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Mother at eighteen chapter 2Category: (general)
Saturday, 30 June 2007
03:33:48 PM (GMT)

     Friday came around and Katherine had agreed to watch Lea for her while she and
Kayla went out for a couple of hours. Ashley had put on her favorite pair of ripped
jeans and brown converse with a blue tank top.  She tied her hair in a bun and looked
at herself in the mirror and sighed. Ashley used to be so skinny and after Lea it was
a killer getting to be her normal weight again!!! While Ashley was putting on
strawberry lip gloss that she got from the dollar store like a month ago. The bell
rang and Ashley yelled “GOT IT” and ran to the door when she opened the door it
was James standing there looking nervous and shuffling his feet. Ashley was
speechless but curious as to what he wanted. Finally Ashley spoke up “what are you
doing here” she said coldly while stepping outside and closing the door.
“I….Just….I just wanted to see how Lea was doing” James said nervously. When
Claire heard that, she was taken aback but she stayed strong and kept going. “After
all these years why do you want to see her now?” Claire said getting a little
annoyed. “I…..I don’t know I just thought that it was time I saw her I guess”
James said sadly and scared. Ashley could feel her blood rising she was getting
really pissed off. “Now you want to see Lea after you practically rejected her and
me I don’t fucking think so” Claire said angrily. “Well I…. was just trying
to do something right for a change you know” James said a little loud. “YOU HAD
NOW!!!” Claire said screaming. “I……” but before he could say anymore Ashley
AGAIN YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! Ashley sat down on the porch and cried for everything
until Lea called out “mommy come here please” when she heard that she knew that
she had to be strong for Lea and that she made the right decision. Ashley said
“coming baby hold on” she pulled herself together and walked inside.

 “Hey Lea what’s wrong?” Claire said softly. “I want to watch spongebob
mommy” Lea said while sitting down on the couch. “O.K Lea” Ashley said so she
turned on the TV and kissed her daughter on the head while going into the room to
finish getting ready.  After ten minutes Kayla finally showed up and Ashley kissed
lea before leaving the house. First they went to the movie theater and saw “The
morning After” then they went out to lunch and just hung out at there usual places.
“So who’s new in your life Kayla?” Ashley said playfully but genuinely
interested. “Oh no one right now but there is this really cute guy in science
class” Kayla said sounding excited. “So what’s his name spill girl tell all”
Ashley said sounding pushy but interested. “His name is Jonathan and he is really
cute but I don’t know if I should go after him or not” Kayla said sounding
reluctant. “Well do you want some advice?” Ashley asked. “Yes please!!!”
Kayla replied sounding enthusiastic. “Well you should make friends with him and
talk to him find out as much as you can about him then go from there” Ashley said
confidently.  “Thanks for the advice I will totally try that and he’s my lab
partner so defiantly an advantage right?” Kayla said hopefully and now fully
excited. “OMG Kayla why didn’t u tell me that you could ask him to lunch and even
start a conversation with him sitting right next to you” Ashley said. “I am going
to do that Monday” Kayla said excited. “You better tell me all of what
happened.” Ashley replied happily. “Ooh I will” Kayla said.

   Ashley was feeling depressed so she decided to call Kayla because she was the best
person she could think of to listen to her problems and give her advice. So she
dialed Kayla’s number and after the fourth ring she picked up.


“Hey it’s Ashley” she said sounding sad.

“What’s wrong girl?” Kayla said sounding worried

“It’s just that I got to thinking about graduation and everyone going off to
college without me…” Suddenly Ashley couldn’t finish and started crying
lightly. “If only I hadn’t gotten smashed that day Kay I don’t know what to do
I want to go to college but I can’t think of a way I can go” Ashley said breaking
down and crying harder.

“I’ll call you back” Kayla said quickly.

“Kayla…. Wait…”she got the dial tone. Ashley sighed heavily and put down the
phone. Katharine had stepped out to her hair appointment so Ashley was in the kitchen
making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her and Lea when the phone rang. 

“Hey Ash its Kayla”
“Hey why did you hang up so fast?”
“Sorry I just thought of something that could allow you to go to school still”
When Ashley heard that she dropped the knife in her hand and it hit the floor with a
clang. She couldn’t believe this she had thought that she would only be a high
school graduate.
“Ash… you still there?” Kayla said worriedly.
“Ye…Yeah I’m still here so tell me what you thought of” Ashley said
“Well first how much money do you have saved up?” 
“Well I don’t know I think about twenty thousand why?”
“That’s enough to get an apartment right?” 
“Yeah I think so… again why Kayla?”
“Because if me and you get an apartment together then you could afford to go to
school and I could help you out when you need it!!!” 
“Oh my god Kayla you are the best friend a girl could EVER have I love you sooooo
much right now!!” Ashley said tears now streaming down her face.
“Your welcome I am glad to help the best friend I have ever had!!” Kayla said
“So all I have to do is fill out this application and get it in quickly so that I
can know as soon as possible.” Ashley said excitedly. 
“Great then once you know tell me and then we can go apartment shopping”
“Alright will do… and thanks again Kayla” 
“You’re welcome… Listen I have to go I have to finish some math homework”
“O.K bye Kayla and thanks again.” Ashley said sincerely then hung up. 

    A few hours later Ashley was telling her mom all about Kayla’s offer. Her mom
gave Ashley her support but also let her know that she was there for her too. “Yeah
I know you’re always going to be here for me.” Ashley said knowingly. “Honey
I’m glad you have found a way to go to college but… Lea still needs her father
you know” Katharine said sincerely. “I know mom but I still can’t get over what
James did to me and her” 
“I know what he did was awful but you don’t need to be friends with him just let
him know that he can be part of Lea’s life O.K?” Katharine said softly. “I…I
guess your right mom it’s all about Lea. And she should have two parents Right?” 
“Exactly” Katharine said with a sigh of relief. “Alright mom I’ll talk to him

   The next morning at school in first period Ashley was looking for James so she
could talk to him about Lea. She couldn’t find him so she gave up and sat down next
to Kayla so she could pass notes more easily. After school on her way to the bus she
spotted James at the park on the swing by himself. Ashley knew what she had to do so
she took a deep breath and walked over to him. “Hey” Ashley said coldly. 
“Hey” he said timidly. 
“So I needed to tell you something”
“What is that?” James said curiously. 
“That I was wrong for not letting you see Lea” 
“What made you change your mind?” 
“Well I realized that Lea needs to know who her dad is and I can’t keep her from
you forever.” 
“Thank you I appreciate that… maybe I’ll take her to the movies Saturday if
that’s alright with you” 
“Yeah I guess I need a break so yes you can take her to the movies on Saturday but
that doesn’t mean we are cool because I still haven’t forgiven you for what you
did to me and her”
“Yeah I understand but thanks for letting me get to know my daughter.”
“Yeah just don’t be late.” She said shortly

manduhh says:   30 June 2007   822278  
intreseting chapter. write more!
‹My_husband_Rupert_grint› says:   30 June 2007   711964  
ya thanks I am but I am still working on it it si a work in progress
it should be up by wednsday, thanks for the support 
skaterdude123 says:   2 July 2007   824536  
interesting but in chapter one kayla was calling ashley lea and after
ashley told james he couldn't see lea it was calling her claire.
‹My_husband_Rupert_grint› says :   2 July 2007   313389  
like I said a bunch of mistakes it was liek a rough draft

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