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Monday, 13 August 2007
11:26:41 AM (GMT)
This summer my mom signed me up for summer camp and i thought it was going 2 b
stupid but it wasnt. i went the year before and i kinda liked it but i guess i never
noticed this boy in counselors
in training camp. when i first saw him i thought he was really ugly but thats because
we fought a lot and we made fun of each other. but then he got a lot nicer and cuter.
i noticed his big hazel eyes, brown shaggy hair and his tan skin. he was short for a
freshman in high skool though. One of my friends introduced us and we didnt get along
that well i remember we were playing a card game when we met. He stared at me for the
longest time but i didnt think anything of it. When we started getting along it was
when i was at cheer practice he came and helped out and we got 2 know each other
better and we started talking every day, he said that he liked me not being like the
other girls hes met. He said he liked that i was kinda a tomboy and liked sports. I
remember i was sitting under this tent thing on a picnic table and he came over and
sat next 2 me. My friends left and it was just me and him. He put his arm around me i
didnt know what 2 do so i put my around him. It was really windy out so my hair was
blowing in my face and he kept sweeping it back......his hands were really soft. Then
he layed his head down on my shoulder and it was really queit for a long time. My
friends came back over and said that we had 2 get ready 2 leave. He said he would
walk me 2 the door.....He wouldnt let go of my hand. Then he asked the question that
ruined our relationship he said do u have a boyfriend and i do so i said yes and u
should have seen how sad he looked. i really liked him i thought about him every day
and i still do. We hung out at the tables and we put our arms around each other and
talked for the rest of that week. Then he had to leave and he said he wouldnt b back
for awhile. He said he would miss me and he wished i could come home with him. So he
left and i didnt see him for 3 weeks it was really hard and i cried a lot. I really
really liked him and it was the first time i wished i had said no to my boyfriend. I
thought i'd never see again he was going to be a freashman in high school and i was
still in jr.high. It was a couple weeks later and i walked inside and i heard my name
being yelled from across the room i turned around and it was him i didnt reconize him
at first cuz he had blond highlights in his hair not the normal brown. He was with
another girl i didnt know she was pretty. She had brown hair, blue eyes, and had the
cutest outfit on. He had his arm around her and was whispering in her ear just like
he did to me. I didnt feel jealous i felt crushed like my heart just got smashed into
a million pieces. He didnt even come up to me to give me a hug. He was there the next
day to with the same girl but this time he had his hands around her hips. wow. he
only did that to me once. He said hi to me again but i just kept walking like i didnt
hear him he kept yelling my name until i went back outside. I felt tears burn my eyes
but i blinked them back. It was the last days of camp so i brought a camara i decided
to get a picture of him i went back inside and he wasnt with that girl she was
sitting on a chair talking to another girl and he was talking to a guy. My friend
went up to them and told him that he had to get a picture with me. I expected him to
put his arm around me but he didnt he just stood there so i put my arm around him and
that was the picture im going to put in my locker when skool starts. But when he was
done he just walked away without saying anything. Even my friend noticed that he
wasnt doing the things he used to do. Before we went back outside the girl he hangs
out with gave me the dirtiest look ever. she didnt look so pretty anymore. Then a
couple hours later i knew he was leaving so i went inside to say goodbye cause i
wouldnt see him until next summer. i went inside expecting him to yell my name like
he usually did but he didnt he just stood there with that girl. I went into a hallway
and he came around alone. we talked for like 5 mintues i wanted to ask about that
girl but i didnt. Then I decided to get him back for walking away so i did it got
really queit so i just walked away. ha ha. then i felt bad so i turned around but he
was gone. he was back with that girl i watched them for awhile then he gathered his
stuff and left. i watched him through the window get in his parents car and then they
drove off. just like that he was gone. i felt horrible and i cried a lot. he was gone
until next year. why did i walk away like that. im such an idiot. i got that picture
developed it turned out good and i cant wait to put it in my locker. i look at it
every day and thought about how he swept my hair away from my eyes and hugged and put
his arm around me. i miss him. then i started getting ideas on how to see him even
though he was in high school. there was a HUGE homecoming football game coming up and
everyone was going to be there so duh he would be there. i still miss him. Everytime
Avril Lavinge's song When Your Gone comes on, i cry. Its still really hard for me. i
miss him.

Jazzy_gal95 says:   13 August 2007   892217  
thats pretty much wat happend to me but there was no other gurl
involved and i don't have a bfbut he naver asked r u ok?
cheerchick9512 says:   13 August 2007   475623  
screw that other girl. it'll happen.
bloodyXvampire says:   13 August 2007   571976  
wow courtny i really feel bad 4 you finally ! ......NOT  jk yea i do
ur  my bffl !
abercrombieprincess101 says:   19 August 2007   862182  
awww thankz guys that makes me feel a little better
Passionette cries :   5 January 2008   649819  
aww. someone needs a really big hug. *hugs u*


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