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Saturday, 14 April 2007
06:54:57 PM (GMT)
so today we went to a science fair at TJHSST
and i was late' cause my mom went on the high way and we got... um.. lost

acually she got lsot

and we saw alot alot of cool stuff, but i missed oooobleck!! (got silly putty

so.. first.. when i came, we saw the sand that looked like liquid because of the air
bubles comping out of it...(that's where i found linda, eunice and kathy)
ME: NO!!!

 anyways, then i saw thhow they change some tar tar stuff, taht's really thick, into
gasoline, or some cooking thing, and yhey're like water, and it gets thicker and
darker, and's a cycle.

afterwards, we went to another gym.. wiht linda, kathy, and eunice... 

and we did a challenge 24. kathy got it first.. ish, and then it was me, then linda,
(and she didnt get it!!) and then eunice!! (we acually WAITED  for her to get it!!)

afterwards, we did the EMPTIEST station, the math scavenger hunt... so we ran around
the school doing math problems for the next room... yep.. basically. 

then we did the ships thing. where we make a foil thing and make a boat and try to
make the most pennies on it.. linda got, like 80ish, and i got 50 ish. FIRST TRY

anyways, then we did the acids and the bases thing, were you "accidenty" spill an
acid or base on a piece of filter paper and then pour cabagge juice on it, and then
it turns pretty colors..... 

afterwards, we did, WHO KILLED MR. SOMETHING!! where we make marker ink seperate

also, we "made" dna out of candy.. but we knew all the stuff, she she just gave the
candy to us...

and then.. we made silly putty!!

both: but then euicce and kathy left. 

linda and i also disected a squid, and the guy took out the eyes and beak, and we got
to touch it!!
also, we did a color test

it was where you.. um.. say the color not the word.. and then you see how long it
takes for you to read the word regardless of color!
linda and i did it..
linda had a word that was colored green and sayed blue.. and linda sayed.. "yellow"
when she was supposed to say green.. there were only three colores.... and yellow
wwasnt one of htem!

linda: you ruined it..
Me: it wasnt that funny.

then we did a card sorting thing.... and they guy's like, that wasnt supposed to be
that fast.....

anyways, then i left..

darkoekaki says:   14 April 2007   288488  
I remember that.

darkoekaki says:   14 April 2007   863585  
I'm too lazy to make a journal.
kiwily says:   14 April 2007   393356  
Chirachira says:   14 April 2007   574733  

IT's funneh!

Lindsay is depwessed. All that funneh stuff happened and she couldn't
Dove says:   14 April 2007   263843  
kiwily says:   14 April 2007   251885  
yesh.. be depressed lindy.. but at least we can brag to her about
xdrifting_dreamsx says:   14 April 2007   197888  
why in the world did u tell us about TJ?
kiwily says :   14 April 2007   189418  
not much people know about schools, my friends in maryland dont even
know about tj, there's a school in everystate named tj.. 'cause he's a
popular person...


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