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AbigailCategory: Stories
Friday, 25 December 2015
02:01:34 AM (GMT)
Darker then Black series - Abigail

Abigail was one of those girls that thought she was above it all and that she lived
in her own little world with her friends. She never thought this would happen to her,
nor did the thought it would have been him. She walked home with her friends, and
they would be laughing and smiles. They would pass by Tobias’s house and he would
be outside and they would walk by looking at him and laughing. He just brushed it off
and worked on his motorcycle. It was a Saturday night and the Abigail and her friends
had gotten tickets to a concert down town. Their parents never let them go down town
in the city, unless they were taken by one of the girl’s parents. But this night
they decided to sneak out telling their parents they are staying at each other’s
houses. So they could sneak off to the concert.  They went to the concert and had a
great time. They danced and sang to most of the music that was played there. When it
was over with the girls decided to head back stage to meet the band, but during the
rush of people leaving the girls got separated. Abigail thought her friends went down
the alley way, and she wander down there. She didn’t realize it was the other side
of the building that her friends were on. As she walked down the alley way she
noticed a few guys watching her. She tried to cover up what she had on but it
wasn’t much that she had on to begin with either. “Hey honey what you doing down
here?” One guy would say to her. Abigail quickened her walk and was stopped when
another guy stepped in front on her. Abigail mine raced, her heart beat faster, she
wanted to run or scream but the sound of the cars on the street just would drown out
her screams. Suddenly a motorcycle come screaming down the alley way, pulling next to
Abigail. The engine revel up and the bike jump at the guys, they took off running
down the alley way.  The rider cut the engine and took off his helmet, “are you
ok?” Abigail was shock to see it was Tobias on his bike. “Y..yes,” She said to
him. He looked at her, “Its dangerous for someone like you to be here, alone.”
She got smug and looked at him as if he knew anything about her. “Someone like me?
I can handle myself, thank you very much.” Tobias looked at her, “If I didn’t
come along they would have robbed you, raped you and maybe even killed you.” He
said to her with a snappy voice. Abigail looked the other way, “Maybe and then
maybe not, I would have been able to handle it.” Getting off his motorcycle, “why
you have to be a smug bitch?” She turned and slapped him, “I’m not a bitch.”
Tobias rubbed his face and slapped her back, knocking her to the ground. Abigail
gasps and looked up at him as she moved her jaw back and forth. “Asshole!!! Is that
the best you can do?” She mocked him. Tobias shook his head and started walking
back to his motorcycle. “That’s right, Run off pussy.” She said as she got off
the ground. Tobias stood there for a moment and turned. “You are just another whore
that thinks she knows so fucking much.” The grabbed her and punched her in the
stomach. Abigail felt her knees buckle under her as she started to fall. Tobias
didn’t let her fall; he pushed her against the wall hard. He took unbutton her
shorts and force them down her legs. “F…fuck you.” Abigail said catching her
breath. Tobias grabbed her by the throat and squeeze, “No, I’m going to fuck
you.” Abigail gasps trying to catch her breath as he squeeze her air way. Tobias
undid his pants and push them down, just as Abigail fell to her knees. He let go of
her throat, he pull her head back forcing her mouth open as he shove his dick into
her mouth down her throat. He gasps as it went down and he pulled back out. Abigail
coughed and gasp in air as she try to breath. Tobias forced his cock down her throat
again pumping it slowly. Abigail tried to push him off but couldn’t, all she could
do is take a breath as his dick came part way out where she could breath. He pump his
dick faster and faster in her mouth hitting the back of her throat. She gage and gasp
placing her hand against his hips to slow him down. He pulled her hair back pumping
faster as he came in her mouth, “oooo yeah.” He said as he pull out of her mouth.
Abigail coughed and gage up the hot white sticky liquid that she didn’t swallow, as
it ran down her shirt and jacket. Tobias took hold of Abigail picking her off the
ground and forced her face first against the wall as he took his dick and forced it
into her pussy. Abigail screamed but not body could hear her scream over the city
noise. He pushed in deeper, “dam you are tight.” He said to her. Abigail cried
and scream, “I..Im still a virgin.” She said as she crawled at the wall; that
made Tobias grip her hips and pound in her deeper. Abigail knees buckled again but
Tobias held her waist making sure she couldn’t get way. Tobias pound her pussy hard
and fast, Abigail’s feet barely touch the ground as he fucked her hard and fast.
Abigail came her body shiver and tremble as she braced herself against the wall.
Tears of pain and hurt soon were replaced with tears of pleasure and shame. He
gripped her breasts tight squeezing them, Abigail squealed and yelled out as her
pussy once again tightens around his dick. “Shit!!!” Tobias said as he came hard
inside of Abigail; He gasps and lay against her back. She tried to get him off her,
but Tobias wasn’t done just yet with Abigail of yet. “Get the hell off me,” she
said as she tried to hit him. Tobias turned her around and grip her neck tightly
again. “D…dam,” Abigail said knowing the he would squeeze the breath from her.
He lifted her leg and slip the head of his cock into her ass. Abby eyes flash wide
open, “N…..no…noo.” She struggle to say. But it only fell on deaf ears as
Tobias force his cock into her ass. Abby arched her back and struggle to gasp for
air. Tobias held her there as he felt her struggling and wiggling on him. Tobias
loosen his grip slightly letting Abby breath as he spread her legs and put them
around his hips so that he could bounce her on him. Abigail screamed trying to push
him away with one hand and bracing herself against him with the other. Tears started
down her face, the pain rip through her, but he didn’t stop. Tobias grunted and
gasp fucking her tight ass faster and deeper. Abigail’s body screamed with pleasure
and pain and her mind broke as she passed out. Tobias kept fucking her until he came
again in her ass. “Dam.” He said as place Abigail on the ground. He pulled up his
pants and zipped it up, “I own you now, you tell the cops. It will be worst for
you.” He said to her as Abigail lay there partly conscious. He got on his bike and
went to the end of the ally way. He saw Abby’s friends, “HEY! Something happen to
your friend down there.” He said to them as he drove off. Her friends ran down the
alley way and saw Abigail laying there. “OMGS! Someone call 911.” One of her
friends said. Abigail reached up, “N…No. Just help me up.” She said to them,
remembering what Tobias said to her. “Abby we have to call the police.” Ashley
said to her. Abigail looked at her, “Nobody must ever know. We snuck out, No one
tell anything. I will be fine.” She said as she tried to get herself together. They
took her to a gas station where she went into the rest room and clean herself up. Her
body quiver and shake as she remember the size of Tobias as he enter her body.
Abigail bites her lip and shiver slightly as she made herself cum with the thought of
him inside of her. She came out and the girls caught a cab back to the suburbs. As
they pass Tobias’s house Abigail glance down and then back up at his house.

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