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I answer some stupid fucking questionsCategory: (general)
Thursday, 12 July 2018
02:11:20 PM (GMT)
part 1: YOU'RE DOING THIS!?!?!!?!??!

⇸ name: crazyhot

⇸ pronouns: crazyhot

⇸ gender identity: crazyhot

⇸ sexual orientation: crazyhotexaul 

⇸ romantic orientation: the fuck is this

⇸ year of school/college: out

part 2: Fuck you look like

⇸ height: Not short

⇸ weight: not fat

⇸ hair color: between black and not black

⇸ eye color: blue

part 3: We want your personal info

⇸ mbti type: Hell is this

⇸ Empathy quotient: zero

⇸ lover or fighter?: Planner

⇸ violent?: very

⇸ introvert or extrovert: Yes

⇸ narcissism quotient: High

part 4: one of these thing is not like the other

⇸ dogs or cats: cats

⇸ coke or pepsi: pepsi 

⇸ iphone or android: Niether

⇸ sweet or savoury: savoury is not a word, can't answer this question 

⇸ phone call or text: neither 

⇸ skype or discord: Cursed 

⇸ instagram or snapchat: Facebook

⇸ ice cream or frozen yogurt: sherbet 

⇸ bath or shower: bath

⇸ converse or vans: Shoes

⇸ small groups or big parties: NUKEM

⇸ mcdonalds or wendys: sorry I DON'T EAT SHIT

⇸ burgers or chicken nuggets: Food

⇸ coffee or tea: Pepsi

⇸ art or science: science 

⇸ friends or family: Kill em

⇸ optimist or pessimist: Realist  

⇸ milkshakes or smoothies: milkshakes

⇸ casual or fancy: casual

⇸ candy or pastries: nope

⇸ youtube or netflix: yes

⇸ fashion or function: movement

⇸ beanies or baseball caps: I don't hat

⇸ movie theatres or drive ins: Neither 

⇸ book smart or street smart: World

part 5: AMERICA  

⇸ colour: America  

⇸ animal: Eagle

⇸ food: American Food

⇸ belonging: anything from America

⇸ piece of clothing: the American flag 

⇸ tv show: Anything American 



⇸ drink: A tall glass of Freedom

⇸ school subject: Speech

⇸ restaurant: anywhere I can get a Bill 

⇸ fast food place: Nope

⇸ band: The people that play the anthem in football games 

⇸ song: star spangled banner

⇸ album: star spangled banner remix soundtrack

⇸ season: July the 4th

⇸ emoji: the gun one

part 6: Stupid ass questions part 3

⇸ are you religious? are you?
⇸ are you a forgiving person? Nope

⇸ if you haven't gone to college yet, do you plan to go? A place

⇸ if you could marry any of your mutuals, who would you marry and why? That
requires having mutuals 

⇸ what do you want to contribute to the world? Death and Destruction 

⇸ what do you see for yourself in the future? ^

⇸ what is your relationship with your family like? who wants to know?

⇸ what is your relationship with your friends like? see the mutual question 

⇸ who do you trust most in the world? No one

⇸ what do you enjoy doing the most? Not these questions

⇸ do you play an instrument? Nope

⇸ do you play any sports? Yup

⇸  Last question for this cause i'm skipping the last few, are you

part 7: have you ever answered any of these honestly 
put a // next to things you've done 
⇸  gotten drunk? nope
⇸  gotten high? nope
⇸  smoked cigarettes? nope
⇸  smoked weed? nope
⇸  did any other kind of drug? nope
⇸  gotten all a's? Sure
⇸  cried in public? Nope
⇸  questioned your sexuality? nope
⇸  questioned your gender identity? you mean sexuality, also nope
⇸  been out of the country? yup
⇸  fallen in love? nope
⇸  with a best friend? this implies that people answer yes to the previous question
i retract my last answer 
⇸  fallen out of love? This is why I skipped a bunch of questions
⇸  been rejected? Nope
⇸  had a one night stand? Nope 
⇸  lied to anyone? Yes
⇸  won something? Yes
⇸  came out as lgbt? YOU SAYING I LIKE DUDES?!?!!??!
⇸  cussed someone out? could've 
⇸  gotten in a fistfight? the 5th

pussydestroyer says:   12 July 2018   819594  
this is not a nice post
crazyhot says :   13 July 2018   818091  

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