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Emo.. but using full wording!Category: (general)
Saturday, 9 December 2006
12:32:04 PM (GMT)
Yes, so hello. I'm pregnant because me and my five underage boyfriends had sex with
me at once and I'm not sure if its right or not... is that wrong?

Seriously, teenage pregnancy is a serious issue, why would you even make stuff like
that up? In fact, there seems to be a positive correlation between the seriousness of
an issue and the amount of people who make stuff up about it. Death too, you can
usually tell whether something is made up by the amount of imagery that is put into
the description. Really, I had a friend mention to me how bothering it is when actors
act about parents dying and they don't understand how much it hurts. You should be
ashamed of yourself if you make light of that.

What's with this stuff about AIDS too? Everyone's (not here, I appreciate) saying
'OMG she gave me AIDS!' as a joke. AIDS isn't a joke, people die. What if one of your
friends had a friend or a relative that died from AIDS? I mean, discussing is fine,
but joking about it just isn't good.

Anyway, this wasn't what I intended. But hopefully people will come across this and
vote me up because my points are so amazing. I'll be made into some kind of cult
figure, and be put on t-shirts and such...

MojoHuma says:   12 December 2006   792428  
LMAO. I know I shouldn't laugh but your berating/preaching ways are
just too hilarious. 

*falls off chair due to excess laughter*

Ahem. Well I was bored, thought I'd do some browsing, I see a diary
entry, click on it, read, laugh and the rest of a atom of history. As
for the whole cult figure thing I DEMAND to be the first to receive an
'I want neoeno's babies' t-shirt. 

neoeno says:   13 December 2006   488916  
MigeManson says:   31 December 2006   659871  
Three of my classmates constantly joke about rape forgetting that a
mutual friend of ours was recently date raped. And on her 16th
birthday as well... 

Perhaps people joke about what they don't understand to hide the
seriousness of it. Fear hidden behind cheap jokes...
Gay_Emo_Alex says:   3 January 2007   188656  
How sad!
hey ur a guy who got pregnant!?
MojoHuma says:   4 January 2007   765866  
MigeManson speaks the truth.

Gay_Emo_Alex... did you read past the first sentence?


Omdaiz...I laugh entirely too much at stupid things.
neoeno says:   4 January 2007   469723  
MigeManson does speak the truth. But that wasn't what I intended to
refer to. I was intending to refer to the people on here who (in the
good old days!) were referred to as 'fakerz OMG', and accounts were
set up to ridicule and parody them.

At least that's how it started. A friend of a friend died of AIDS, and
that really brings to the front how tactlessly people take it. It's
not even fear joking, it's just joking because they genuinely think
it's funny.
MojoHuma says:   5 January 2007   699911  
*laughter stops abruptly*

That's horrible. Now I really get what you were trying to say.
neoeno says:   5 January 2007   787996  
Hmm, I feel like the last paragraph of my last comment might have
been misunderstood. To clarify, no one (that I came into contact with)
joked about the friend of a friend's death. I meant that I noticed
more how people thought AIDS was a funny thing. It bothered me, and
I'm sure it bothered my friend moreso. People don't joke about cancer,
so why AIDS?
khadijah1234 says:   5 January 2007   429223  
you ar very scary!lol i don't get it
Rallo shouts:   14 September 2007   127198  
YOU ARE A FREAKIN GENIUS i just read through your Diarys LOL! im
stupid and i barely understood but DUDE YOU GET YOUR POINT ACROSS
EverLife says:   16 May 2008   139984  
hi i understand what your saying it is an issue i speak from
experince check out my profile
sweete14 says:   20 May 2008   287976  
i know i cant stand it when people joke about that it is seriose
saralyn247 says :   18 August 2008   218916  
I want a neoeno shirt. :D

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