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Sunday, 11 February 2007
05:55:17 PM (GMT)
hi pplz! sorry i didnt change it when i said i would, my cat stepped on the key
board and erased everything i did!

                                                              News: KOTORgamegirl is
having a names contest! go 2 her diary and enter some names 4 her book 4 kp. She's
also making a page 4 people who love KOTOR, or any starwars game. Sweetangelgal has
published a homework helper 4 ppl who need homework help, and the winner of the names
competition i had waz girlygirl_4_life.

                                                             2days poll: do u
like--------------------in ur bf/gf
4. freindly-ness
10.silly-ness                                   My story's Prolouge: "uhh...so the
thiefs r in there?" asked Ark. Sabriesk nodded " R u sure, i mean, in there?"   
asked Ark, panicking. Sabriesk set a dull, blank stare on him.....then gradually his
lips creased back over his fangs in a taunting smirk "Chicken." he said. Ark's face
turned scarlet with rage, "I AM NOT!!" he screamed "Sshhhhh! u ninny! they'll hear
u!!" snapped Sabriesk. Ark opened the door 2 the Blue Moon bar, the smell of stale
beer and smoke made his eyes water. "ugh" he said "i hate this place already!" then
he saw 'em, the thiefs, he ducked behind some barrels of ale, and carefully crawled
forward. Soon he was close enough 2 grab the book from the thiefs bag. Slowly he
reached out 4 it, and pulled it soundlessly out of the bag. He began 2 crawl back
again, 2 the door, but, Creeeaaak!, the old wooden planks groaned under him "thats
not good." he said as the thief got up....... 2 be continued.....

Sabreisk says:   11 February 2007   321935  
oops i forgot: Newbie info: if u think someone is doing somethin they
shouldnt, send me a letter and i'll tell u how 2 blacklist 'em!
this weeks pic: if u want this weeks pic, look Sabriesk up in the name
lookup section and send me a letter!
kewlchick101 says:   14 February 2007   157964  
hey girl wassup? cool newletter
Sabreisk says :   15 February 2007   377563  
k, u want dis weeks pic?


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