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I love middle school!Category: (general)
Thursday, 16 August 2007
08:23:15 PM (GMT)
If u r in grade school and you hate school then you won't in middle school it's fun
if you have deaf teachers like all of mine are it's awesome your locker the boys
seriously a ton of guys flirt with you it's awesome but if your a dork guys probably
won't flirt with so you and your friends need to stay friends and also get new ones
it's better that way trust me. One of my bff friends had a friend that I was friends
with but now we have 4 classes together so we're like bffs

                                 The coolest,

maddogflirt says:   16 August 2007   167139  
i know i just started 6 grade it is so awesome i love it
CookieDough says:   16 August 2007   711842  
It's only the begining of the year, give it time, it's not that good
after a while. It becomes normal just like everything else.
lindseybug3000 says:   16 August 2007   364767  
umm...... hi????
bunniNANGEL says:   17 August 2007   216863  
Well i hate middleschool
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   23 August 2007   672447  
i'm in 7th i'm sorta likin it
xxhot_lezxx says:   4 September 2007   754152  
i have a school were middle school and grade school are in the same
place and i like have to go to school with people a year younger than
me and it really pee's me off
goetzy13 says:   7 September 2007   358454  
i love middle school so suck on dat bitches
LiiL_Boo2 says:   8 September 2007   977335  
im goin to middle scool next yeer cant wate
goetzy13 says:   16 September 2007   173579  
cool wat grade r u in
‹_Soldier For life_› says:   12 January 2008   359915  
Kirti says:   18 April 2008   847461  
dont listen to her. it only does down hill from grade school. if you
arent a aberzombie clone then you will have practicly no friends. its
harder and people are so insanley stupid that they think you havent a
speck of itteligence about you if you do badly in school. yes the kids
are that lack witted. almost everyone is homophobic and gays
rights activists are called lesbians and or losers. if you care about
the envirment your called a dork. if you dont like rap and know its
not music without a melody your called stupid. if you dont smile for
no reason at all then your considerd emo.

middle school is crap. i cant wait to get out of this hell hole.
Kirti says:   18 April 2008   493769  
typ-o. that should be inteligence*

i added a second T and skiped the N by mistake.
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   4 October 2008   659149  
wow. What school do you go to? My school totally sucks. 
AND I HATE IT! the teachers are all b***hes and just mean.
‹<3 Her lips taste like a loaded gun</3› says:   8 November 2008   767741  
I agree with Kirti.
‹yesz☆sirrxits♥anniiee☆ !› says:   29 December 2008   535937  
wow, we must be in 2 different worlds here, coz i fucking hate
lovetoshare112 says:   18 February 2009   773419  
ehh middle school/junior high is decent... but much better than
grade/elementary (hey im just going by what i have) school....

The teachers suck, detentions are happening more, boys are selfish and
perverted, and everyone just cares about dating. everyone always try
to tell you to "GET A FREAKING LIFE!"

I hate it. My teachers don't give a d***. Boys are always trying to
get girls to get all trampy, and substitutes just get WORSE!

But i love this freaking mess anyways.... Your bffs just get better
and your friend range gets bigger and bigger and bigger!
iAlex says:   13 May 2009   768587  
i dont want to go to middle school which i have to go next year
‹Abigail May› says:   16 May 2009   693363  
i really didnt like middle school. the best part of it was meetin my
best friend.
highschool is way  to confusin at first,and then it gets a bit better.
EmoTigrGrl says:   5 June 2009   524461  
The best part of skool was probably meeting my #1 BFF!I am moving on
Kingroxas says:   17 October 2009   991299  
What? ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!!!!?!!!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?! MIDDLE SCHOOL
money_lisa says:   27 November 2009   459541  
I am in 8th grade and i love it because they give us dances and we
going to the Chateau in December. Its going to be awsome plus i hate
6th and 7th graders because i got pushed by a 6th grader this year 
but middle school rocks..
fireonthemountain says:   26 February 2010   788712  
Middle school sucks, kindergarten and high school are actually the
best. The end.
branches says:   26 February 2010   603542  
Yeah the fun actually wears off in a week.
Please_reply says :   9 September 2012   728070  
Omg I love middle school too!!! Im in 8th right now and i go to a
kinderagarten through 8th grade schoool. Every since 6th grade i made
more and more freinds and my favorite part was how all boys liked me.
But yeah the only reason ppl hate middle school is because they have
no freinds or they are ugly and no guys like them. Im pretty popular
in my middle school and i love it!!!!!!! I cant wait till high school
im only in 8th grade and got 2 offers to home coming!!!!


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