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Chapters 3-6Category: Shattered Dreams
Tuesday, 1 May 2007
10:23:18 PM (GMT)
Chapter 3

  Over the next couple weeks Alex and I began to get closer than I wanted to. Even
after we had finished the scene for our class, he still came over a couple times a
week. Pretty soon we were spending all of our free time together. Tylor obviously
couldn't care less about me. Well, either that or he had somehow forgotten my name
and phone number. He hadn't called since I left him sitting in the coffee shop. Which
I guess, was okay since I really didn't want to talk to him anyway. But now I had
bigger problems. How was I going to tell Alex? I was already starting to show. He'd
notice sooner or later since he saw me everyday in school and out. Enough thinking.
He'd be at my apartment in a couple minutes. I was running my hairbrush through my
hair when the doorbell rang. I layed the hairbrush down and went and answered the

 "Hey, Alex." I said as I gestured him into the small living room. I grabbed my
jacket and my purse and let him lead me back out into the cool afternoon breeze. He
was taking me out for dinner at one of my favorite resturants.

 "Are you alright? You're quieter that usual." He asked on the fifteen minute drive
to the resturant. 

 "It's nothing." I answered, staring out the window at the college campus we were
driving through. 

 "No, it's not nothing. You haven't been yourself for the past couple days. What's
wrong?" He asked as he slowed the car down and found a parking place. He looked over
at me and smiled encouragingly. 

 "You're right there is something. I guess you should know, but not right now. I'll
tell you at dinner." I answer uncertainly and open my car door and got out. He nodded
and followed me into the resturant. We went in and found a booth in a corner. When a
waitress came we gave her our orders and sat down and waited for a few minutes. I
took a deep breath and tryed to calm myself down. He's not Tylor. He won't just leave
and never talk to me again. And besides its not his anyway I reminded myself. Oh
well, might as well get it over with. 

 "The reason I've been acting weird lately is because...I'm pregnant." I said in a
rush before I lost my nerve. I expected him to yell or ask a bunch of questions, but
he just sat there silently. He was apparently waiting for me to continue. 

 "Cheyanne convinced me to go to a party with her and I went. She got me drunk, I
started dancing with Tylor and I guess you can piece together everything else that
happened that night. Anyway, when I finally got up the nerve to tell Cheyanne, she
told me that he was engaged." I explain carefully, waiting for him to lose it any
second. He didn't though. 

 "Does he know?" Alex finally asked. This was not the question I was expecting. 

 "Yea, I told him the same day I told Cheyanne. I haven't talked to him since." I
answer and unwillingly broke into tears. Alex stood and walked over to my side of the
table. He knelt down in front of me and pulled me close, letting me cry. 

 "Everything will be alright. I won't leave you." He whispered soothingly into my
hair as I continued to cry into his shoulder. That was exactly what I needed to hear,
but he didn't need to be the one saying it. He didn't do anything. It wasn't his
fault. Yet he was the one holding me and comforting me; not Tylor. 

 "Y-you don't have to." I finally managed to whisper. 

 "I know, but I want to." He said softly and I pulled back and stared into his eyes.
They held no anger, just concern. When the waitress came back, he asked for the food
to go. He drove me back to my apartment and we ate on the couch. I must of fell
asleep soon after that because I woke up on the couch some time later. Alex had gone
and Cheyanne had come home and was asleep in her room. I sighed and pulled the
blanket closer around me and fell back asleep.

Chapter 4

 True to his word Alex stayed with me every minute of his spare time. He picked me up
every morning for class and drove me home in the afternoons. When I didn't feel like
going to class at all he brought my work to me and caught me up on everything that
I'd missed. He even offered to go with me to my first doctors appointment.

 "Are you sure you want to come?" I asked uncertainly as I grabbed my jacket and
followed him out to his  car which was parked on the street in front of my apartment.

 "If you want me to. I don't mind." He assured me with one of his sweet smiles that
was uniquely his. 

 "It won't be much fun." I warned him. 

 "How can anything that involves you not be fun?" He asked with a grin and pulled me
close to him. I welcomed his warm presence in the cool fall morning air. He wrapped
an arm around my waist and steered us to his car. After opening and shutting my door
for me he went around to the other side and got in behind the wheel. I settled back
into the seat and stare out the window for a while before Alex interupts my thoughts.

 "Which way?" We were stopped at a red light. Oh yeah. He doesn't know where we're
supposed to be going. 

 "Right." I answer and then go back to my thinking and staring.

 "You are the absolute sweetest guy I have ever known." I say after another couple
minutes of silence. He laughs softly and pulls me close to him and I lay my head on
his shoulder for the rest of the fifteen minute drive. We parked and entered the
doctor's office exactly five minutes before my appointment so we sat down in what I
hoped was the waiting room. I wasn't really sure because this was a BIG building. One
of those like four story kinds with lie ten rooms on each floor. Neither one of us
were really sure where we were going or where we were supposed to be do we chose a
room with about twenty chairs scattered around the carpeted room. We glanced around
the small room a couple times before choosing two seats by the window and sitting

 "Well, this is depressing." I whisper after a couple moments of glancing around the
room. I counted 6 women; three very round ones reading magazines, two not so round
ones who were whispering back and forth and looked to be about twenty, and one
sitting with a man in a corner, rocking a baby back and forth.

 "Oh well, at least its mostly quiet." Alex reasons with a chuckle. Before we had
finally made it to this room, we had walked past the pediatricions' office. There
were about thirteen kids racing around after one another, screaming at the tops of
their lungs, and about five women and two men sitting along the walls in chairs
trying to read booksor magazines while keeping an eye on their kids. He was right,
this room was alot more quiet. I lay my head over onto Alex's shoulder again and
awaited her turn. A few moments later, two of the rounder women and the couple with
the baby were called back by a rather young looking nurse with strawberry blonde
hair. I yawned and sat up and stretched. For lack of anything better to do, I picked
up a magazine out of the chair next to me. American Baby now that sounds fitting! I
started flipping through the pages. Let's see; names,baby food, child care, cribs,
nursery decorations and let's not forget baby yoga! Alex was looking over my shoulder
the entire time. I would point to something ridiculous and he would chuckle softly or
roll his eyes, which made me laugh more than I already was. 

 "Charlette Hanson." That blonde nurse called from the doorway about 10 minutes
later. I sigh and stand up and start to follow the nurse. Alex gives me a
do-you-want-me-to-come-too look and I nod. We both follow the nurse around a couple
corners and into another, quite smaller room and are told to wait again. This time we
only have to wait a couple minutes until the doctor comes in. 

 "Hello,Ms....Hanson." A middle aged woman greeted me as she walked into the room.
"And this is...?" She asked as she glanced over at Alex who was sitting beside me,
holding my hand. 

 "Alex Hawkins, my uh...friend." I answer cautiously. The woman nods and reads
something off of her clipboard. 

 "I'm Dr. Peterson. I'm assuming Mr. Hawkins is the father?" She asked as she started
reading the clipboard again. She could of at least looked at us! 

 "Um, no. He's just a friend." I answer and painfully explain about Tylor and his

 "Alright then. Does Mr. Lockland know?" Dr. Peterson asked, again studying that
stupid clipboard and acting bored.

 "Yes, she told the jerk and he hasn't contacted her since." I was startled by Alex's
sudden violent tone. 

 "Okay. We're going to get some bloodwork to make sure and then you're free to go.
We'll schedule another appointment in a month." The doctor informs me and then stand
and walks back out of the room. Alex and I are joined by another nurse, this one a
petite brunette. 

 "Okay, just follow me down to the lab and you'll be almost finished." She says
cheerfully as she gestures for us to follow. We stand and proceed to follow her into
the elevator and go up a floor. She points in the direction of a room full of little
partitions, seperated by white curtains. Another brunette nurse leads us to one of
the little booths and tells me to sit down and the lab technition would be with us in
a few minutes. 

 "You know, Dr. Peterson could've at least pretended to give a crap!" Alex says with
a chuckle of amusement as we sit and wait. 

 "Well, as soon as they stick me we can get outta here." I reply with my own chuckle.

 "Scared of needles?" He asked a teasing grin on his handsome face. 

 "Deathly." I admit. 

 "Hold onto me and don't look and you won't feel a thing." He promises with a kind
 "You know this from experience?" I ask a teasing grin playing on my lips. 

 "Actually no. I was actually studying to be a doctor last year, but I switched to
journalism because I had to write a paper on  the human brain and I found out that I
was better at writing than science." He explains and grins when he figures out that
he's shocked me. 

 "Dr. Hawkins? Has a nice ring to it." I reply on the verge of tears from laughing. 

 "Hey, not funny!" He exclaims, trying to look angry, and fails. Before I can reply
he pulls me to him and holds onto me tightly. 

 "Hey! What...?"I start but the nurse that I hadn't noticed before interrupted me. 

 "All done. You two have a nice day." She says with a smile and walks back out of the
little room. Then I realize what Alex had done. 

 "Thanks. I guess it really DOES work!" I say with a laugh. I expected for him to let
me loose and for us to leave, but he keeps me close and leans down and our lips meet,
sending wonderful sensations all the way from my mouth to my toes. I didn't pull away
though. It felt too right to end. And I realized at that moment that this was were I
wanted to stay forever, in Alex's arms.

Chapter 5

 I was in my kitchen a week later, covered in flour from head to toe, when my
doorbell rang. I knew before I even answered the door who it was. I caught my
reflection in the mirror in the living room as I made me way to my front door. I had
flour in my hair and all over my face and clothes and batter on my cheeks and shirt.
I had to laugh at myself. I was trying to make a cake for Cheyanne's birthday party
that night, and failing. I opened the door to find Alex standing there. 

 "Did your kitchen explode?" He asks as I usher him in. His expression changes to an
even more amused face as I lead him into the kitchen. 

 "Not yet." I answer with a laugh as I dust two chairs off so we can sit down. He
laughs along with me and looks around thoughtfully at the flour covered table and

 "Need some help?" He asks with a chuckle as he stands up and consults the recipe
lying beside the bowl of ingredients before mixing the batter. I stand up and join
him by the counter. Two eggs, 1 cup milk, and 1/2 cup vegetable oil. I read off the
recipe. I walk over to the refrigerator and find the carton of eggs. 

 "Thanks. I guess you were studying to be a chef before the whole doctor thing." I
say in amusement as he expertly adds the eggs and the other things and asks for the

 "Nope, just like to cook." He replies with a wink as he slides the pan into the
oven. Could he get any more perfect? My question was answered a few seconds later
when he found the broom and swept up the flour in the floor. I grab a rag off the
counter and start wiping off the counter and the tabletop. Once the floor had been
swept and the counter and table cleaned up, he walks over to me and gentley wiped the
batter off of my face with a warm hand. By this time, the cake had been tooken out of
the oven and placed on the counter. 

 "Is there anything you don't do?" I ask in even more amusement as he asks for the
frosting and expertly decorates the cake. 

 "Well I've never been very good at spelling. Spell 'Cheyanne'." He says with a
slight grin. 
 "C-h-e-y-a-n-n-e." I spell for him. After a few more minutes, he pauses and moves to
the side so I can see. 

 "Ta-da!" He exclaims with a laugh as he holds it up for inspection. Dang near

 "Are you sure you've never worked in a bakery?" I ask in disbelief as I study the
perfectly frosted cake again. 

 "No. What do ya think?" He asks as he looks over into my eyes. 

 "Perfect." I answer, before he pulls me to him and kisses me, floured hair and all.

Chapter 6
  Three weeks later Alex picked me up for my second doctors appointment. I, being the
procrastinating person I am, was working on a writing project for one of my classes.
Not many women who are three months pregnant are working on homework, but what can I
say? I'm unique. Anyway, Alex looked over at me and asked what I was doing. 

 "Homework." I answer not really paying that much attention to him because this
stupid paper is due in like two days and I've paragraph finished. Why do we
have to write a stupid editorial on this election anyway. I love America and
everthing and I'm grateful that we can have elections, but what can be more boring
than a three page paper on the different runners? 

 "I realize that. What is the assignment though?" He asked with a chuckle as he
stopped for a red light. Oh, great! A wise guy. 

 "An editorial on the elections. You should know that since we have the same class."
I replied, still trying to figure out how to write two more pages of what only takes
up barely a page now. 

 "Yeah, well mine was finished two weeks ago." He said shaking his head slightly.
Okay, now I felt a little guilty. I hadn't been to my classes for about a week now,
due to the fact that I could barely go three minutes without rushing to the bathroom
to vomit. Instead of catching up on my homework what did I do? I sat around and
watched TV and read books. 

 "Okay, point taken." I say, admitting he was right. I sighed and set my notebook
down in my lap, which was shrinking by the minute. I layed a hand on my rather large
stomach and gazed out the window for the rest of the drive. Today I was getting her
first ultrasound. I had decided that I wanted to know the gender of my baby the night
before. I would get to see my future daughter/son and get to hear its heartbeat. I
was nervous and excited at the same time. One thing I was sure of though was that I
wanted Alex to be with me. I had decided that the first time he had kissed me that
day at the doctor's office.

 "What are you thinking about?" He asks and I suddenly realize that we're no longer
moving. We're parked in front of my doctor's office. He smiles and gently tucks a
piece of stray hair behind me ear. 

 "You and the baby." I answer softly. I was touched by this one sweet gesture. Maybe
it was the weird pregnancy hormones...or maybe I just loved him. It was most likely a
combination of the two. 

 "Oh really? I'm touched." He replied as he gently grasped my hand and gave one of
his childish, but still adorable grins. 

 "Yes, really. Now let's go before we're late." I say with a grin of my own as I very
carefully lean a little bit closer and kiss him. This was not especially easy because
we were still sitting in his car and I was already pretty crowded as it was. He gets
out and comes around and opens my door for me. 

 "You know, I coulda done that myself." I say and he just grins and helps me out. He
takes my hand again and we walk into the building, smiles on both of our lips. This
time, instead of getting lost, they knew exactly where to go and found the waiting
room almost immediately. I signed myself in and got two forms to fill out while we
were waiting. The first was just information about myself which I went through pretty
quickly. The second made me take a quick intake of breath that caused Alex to look up
from whatever he was reading and ask what was wrong. I didn't say anything. I handed
the form to him. It was information on the father. How was I going to fill that out?
I didn't know anything about Tylor. Wordlessly, Alex took the pen and the form and
filled it out. When he handed it back to me I just stared at it for a minute in
shock. Instead of Tylor Lockland at the top it read Alexander Hawkins. Alex had
written down all of his information. He had accepted the responsibility of the father
of my baby. 

 "Alex, you didn't have to-" I began quietly, but he cut me off. 

 "Don't worry about it." He whispered softly into my hair as I hugged him tightly. We
just stayed like that until the nurse called us back and led us to an exam room,
telling us that Dr. Peterson would be with us in a few minutes. Suddenly feeling very
tired and overwhelmed I lay my head on Alex's shoulder and closed my eyes. 

 "Thank you." I whispered into his ear, my eyes still closed. 

 "For what?" He asks as he puts his arm around my shoulders. 

 "For taking care of me." I answer softly,still leaning against him.

 "No problem. It was my pleasure." He replied in the same soft tone I was using. At
that very moment Dr. Peterson decided to knock on the door and enter the room. 

 "Good afternoon Ms.Hanson, Mr. Hawkins." She greeted us as she shut the door behind
her and sat down in the chair across from us.

 "This is your...third month. Correct?" She asked after consulting that idiotic
clipboard of hers and I nodded. 

 "Okay then. We're going to do an ultrasound to check the baby's growth and make sure
everything is developing normaly. Would you like to know the sex of your baby?" She
asks, not even looking at either one of us. Alex squeezed my hand and I nodded again.

 "Alright. If you lay down we'll go ahead and get started. Do you want Mr. Hawkins to
leave?" The doctor asks, sounding a little impatient. I shake my head no and smile up
at Alex, who squeezed my hand again and smiled back. I lay back and the doctor moves
my shirt up, exposing my stomach and turns the lights down. 

 "This might be a little cold." She warns as she uses the ultrasound thingy and moves
this gel like stuff around on my stomach. Alex takes my hand again and moves until
he's standing right behind my head. 

 "Congragulations! You're having...a little girl." She announces. I smile broadly and
look up at Alex, who is also smiling. She turns the sound up and I could hear the
soft thumping of my daughter's tiny heart. 

 "Congratulations again. She looks perfectly healthly. On your way out you can
schedule another appointment for about a month from now." Dr. Peterson explains and
leaves the room after cleaning the gel stuff off of my stomach. I pull my shirt back
down and sit up. 

 "You're having a baby girl!" Alex exclaims and pulls me into his embrace. I hug him
back and grin up at him. 

 "Thanks for coming with me. I wish you were the father." I say softly into his chest
and he pul

rubytuesday says :   12 May 2007   349634  
I hope I have a boyfriend like Alex when I get older! What a

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