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The So Called "Haunted House"Category: That Haunted House
Wednesday, 20 December 2006
02:02:17 PM (GMT)
One Halloween in the middle of school,I sat down making my coustume out of fome [For
a craft] I worked on it for a while untill some boy named Cody.Cody started to tell a
story,About the Haunted House across the street from me."Last Halloween My
Friends,Donny,Went inside that Haunted Castle and I never saw him again,Is anyone
here not scared and is going to go in there on Halloween?"He said."I'm Brave,I'll do
it,Wait there at 4 p.m and see me go in!"I said."Fine!"Cody said."We might even wait
at your door!" so at 4 p.m that Halloween,I went in that so called "Haunted
Castle"And I Saw all this wind go by,Then the door slamed,and A peiece of glass hit
the wall.I saw a mirror behind me,It was broken,Then I saw a ghost for a min. And
then it laughed.I went up the creeking steps,Then I heard a goblin and a vampire
behind me,But i beat them up,Nothing can scare me.Then I beat up the ghost.But then A
which her broom stick tried to get me,But I beat her up too.And then came a black cat
which i beat up too.Nothing scared me that was in that Haunted Castle.Then A bat
tried to eat me,It was a vampire bat.It wasn't a real vampire,I let it out the
window.I left later and everyone was surpised I got out."Is it haunted?" My best
friend,Ally asked."It is,But nothing scared me." I anwsered.Then later that
Halloween,I went out Trick or Treating in my devil coustume to every door.

The End?

coolcat101 says:   20 December 2006   399999  
that was a good story!
Prettystone says:   20 December 2006   685695  
‹FMLYHM› says:   20 December 2006   127251  
5Girls says:   22 December 2006   531497  
I love all your stories!
giselle101 shouts:   22 December 2006   975593  
coooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll u rock!!!!!!
SantaLover says:   22 December 2006   782569  
I love your stories! Make more,Make more!
STARSINGER says:   22 December 2006   181698  
it was good but its was a little to fake im more about thinks that
seem a little more real
colesprouse19luv says:   28 December 2006   246573  
That sooooooooooooo wasnt real!!!!!!!!
‹Skelly› says:   28 December 2006   766378  
it was cant beat up a gohst nor a vampire and you
spelled witch wrong......
Dayka says:   4 January 2007   616148  
so every 1 makes a moistake but i thought it was pretty good. oh i
found a mistake in yours a bove me you spelled ghost wrong. thats wat
you gt for being a critisizor.
lexipooh10 says:   5 January 2007   492429  
That was so fake,I mean come on beating up a ghost.
‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› says:   11 March 2007   497816  
That is so totally bluff. I mean beating up a ghost??? that is very
unbelievable. Get real.. But if u just put it as an unrealistic story
its pretty nice.
Kikikay says:   6 April 2007   271398  
was it true? 

anyways verygood! 
‹RainbowBunion› says:   8 April 2007   769656  
two words
totally gay
littlewhiteroxy22 wonders:   28 April 2007   963786  
Dehanna says :   5 April 2009   586755  


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