. I
strolled through the opening, trying to act at ease... but I tensed at the sight of a
man, blonde-ish hair and wide eyes walking quite unusually toward me.

"Hello!" he said, smiling. "I'm Chris, one teacher here for the Weirton Community
Yeah, he freaked me out a little with his outspoken, up front style of talking, but I
felt automatic like toward him. He would be a definetly unique teacher.

I saw another woman, sitting in the corner. I knew at once that this was the head
honcho, Jessica. I heard through the grapevine of her directing abilities, and that
she was a very clever person. I introduced myself, respectively shaking her hand and
expressing my joy of being allowed to audition. She just grinned and told me to take
a seat in the chairs up against the wall.

We were called one by one, Kacie, a girl named Victoria, and then me, last. We had to
read from a piece of paper that was handed to us by an upbeat Chris. Kacie was great,
I remember, Victoria...well, I don't really remember, I was counting the notes on the
walls. Then, when I went up, I gave it my all. I kthink I impressed them. I hope.

Then, we had to sing. I went first. I grabbed my karaoke CD from the floor and pulled
out disc one. That had "I Will Survive" on it, my most favorite song to sing in front
of people. I did, and I saw Chris banging his head to the beat, and Jessie still
smirking as she watched.

Kacie sang a capella. But, as she had no music, they set her a song. It was from
Annie. She had never seen the movie or play, but she caught on.

Victoria sang "Tomorrow", from Annie.

Then, came the dancing.

Since I have been taking lessons for six years at different dancing schools, some of
it came naturally. Chris was also the chroeographer for the group, making up all the
dances. He was one of the best of the whole group; singing, dancing, acting... he had
it all.

After going home... I swear I collapsed onto the ground and prayed to be in the
Callback group...

And the next day, the call came.

I shrieked and jumped up and down! I was going to be on stage! In a professional
group! I could have flown.

So, the next day, I packed my dancing shoes and a water bottle into a rucksack and
hiked down to Drama Direct.

When I got there, I was awed by the amount of people there. So many.. I ran to the
corner and watched everyone talking. I was sure that I would never know them all by
name, and only maybe by face...

Finally, Kacie got there, and we started practicing a routine for the Annie segment.
Chris lined anyone trying out for the part on Miss Hannigan (which included me) in
the middle of the room. We each stepped up and read a part where we had to scream,
yell, and act drunk. Oh joy. A girl, about 19, named Ashley read off Annie's part,
while I did Miss Hannigan. I think I did great for being only twelve, but I was
actually loving every second of acting wacky. I saw Jessie, that smirk still on her

The next day, I sang as Miss Hannigan. It was between me and a handful of other
girls, all of them around nine or eight. I thought that Georgia, a little blonde
about nine, would definetly get the part, because she could act really wacky. 


Kelle, the other one of the three head teachers (Chris, Kelle, and Ashley), came to
me...and told me I got the part!

My reaction?


BUT! I found out that they loved Georgia, too, so we would share the part. Not bad. I
heard that Christ was Rooster, and the part of Lily was still undecided.

So, those first two days were the fist steps into my performing life, and I didn't
even know it.

--end of entry one--
--entry two available soon--

popsciclexdino says:   2 March 2008   935642  
Katilix says :   3 March 2008   682518  
Yeah, you were in the audience with Court, 'member?


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