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Thursday, 25 September 2014
09:04:58 PM (GMT)
i did this back in 2012 and i thought it would be fun to do it again now and see how
my answers have changed eee *prepares to cringe*

Full name: holly watling

Zodiac sign: rabbit

Fears: cockroaches, going outside at night, having doors unlocked at night, anything
bad happening to my family or friends, escaping from somewhere and being brought back

3 things I love: music, food, and friday nights

4 turn off's: any -phobic (eg homophobic, transphobc etc), any -ist (sexist, racist
etc), narcissism, and no respect of boundaries 

4 turn on's: slightly large biceps, eyeliner, being tall, personality is a big one

My best friend: adelaide

Sexual orientation: bisexual

My best first date: haven't been on one yet 

How tall am I: 5'5 

What do I miss: old times

What time was I born: around 2pm

Favourite colour: blue, black, red

Do I have a crush: several

Favourite quote: ''respect existence or expect resistance", ''i'm the son of rage and
love'', ''give me therapy, i'm a walking travesty, but i'm smiling at everything'',
''hey babe, take a walk on the wild side'' and ''give a cheer for all the broken,
listen here cause it's who we are'' ((all but one of those are song lyrics but i
don't care if you don't)

Favourite place: home

Favourite food: uuuuuhhhhh roast chicken, crumbed fish, tacos, and plums

Do I use sarcasm: so much

What am I listening to right now: get down on your knees and tell me you love me by
all time low

First thing I notice in new person: probably their body tbh

Shoe size: 9-12 in ladies/mens

Eye colour: basic brown

Hair colour: warm brown with some blonde highlights and some dyed black lowlights

Favourite style of clothing: leggings and band shirts with boots or joggers

Ever done a prank call: no

What colour of underwear I'm wearing right now: black

Meaning behind my URL: i combined michael jackson and queen (killer queen and
thriller) and it was thrillerqueen and it was brilliant and now i'm too emotionally
attatched to it to change it  because it's my user for almost everything

Favourite movie: grease probably, also pocahontas and the lion king

Favourite song: i have too many to choose from but currently i'm really into
centuries by fall out boy and how to be a heartbreaker by marina and the diamonds

Favourite band: once again way too many to choose from but at the moment i'm really
into 5sos and all time low and blink-182 

How I feel right now: hungry

Someone I love: my family and friends

My current relationship status: thirstily single

My relationship with my parents: great with my mother not so great with my father

Favourite holiday: christmas

Tattoos and piercings I have: one ear pierced 

Tattoos and piercings I want: idk about tattoos but i want a nose stud or a fake lip

The reason I joined Tumblr: a friend told me about it and it seemed cool

Last book I read: can't remember oops

Do I ever get 'Good morning' or 'Good night' texts: nope

Have I ever kissed the last person I texted: nope

When did I last hold hands: walking with my friend across the school oval

How long does it take me to get ready in the morning: about 35 minutes

Have I shaved my legs in the past three days: yes

Where am I right now: my room

If I was drunk and can't stand, who would take care of me: hopefully someone with me

Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level: a reasonable level most of the time
but i must admit i do quite like it loud

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