My Short Story Of Randomness (Warning, Weird, Freaky and Very Very
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My Short Story Of Randomness (Warning, Weird, Freaky and Very Very
Category: Story
Tuesday, 8 May 2007
12:10:59 PM (GMT)
Characters in this Random Story: Jay, Kate and Bel. (Three girls who go to their
local high school and lots of weird things happen to them)

"Oh God, I have sooo much to revise before my exams," moaned Kate, flicking through
the booklet that was lying on the red cafeteria table. The three girls were sat at a
table eating their usual lunch, a slice of pizza and some salad.
"We all do," said Jay, flicking her hair. Suddenly, some boffins just walked up to
their table.
"We asked the teachers for extra homework," said one.
The three girls groaned. "Go away ya boffs!"
They went away as told.
"Ok, that was a bit weird," Bel said, rolling her eyes and stabbing some salad with
her fork.
"Never underestimate geeks," grinned Kate.
Jay burst out laughing. "Oh my god, like, you should be a comedian or something!"
Kate gasped. The school's hottie, Chad, had just walked in. Every girl was madly in
love with him, except for the boffins of course. But something was different. Was his
tie straight for once? And was his shirt tucked in? Something weird was
going on.
Suddenly, one of the popular girls jumped on the table with a banner. It read, 'We
love you Chad!' Bel, Jay and Kate looked around in confusion. Everyone was standing
on their tables waving.
"Did we miss something?" whispered Jay, looking around nervously as everyone began to
dance on their tables.
When Kate looked around next, everyone was wearing long long white gowns. They turned
round and danced towards the girls table. Even Chad was joining in! They gasped as
the school, dressed in gowns, closed in on them. Even the dinnerladys were dressed
the same and were dancing around the room. The schoolteachers burst in, doing exactly
the same. Bel started to scream. Now some of the boffins were breakdancing on the
"What is happening?" screamed Jay, as she was lifted up by some teachers.
"I don't know," replied Kate, as she tried to fight of some dinner ladys trying to
kiss her.
"What do you want with me?" wailed Bel, as some seniors started to rip off her school
uniform. Suddenly the whole school were cutting their gowns really short. They cut
them right up to the top of their thighs.
Now everyone was ripping off their whole gown and dancing in their underwear. Every
move was perfectly timed and suddenly the school lights started to flash. Three girls
ripped off their bras and played with their huge chests. The whole school turned
round to watch, still dancing.
Meanwhile, Jay, who was on top of the teachers, was watching in awe as the whole
cafeteria turned into a mad room. Cheerleaders flashed their pom poms as they leapt
from table to table. The science geeks ripped off their lab coats and started dancing
with some popular peeps.
"What's happening?" asked Kate, as a dinnerlady tried to snog her. Kate shoved her
away, but she kept coming back. Bel was now close to nakedness, with only a cropped
remain of her shirt and a tiny strip of fabric that was once her skirt.
Suddenly there was a huge ZAP and the whole school was back to normal. Everyone was
sat eating their lunches as if nothing had happened. The white gowns were nowhere to
be seen and the banner had gone. Chad was his normal self again, his tie crooked and
his shirt untucked. Bel had her school uniform back on and the three girls that
ripped their bras off before were just sitting and eating their lunches, chatting to
their friends. The dinnerladys were back behind the lunch racks, serving people. They
were wearing their usual stripy aprons and the schoolteachers were gone. The seniors
were over in one corner, reading books. Everyone was back. No one seemed to remember
that strange five minutes. How did it happen? But most importantly, did it


PraizeJ says:   8 May 2007   978181  
Dragonfly01 says:   8 May 2007   468622  
OMG! i loves it!!
will you write more 
you are realy good at making stories and i really think you could make
this 'Short Story' into an actual storie!!
Bwunny says:   14 May 2007   425929  
that was weird but hilarious!!! :D
‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says:   2 March 2008   964144  
Haha, it's like almost a year since I wrote that and it's STILL SOOOO
Ashleighxx says:   11 May 2008   824539  
It's Funny
Ashleighxx says :   11 May 2008   996545  
Random But Funny

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