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German Brats, Black Cats, Free Hats, And Our Lives....... Part 4Category: Book!
Saturday, 3 February 2007
10:09:33 AM (GMT)
Ross' P.O.V.
Tonight is my date with Jess!
I'm so excited, I know she'll love where we're going.
After I get showered and dressed, I grab the keys to my dad's Rav4. 
I'm 15 and have my permit so I think I can drive.
It's 6:49 p.m. and I'm driving to Jess' house.
I grab my cell and call the one friend I can really talk to with out him telling me
I'm a sell out.
Beau: "Hello?"
Ross: "Beau, I'm gald you answered!"
Beau: "Whatever, hurry up."
Ross: "Why?"
Beau: "Because I said so. Just say what you need to say and hang up. You have 5
Ross: "Beau, why are you being so stupid?"
Beau: "Oh, yeah you have so much room to talk!"
Ross: "Fine!" He pulled the phone from his ear and closed it.
Almost to Jess', I'm driving down 45th St and Magee, Jess lives on Stevenson Dr.
I finally pull up in her drive way and knock on her door, he brother opens it and
yell for Jess.
Jacob: "Uh, hi."
Ross: "Hi, Jacob right?
Jacob: "Yeah. You're Ross?"
I hear throat clearing and Jess is standing in the hallway, she looks stuning.
She's not wearing a skirt or a dress but rather a blazer, band tee and jeans.
Jess: "Hey Ross, ready to go?"
Ross: "Uh, yeah."
Jess: "Bye Mom, I'm going!"

Jess' P.O.V.
Ross looks wonderful! 
Stones tee, jeans, and a black hoodie. 
He just stood there at first but then he grabbed my hand and kissed it.
We walked outside and got in his car.
Ross: "Wanna know where we're going?"
Jess: "Kinda."
He drove out turned on 5th street towards The Pier. 
It was a great little club, but really small an exculsive. 
He opened my door and I jumped out.
The club was full tonight but some how our names were on the list.
Jess: "How did you get on the list?"
Ross: "My little secret!"
The stage was set up and over head it said Panic! At The Disco!!!!! 
Jess: "Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! Ross!"
I turned and kissed him, he blushed.
Ross: "Come on, we need to go some where before we take our seats."
He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the back stage area.
Jon came up and looked form Ross to me and back to Ross.
Jon: "Ross, you made it!"
Ross: "You get me in, of course I'll come."
Jon: "You must be Jess. Ross under played you, he said you were beautiful, but you're
drop dead beautiful. Come on, I'll introduce you to the rest of the band."
I blushed and followed Jon and Ross to a small room in the back.
He opened the door and pushed his way into the crowded room, I followed with Ross.
Ryan: "Ross! How ya been kid?"
Ross: "Hey Ry, what's up?"
Ryan: "Nothing."
Ross: "Oh, Ryan, meet Jess.
Jess: "Um, hi.......I'm Jess...." I studdered.
Ryan held his hand out and I grabbed it and shoke his hand but he pulled me and
hugged me. Ross punched him and gave him an eye.
Ryan: "Hey! That hurt Ross!"
Ross: "Baby!"
Brendon came out and Spencer followed and jumped on him.
Brendon: "Hey Jess!"
Ross: "You two know each other?"
Jess: "Yeah, myspace buddies. He called me the other day."
Spencer: "Hey Ross and Jess."
Jess: "Hi!"
Ryan: "So, Jess, I promised you one day I would do your make up if we met."
Ross: "WHEN?!?"
Jess: "Chill! Myspace, duh."

Jayne says:   3 February 2007   127313  
Cool! XD
MrHello says :   3 February 2007   934455  
Loved it


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