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YAY (i go this from someone elses diary)Category: (general)
Monday, 14 May 2007
06:59:58 PM (GMT)
Okay everyone!!!
I'm interested in the public and I'm into asking random questons to none other than
random people!!!
If you're bored out of your mind then answer these questions!!!!!

1. Did you take a shower today? No

2. Did you use hot or cold water? I did not take one!!!!!

3. Did you brush your teeth? Of course

4. *Same as two*Ummmm dunno

5. What kind of toothpaste did you use? Crest

6. What color towel did you use for your shower? I DID NOT  TAKE A SHOWER.......yet

7. Have you ever been stalked? No 

8. If no, look out your window right now.   Hey look a wierd girl and hey look, she's

9. Do you see me waving?Whoa yeah i do!

10. If yes, *for #9* Are you waving back?Yes hi!

11. If no, why not? Do I not appeal?

12. If you hurt my feelings press 567442646535***@3$$6@45654vgQ and message it to

13. Do you have any frineds?Yes

14. Does anybody care that you don't have any friends?I HAVE FRIENDS!!!!!

15. Do I even care if you have friends? Ummm dunno

16. Can you read minds?no

17. Can you read cat minds?Yes

18. Can you read MY cat's mind?Yes

19. What color shirt are you wearing?Black 

20. Why are you wearing that color? its a beatles shirt!

21. What color shirt am I wearing?Umm pink

22. Is it the same as yours?no i  would never wear..ew... pink

23 Did I pass my math test?no

24. Did I pass with a B average?no 

25. If you said yes to 24..LIAR! I'm quite terrible at math...

26. Are you lesbian? NO WAY!!!!

27. If you are no wonder I can't understand what you're saying!!

28. If not, you have a SERIOUS speech problem... I do not but  abye it is because it
alk reeeeeeeeaaaallllyyyy fast, if you dont believe me ask lostmind98

29. Are you older than this question? The number*nope

30. If so, are you a dirty petifile?

31. If so, can I give you my email address?

32. If you are stupid smack me in the head.no 

33. Does your hand hurt?no

34. That's what I thought.  Thats nice

35. Wanna go out to dinner?  Sure..mabye, first a few ?'s. Have you ever been to
prison, are u an alcholic, do u think i am weird?

36. I have coupons...oook

37. If this is a question, smack me in the head again.no i will not

38. Does your hand hurt...again? no

39. I'm so smart. thats nice*backing away*

40 If you think I'm smart raise your hand.

41. No hands?

42. Liars! My mother put you up to this!!

43. How much is she paying you?!?!

44. I'll double!

45. Not enough I'll triple!!

46. If your phone rings it's me...hello

47. You forgot my birthday again!no i didnt

48. You didn't? Where is my present?

49. In the garage?

50. With the chainsaw?yes

51. In a dark corner?

52. Okay I'll go check

53. 20 minutes later...

54. FOUND IT! You got me a new garden knome!

55. That's it

56. Stop reading!

57. No more questions!!

58. .......I have nothing to say until you leave!

59. ........

60. ........

61. *cough*.....

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