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!!!The Chat With The Naruto Cast 2!!!Category: (general)
Saturday, 1 September 2007
08:37:53 PM (GMT)
HELLO Again To DA Chat Room... (Please all hoo reads this at least make a comment... Or say hi pwetty pweese....) Me: Okay since we only got to question three lets hurry up and start before I get bored typing..... Me: Question three!!! What kind of animal do you like???? Hinata: Bluebird.... Kiba: Dog of course lol! Naruto: I like foxes.....nya -_- nay Sasuke: Hmmph... I like...Parrots... Me: REally? Sasuke: No. Me: (Looks at Sasuke hair) Sakura: STOP LOOKING AT HIM!!!!! Me: (Shrinks back) Gaara: I like racoons and monsters. 0-o Temari: Lyke I love eagles!!! Kankuro: I like cats.. I think. Neji: Not intrested. Me: Come on Even Gaara has a favorite animal. Neji: No stupid fool. Kakashi:I like donkeys. Everyone: (Silent) Orochimaru: I like ponies. Sakura: Gahh!!! When did you come in here?! Orochimaru: Shut up meanie Sakura: (whispers) cha... Itachi: Hey I was going to say pweety ponies!!! Me: (Rolls Eyes) Me: Fourth Question! What anime do you like?? Itachi and Sasuke: Full Metal Alchemist!! It's gory!!! Me: 0_o Ed: Hehehe Me: Hey you get out!!! You are so not in this anime!!! Ed: sorry...... (Ed leaves) (Fangirls glomp him on the way out.) Sakura: Uhhhh I like Fruits Basket, Kyo is cute.... a little... ( Looks lovingly at sasuke) Ino: Yooooo peeps!! I'm here!!! Chouji: Munch munch Shikamaru: Oh great this is such a bore. (Crowd grows wild) Ino: I love Bleach LOL!! Me: Uh huh.....-_-|| Shikamaru: It's a bore to answer.... Me: OOOOKAY..... Kiba: I'm like going to get some refreshments... (Walks out) Sasuke: Hey I want shaked blood!!! Kiba: Righto!! Itachi: Me wants to play Slide. Sakura: You mean... Orochimaru: The hand game???? (All play slide.....1 2 3..1 2 3......1 2 3 4...1 2 3 4.....1 2..1 2) Me: --0-- Gaara: (Plays with sand) Me: Ohhhkay fifth question Do you like muffins? Neji: I prefer yogurt or sprinkled vannila cake. Sasuke: No... Sakura: I decorate them for Sasuke's birthday!!! Naruto: Yeah i like putting small chibi's on it. Hinatastomach gurgles) (Kiba returns) Kiba: (Hands me a strawberry shake.) Me: Yum thankx. Sasuke: Hey this is raw blood!!! Kiba: Sorry dude. Akamaru: BARKB ARK!!! Gaara: I like my muffins with nice swirly sand. Temari: Yup. Kankuro: Makes a nice relasionship present lol. Kakashi: Yummy wummy yum Orochimaru: Yeah they are so bad in a good way!!! Itachi: (cries) He's stealing my answers!!!! Me: (sighs) Me: Okat the suprise that your fav anime stars are goanna come in. (Kyo, Shigure,Kagura, Tohru, and only Ed comes through the door.) Kagura: (pats Sasuke) Wow you are so-(Grabs him and swings him around) Cute!!!!!! Sakura: (Mouth hangs open.) sasuke -kun??? Kyo: (counts celing tiles) Shigure: Hellow people!!!! Nya nya!! Ed: Woe total anime mixup..... (Simpsons enter the door) Homer: Doh! Me: GET OUT YOU FREAKIN NON ANIME THINGS!!!! Ed: (sighs) Hi fangir- Fangirls: GAHHH HIEEEE!!! YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!! ( So much commotion that your screen breaks and you can't read the rest.) ---------------------- -------------------------- ---------------------bzzttt...-----------bzzzz --------------sorry---------------for -----------this ---------but---------we --------will---------be-------back -next------- -------time--------- Everybody: B-----YEE!!zzzttt ---------------- -------- WARNING: This Page will Explode in One second.,,,...one VOOOOOXSSSSSHHJ%JTYJYJHGREF!!!! lol

Sani says:   1 September 2007   934473  
That's pretty good. Gaara just plays with sand, and the muffins... I like it.
Chibineko says :   1 September 2007   756552  


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