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Intro; Blair Charlene KingstonCategory: Teenage Memoirs
Tuesday, 24 April 2007
07:36:15 PM (GMT)
"Ah! My ballet flats! My hair! My...! ME!" Blair Kingston shrilled, her voice thick
with that lovely british accent of hers.
She kicked the side of her bed in frustration. The girl wasn't always like this, she
used to be a calm, fashion-obsessed blonde. With big attitude- let's not forget that
lovely aspect, but ofcourse- that was when she was still back in London, England. Her
birth city and her sanctuary, until, her father decided that America suited his
daughter better. Wait no- not her father, her step-father, Cocky Count Dane. The
nickname, she had secretly given him, even since her mother declared her undying love
for the big fat oaf.
Blair had always been a handful, she still is. 
She was the kind of girl that'd freak out at the sight of Mcdonalds but stuff her
face with their addicting fries,even if everyone was watching. Then ofcourse, out
comes her breakfast, lunch and dinner, down down the toilet.
"MOTHER!" Blair stomped downstairs and into the kitchen, still in spaz mode.
Spaz mode, something the whole Kingston family had gotten used to. Blair would always
freak or bitch out about some little thing.
"Blair, calm down. You look lovely, don't ruin your outfit." Her mother cooed,
turning her attention away from the mug of coffee in her hand and onto Blair, she got
up and smiled, placing her hands on both of her daugther's shoulders. Blair sighed
and slumped down in a chair, "This?" She asked, looking down at her so called
'outfit'. Still the same, fashion-obsessed Blair.
She grinned, "Mother." She cocked a trimmed blonde eyebrow.
A thick white and black polkadotted shirt clung to her upper torso, a faded blue acid
wash denim mini hugging her hips. It wasn't too low, yet it was high enough to be
considered slutty, especially without the leggings. A pair of brand new black
stilettos she had gotten from her new best friends Zane and Kenzi were on her feet,
Zane was the first guy and Kenzi, the first girl she had met in Orange County,
California. She adored both of them equally, though she did have a slight crush on
Her mother threw her arms around her teenage daughter, "Blair Bear. I love you." She
said, kissing her cheek and ruffling her hair.
Blair panicked, "MY HAIR!" She said, biting on her thumb then quickly redrawing it.
She stared down at her fingers, all painted in a lovely light pink. 
"What about your hair?" Zane Kelso strutted into the kitchen like he owned the place,
he blew his aqua blue bangs out of his lovely hazel eyes and grinned before ruffling
Blair's hair.
Blair swatted his arm away from her head, she was the petit height of 5'2, and Zane-
well he was just plain taller than her.
Blair ran her fingers through her blonde curls. "I spent all night curling! ALL
NIGHT!" She screamed, grabbing a skillet from the rack of plates and gazed at her
reflection, "Perfect." She purred. 
Zane grinned, "Hey Mrs.Kingston." He said, hugging Blair's mother. 
Her mother smiled, "You kids, better go. Or else, you'll be late- not a good
impression on the first day of school is it Blair?" She teased, slipping out of
Zane's hug then hugging Blair.
Blair blew her mother a kiss, "Love ya! Tell Count, that I said. 'Bye Asshole!" She
shouted, loud enough for the Count that was sleeping upstairs to hear, just as she
Zane grabbed Blair's hand, "No worries, Mrs.K, I'll keep her out of trouble!" He
called before leading her outside to his crap mobile, an old white mustang. "Looks
like a beauty, works like me when I have a hangover." He joked, opening the passenger
door and bowing, "After you, M'lady. All the way from England eh?" He asked,

"All the way from down the street eh?" Blair snickered getting in and blowing a kiss
to Zane, who blushed- not cause of the blown kiss, but because of the comment.
"Ya know, I don't live in a mansion, like you." Zane said, with a hurt expression on
his face.
Blair frowned, feeling a pang of guilt, "I was kidding and hey- you can work for me.
Like 50 bucks an hour!" She said, trying to cheer him up.
Zane's face lit up, "Really?!" He asked, all excited. "Wait, work? As in what?" 
"My driver and you can hangout with me." Blair grinned.
"Don't I already do both?" He started the car and backed out of the driveway.
"Yeah, but now, you get paid. Do we need to pick up Kenzie?" Blair asked, fastening
her seatbelt and holding on to the dashboard as the whole car shook.
"Fuck!" Zane sweared as he sped up the street, his car rattling along the way. "Pray
that we get to Kenzie's house safely." He told Blair, seriously meaning it.
Blair had already gotten out her compact mirror and was applying lipgloss to her
plump rose pink lips.
She smirked, "Can't Kenzie, like walk?" She said with a bimbo blonde voice.
Zane cocked an eyebrow, "You're giving a bad name to us blondes with that voice." He
warned with a laugh, running his hands across his hair.
"You're like Half Blue!" Blair shrieked, trying to supress her giggles.
Zane smiled, "FINE! Bluonde." He decided, quite happy with the nickname.
Blair hugged him, "Ha, Za-Za, you make me laugh." She said, wiping away the laugh
induced tears away from her lovely saphire blue eyes.

"Kay Diva, we're here!" Zane said, parking the car in Kenzie's driveway. "Do your
thing Sista!" He nudged Blair.
"KENZIE! HURRY UP! YOU WHORE!" Blair rolled down the car's window and screamed. She
grinned and held her hand out for a high five that Zane glady delivered.
"Ahh! Fine! You stupid prostitutes! I'ma coming!" Kenzie burst out of the front door,
with her white and pink Oscar La Renta suit she had borrowed from Blair.
Blair grinned, "Looking good my friend, way good." She called out.
Kenzie got into the backseat. "ONWARD TO ST.LAWRENCE!" She smiled, blowing a kiss to
Blair and highfiving Zane.
"It isn't like a crappy Catholic school with uniforms is it?" Blair asked.
Zane snickered, "No Dumb-Dum. It's just a normal crack-filled Highschool." He
Blair let out a sigh and hugged Zane.
"Dumb-Dum gives good hugs." Zane giggled.
Kenzie rolled her eyes, "Whatever, Just drive.." 

{Chapter 1 is finished!}

MrHello says:   24 April 2007   217412  
Wow!I love this!
Retro_PolkaDots says :   27 April 2007   111298  
=] Thank You, Will.

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