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Wat happened to me on friday..................Category: Skool
Saturday, 10 March 2007
04:53:54 PM (GMT)
ok heres a list of my peeps in school that im gonna b listin in this diary so u wont
b clueless..........
ashley-a bitch
sami-my bff
brynna-popular rich girl whos my friend
brianna h-jus sum girl who is included in here
justin-a stupid fugly non smexi gay wod
brianna v-a nice girl
toni-another nice girl
sarah-my best friend in gym class
julia-another popular girl but isnt really one of my friends
daricia-the bitches friend
dacoven-a dude on my bus
jessica-a girl on my bus
ms.lukas-a stupid ass teacher
tristin-a shy good drawer girl
sabrina-my friend 
and me-me duh lol
ok now friday started out normal went on the bus got off shitty shitty shitty suff.
Well when i got to skool daricia she came 2 me as i was walkin in the hallway with
jessica and dacoven. she asked me if i could come with her to the bathroom. so i went
with her and she went into the stall for about 5 min adn when she came out she was
wearin a skirt (she wasnt wearin that b4). she wanted me to stand infount of her as
she walked to her locker. i did that then i went in class. the rest of the day was
normail untill i got to technolagy with ms.lukas. well we were doin career jobs and
so we were doin travel agents that day and so we had to make a broshore.well me and
sabrina were partners and we didnt have a comp cuz we have to much people in our
class. so ms.lukas made us go wrok with tristan who didnt have a partner. at the end
of that class tristan was drawin a pic while me and sarbina looked up information. we
forgot to put our names on it so when ms.lukas came to us i grabbed the paper and i
started to write our names but then ms.dumb-bo grabbed the paper and said "nope too
late" boy was i mad lol. then it was gym time and i went in got dressed in the locker
room and went to my station which was line jumpers and jus stood there. well justin
he wanted to mess wit me at that point so he started to call me names and so i called
him a gay wod and he called me a lezbo well as he called me a lezbo ashley came over
and said "ur a lezbo" and then she ran over to julia brynna and brianna and some
other girls and she told them that i said i was a lezbo. so the brianna came over to
me and said "did u say u were a lezbo" and i said" no justin did i didnt say dat".
then we did stations and during stations i wanted to cry but i held it bak. im
sensitive so certain stuff makes me cry. well after stations we were gettin ready to
do table tenis and the boys do other stuff. and brynna came up to me and said "dont
worry i told them u wernt because if u were since u sit right nex to me in home room
u would be feelin up on me and stuff. ashley jus jeolous of u no1 likes her" so then
i was happy and stuff. well we had to play table tenis and so me and sarah went to
one of the tables and we had to wait to play cuz we needed 4 people to play.so
thenbrianna v and toni came to us and said "marissaaaaaaaaaa were playin with u" so i
said ok. then lol this was funny............................toni was on my team and
brianna v was on sarahs team. well toni kept hittin the ball 2 hard and it flew over
brianna v  and sarahs head lol. and also toni kept hittin sarah sumwhere wit the
ball. after that i wne tto tatorial and jus went home on the bus with sami
and i stayed over her house till 7:45. well thats it tell me how werid you think my
life iz bye

cuteChRiSSiE says:   10 March 2007   188679  
that ashley girl sounds like a bitch, oh well dont worry!
wild_child wonders :   10 March 2007   497885  
thats just weird but wats wit the girl who wanted u to cum 2 da
bathroom wit?

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