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Thursday, 18 December 2014
03:54:23 PM (GMT)
As I said it is always nice to have someone to talk too, and right now I have been
looking forward to writing about my life all day. It is so nice to hear ones
comments, and also I really hope you do comment on posts no matter if their bad or
good or anything for that matter!

I guess If you don't enjoy talking about sex, marriage, long nights in bed, and
making love, well you shouldn't look at my posts.

Last Sometimes I find it such a turn on to just work out, and love being who I am,
and be sweaty, and sometimes even a little bit not so great smelling, and yet have my
husband take the time to care about me and hold me, even when I'm not perfect. This
is the definition of what happened last night and I enjoy having him around so much
for it. Being a personal trainer, I often expose myself to men daily, wearing
training bra's, tight yoga pants and other items of clothing my husband adores on me,
but of course other men do too. I often have to fight men off at work, and sometimes
it gets rough to do so. But the one thing that keeps me going is my husband. He knows
that these things happen, and I know it bothers him but he still never freaks out,
and when I come home from work he is their to support me and love me. This makes me
happy beyond words, and makes me want to love him, and never really makes me want to
sway and go with another guy. Yesterday it was super hard because I was touching
another man, showing him how to do a workout. My husband actually walked in on the
end of our session, and saw this. He always picks me up for dinner every Wednesday,
to have dinner at our favorite restaurant. Well, I actually was enjoying touching
this other man, and I think he was too. But I realized it was SO wrong, because even
though that man, has the abs, and the looks, and the hair it doesn't mean, he can
make me giggle, make me laugh, cry, wet, scream, or sigh. He isnt the man I lay with
every night, and he isn't the man that gives me head rubs, or pulls on my hair in a
sexy, tingle creating way. I could tell my husband was mad, and he really didn't say
a word the rest of the night. As we got to bed I wasn't sure what to do, I wanted to
make love, make everything right, and hopefully come out with a great performance.
But I wasn't sure if he was in the mood.... Eventually as we got under the covers, I
got closer, and closer to his body until I was right against it.... As I slowly
started to grind on his manhood, I could feel the slightest erection, I dug deeper
and tried to feel it through our underwear. It grew, and I eventually began feeling
it, growing and entering the crack or my buttocks. I pushed him to the side and got
on top of him, and threw the covers off. I straddled him and I loved feeling his
bulge rub against my wetness. As we stripped he removed my bra, ran his hand over my
breasts, and stroked my hair. He gave it that light tug, and played with my nipples
with his mouth. He removed his underwear, just like I had mine and we were both
completely naked. I started to kiss his body, and go down, waiting to slide my mouth
around his manhood, like I had so many times before.... but as I looked up at him, he
said... Wait... He looked at me in the eyes, and I saw the deep blue of his eyes as
well and said "Honey, sex means nothing to me... All I want you to know is that I
love you, I love you inside and out, I love your laugh your eyes, your body and
everything you can possibly ever give me.. so never leave me." I was enchanted, and
hungry for him, but he didn't even want to make love, he just wanted my lips, and for
possibly 30 minutes we made out, lips tongue, and saliva and we became not 2 people
but one couple, one pure being. As I feel asleep on top of him, I could only wait for
more. He looked so peaceful, and so did we... My head on his chest, my breasts down
by his ribs, and his manhood resting on my stomach. It was in that moment that I
realized, that sex isn't everything. Sometimes, being naked, with nothing to hide,
and being together wrapped in a warm embrace with your lover.... Is all it takes....

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