How stupid is love, when u dont know wht really is going on? ( tips on
how to know if ur getting dumped)
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How stupid is love, when u dont know wht really is going on? ( tips on
how to know if ur getting dumped)
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Thursday, 12 July 2007
06:46:32 PM (GMT)
One day, you are madly in love. You're cuddling on the couch, reading love poems
and feeding each other sushi. And that's when it happens: Your partner sits you down
for the "It's-Not-You, It's-Me" talk. You're confused and left wondering, "How could
I have missed the signs?"
Breaking up is never easy. Your ego and heart are bound to get bruised. But if you
could just see the breakup coming, it might make the whole business easier to
While hindsight is 20/20, there are always warning signals 
While hindsight is 20/20, there are always warning signals along the way.
Top five signs you're about to get dumped
1. Picking fights. No one is saying you have to get along 24/7. Constructive conflict
can actually be good for your relationship. But if you find that your partner has
become argumentative over petty issues like your clothes or choice of restaurant,
that should serve as a warning sign that he/she may be looking for an excuse to
2. Forgetting to call. Used to be that your phone would ring all day long with your
sweetie wanting to make plans or calling just to say, "I love you." Now your
significant other doesn't even call when he/she is running three hours late. It may
seem obvious, but going from speed dial to a blocked number is a sure sign that your
relationship may be nearing its expiration date.
3. Changing their stripes. A major change in appearance can be a sign that your
partner is looking toward greener pastures. Whether they've chopped off their hair,
lost 40 pounds or gone from a bold brunette to a sultry blonde, major cosmetic
changes should be noted. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being a little vain,
but if the change is accompanied by any of the other signs listed here, you may need
to get ready to go solo.
4. Criticizing. If your sweetie isn't feeling you anymore, don't be surprised if
he/she becomes less tolerant of everything, from how you brush your teeth to how you
tie your shoes. Constant criticism is a telltale sign that your days as a twosome are
5. Losing sexual interest. A healthy sex life can make or break a relationship. If
you find that your partner is becoming more sexually aloof, you need to get to the
root of the issue. While it's natural to have less sex as you settle into a
comfortable groove together, waiting weeks or months to have sexual contact is a sign
that something is amiss.
Now that you know the warning signs, don't panic. Just because your partner exhibits
some of these behaviors, that doesn't necessarily mean the relationship is over. In
fact, it's usually a combination of signs and not one isolated incident that
foreshadows a breakup.
If you're worried that your partner is itching to get out, the most important thing
you can do is sit down and discuss your issues in an honest and open manner. If you
take these signs as your cue to improve communication, your relationship may just
have a fighting chance.

Come on dudes, dont let it happen!

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