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TEEN STORIES: Milene's Party (Part II) - Chapter 6Category: (general)
Friday, 13 April 2007
07:48:11 PM (GMT)
I'm back from visiting my relative and here's the 6TH chapter, just incase you guys
were wondering what happened at the party ;] 

Thanks for your support x x



   The street seemed ever so empty at 11pm. There was only the odd passing car light
which brightened up the street. I felt almost embarrassed walking down the road
alone, dressed to party.
Walking down the long way to Milene’s house I tried to ignore the idiotic car
from young drunkards on the journey. What was I doing? Was I crazy, I could get
caught. The thoughts of Milene spurred me on and when I saw her looking somewhat
surprised and pleased at my arrival I knew It was all worth It. The party was
certainly a lot bigger than I had imagined, her house had been turned into a small
club of some sort. People my age were sitting on the porch outside drinking and
laughing and there were certainly a lot of  boys. All looking slightly older than
the girls our age. As I tottered in my slightly-too-high heels I looked around at
all the youthful faces around me. The girls, slightly drunken, faces covered with
lurid make-up. The boys, tall, mature looking also looking slightly under the
influence of alchohol. I smiled and held Milene’s hand. 
                                               ‘Guess what?’ she said giggling

                                               ‘ What..’ I said slightly

                                               After catching her breath she
muttered, ‘ There’s a hot boy here, a reallllly hot boy. Look.’ 

        My heart wavered as I turned around. There he was, with Milene’s brother
sitting on the sofa, three girls hovered around him like bees to a hive. I
get over how relaxed he looked, he wore some very low slung jeans and a black shirt
undone at the top, a leather band around his perfectly formed wrist. His hair,
messed up, dark as ever. I began to feel self conscious. Was I over dressed? Maybe
he wouldn’t recognize me with so much make-up on... at that moment I grabbed a
from the many on a set table and drunk it down, quick. Too quick.
                                              ‘ Atta girl’ said Milene patting me
the back, ‘That’s the spirit, its my last night’ she said slurring with a
smile on her face.

       Four shots and twelve awkward conversations later I was beginning to get
frantic. Where was James, he hadn’t even said hello to me and my paranoid side
seemed to kick in. What if he is too busy with other girls, prettier girls? I
thought, whilst downing another glass of the innocently clear liquid. Then, I saw
it. Something which made my whole body shudder. James, talking to a beautiful asian
girl, her long black hair flowing down her back, her plump feminine lips pouting at
him  whilst his head leaned in further in conversation. The smile on both of their
faces said it all. So maybe beauty does go for beauty I thought. As I was walking
away my body seemed loose and I felt so let down. How could I be so stupid to think
that a boy, with looks like that would only be interested in one girl? Even if he
was, I was stupid to think that girl would be me. Fat salty tears began to run down
my face, the room seemed to move a little bit while I was walking, then I walked
into Milene kissing a guy in the corner. Even Milene had found a guy. As I began to
run outside my steps became unsure my legs wobbling in all directions, looking from
left to right I saw the back gate to her garden and went for my chance dropping my
heels off as I ran. I needed to be alone to wallow in my own sorrow, but I
go home this drunk. So I wallowed on a bench swing laying my body over the cold
wooden material, swinging in a gentle fashion. I felt pathetic as my heaving chest
let out sobs of sheer depression. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder,

‘Excuse me,’ said a short girl with large glasses, ‘Do you know where Milene
‘Sorry’ I said through weeping ‘ No’, after pushing my face back into my arms
I felt
yet another tap on my shoulder

‘I DON’T KNOW WHERE SHE IS OK! ’ I screamed lifting my head with a sheer look
distain on my face, then I saw James looking slightly surprised at my reaction. I
went red with embarrassment just as I was about to speak he put his finger against
his lips and shuffled in next to me re-positioning me so my head lay on his lap. 

‘I didn’t know I would find you here,’ he said stroking my hair and covering my
shoulders with his jacket. ‘How much have you drunk?’

‘Not much’ I said enjoying every moment being so close to him, feeling the warmth
his perfectly toned legs. Bliss.

‘ Well, you still look fine I guess,’ he said 

‘ Oh, don’t look at me I said covering my face, my make-up must be everywhere,

‘Uh,’ he said looking down at my face ‘Maybe just a little bit’ smudging away
makeup under my eyes. ‘But you still look cute’ he said displaying his ever

‘Th’ but before I could answer his lips were on mine, his beautiful soft lips
caressing mine. My body ached with wanting- wanting it to last forever. When he
finally pulled away, I was nearly out of breath.

‘ I think I better walk you home’ he said helping me up putting his strong hand
the small of my back. ‘ You can keep the jacket’

I laughed and looked into his eyes, ‘ I think I will, I missed you the other

His face turned into a frown confused at what I had just said, ‘ When you wern’t
there at the window’ I explained.’

‘Oh, I had a family thing. I missed you too. I hope you didn’t think I was weird
looking in on you, I just saw you and I couldn’t stop.’

‘I don’t mind.’ I said looking down, with that he grabbed my hand putting it
into a
small vice running his hand up my waist and pressing his warm lips against me
running his smooth tongue and touching it with mine, almost daring to brush his hand
over the top of my buttocks. 

‘Thanks for walking me, you didn’t have to.’

‘I wanted to,’ he said and watched me as I walked back to the house.

As I walked back into the front door trying to be as quiet as possible I jumped in
the air, ‘ YES’ I said in mock whisper. Then I saw two shadows, one of my
and one of my father.

Dove shouts:   13 April 2007   538634  
thats scary
cuteChRiSSiE says:   14 April 2007   329496  
Keep going! lol
Mokosakai says:   14 April 2007   628921  
continue ..
parents alert~!!
freaky ..
‹NAtAShA.COURtNEY› says:   15 April 2007   664391  
keep writing!its so good!
Dragonfly01 says:   17 April 2007   329411  
comingtosave says:   9 June 2007   314747  
I like! oh shes in deep shit though
comingtosave says:   9 June 2007   495594  
americanbulldog says:   21 June 2007   286762  
more,more, MORE!
geturownlife says:   21 June 2007   859219  
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   11 August 2007   127139  
oooooooooooooooooooooooooh she gona get her butt in trouble


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