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Ahhh...Found some cuteifull stuff!Category: (general)
Friday, 6 April 2007
01:22:56 PM (GMT)
eventually everything will fall into place
until then ;; youu gotta [ laugh ] and the
confusion, [ live ] for the moment, and
know that everything happens for a 
[ r e a s o n ] 

don’t confuse the people who are always
around with the ones who are always there.

Waiting for you is like 
waiting for rain in this
drought. Useless and

and i know it sounds confusing,
but at that moment, i just wanted
to walk out of the room i was in,
sit down in the middle of the hall
way, and cry. just cry.

Here's to the kids who's idea 
of a good time is sitting on the 
hood of their car, watching the
Heres to the night I stood in the park alone
to the night I cried so hard I couldn't breathe
to the night I prayed for him to come back to
me & of course to the night where he never
looked back

hey skank, 
just because you start the shit,
doesn`t mean you are the shit.

its easier to get mad at the people
you care about because you know
they'll love you no matter what
-* The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

And whoever wrote the 'book of
life' must have forgotten to put
the [answers] in the back.

So she shall sit up another night. 
Without sleeping cause he's still online. 
And she doesn't want to miss the chance. 
Of him talking to her again like old times.
Don't ever let someone tell you 
you can't do something. 
Not even me. you got a dream, 
you gotta protect it. 
people can't do something themselves, 
they wanna tell 
you that you can't do it. 
you want something? go get it. 

You walked out that door,
I swore I didn't care
but I lost everything, darling
then & there.

one day you will love me 
like i loved you.
one day you will think of me 
as i thought of you.
one day you will cry for me 
as i've cried for you. 
one day you will want me 
and i won't want you
Why don't you try being the one who has to
wonder why all the people that she
loves don't love her back. -» Dawson's Creek «-
♥  <<3 No
offense but that girl is a bitch!
Smile, even if you aren't happy,
because if you wear a smile on your face
it just might spread to your heart.
she could write a forty-chaper novel
about every little thing she loves about him,
& never get tired of reading it.
like that one
celebrities walk on the red carpet because
they're famous, but me && my girls walk on 
toilet paper* cuz we're the shit.

So basically I have the kind of 
Best Friends
that if my house were burning down
they'd be sitting there roasting marshmellows
hitting on all the firemen

Life's too short to wake up in
the morning with regrets, so love
the people who treat you right,
forget about the ones who don't
and believe that everything happens for
a reason. If you get a chance, take it.
If it changes your life, then let it.
Nobody ever said it'd be easy
they just said it'd be worth it
he isnt my boyfriend - but i love
his hugs, his smile, his advice,
his love, his kindness & the
times we laugh together. i guess
i fell in love with our friendship<<that goes out to Josh Jackson*&&*Kyle Warner

Now for the amazing photos <3I really like these things they are really cooly!!

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