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#1 The OfficeCategory: Msparp Chat
Tuesday, 26 February 2013
10:37:46 AM (GMT)
I will either be Eridan, Gamzee or Mituna in each chat. I am Gamzee here. Davesprite [DAVESPRITE] joined chat. DAVESPRITE: here i am again on my own carcinoGeneticist [CG] joined chat. DAVESPRITE: yo CG: WOW HEY IT'S DISCOUNT DAVE. DAVESPRITE: yep thats me CG: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT DAVE! CG: AND THE BEST PART IS, THE EGGS ARE FREE. DAVESPRITE: fat free dave substitute majesticallySuperior [] joined chat. CG: WHO'S *THIS* DOUCHEBAG. MS: ❥ hεll☼!!! i am r☼ckεt papaya and i am 8 sωεεps ☼ld❤ i am a pinkβl☼☼dεd sεadωεllεr, rainβ☼ω drinkεr and psi☼nic❤ i havε ωhitε hair βεcausε i am part first guardian, th☼ugh i als☼ havε pink strεaks in my hair, and i als☼ havε thrεε hεart shapεd h☼rns❤ my facε l☼☼ks just likε tr☼ll ωin☼na rydεr's did ωhεn shε ωas y☼ungεr, m☼stly βεcausε i am tr☼ll ωin☼na rydεr, εxcεpt i changεd my namε t☼ r☼ckεt papaya βεcausε ωin☼na just ωasn't a c☼☼l εn☼ugh namε❤ i am a g☼d tiεr Quεεn ☼f All, ωhich mεans i g☼vεrn ☼vεr εvεry aspεct❤ my hivε is l☼catεd insidε a raincl☼ud aβ☼vε altεrnia, ωhich is likε βεing undεrωatεr εxcεpt in thε sky❤ my lusii arε a drag☼n and a ωεrεω☼lf❤ i havε tω☼ βεcausε i am pinkβl☼☼dεd❤ my lusii arε β☼th malε and arε in ya☼is ωith εach ☼thεr❤ spεaking ☼f ωhich, my intεrεsts includε h☼t ya☼is, fiduspaωn, tr☼ll shεrl☼ck, tr☼ll thε avεngεrs and tr☼ll supεrnatural❤ i am in a matεspritship ωith karkat - ωε β☼ndεd ☼vεr ☼ur mutual mutantnεss, and ωε fεll in pity❤ ωε'rε g☼ing t☼ pity marry εach ☼thεr in a fεω sωεεps❤ anyωay, nicε t☼ mεεt y☼u!!! CG: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. DAVESPRITE: well ok CG: UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. MS: ❥ hi karkat, my fiancε dεsu!!! CG: NO, STOP. THIS IS ENTIRELY TOO SILLY. DAVESPRITE: whoa dude thats your chick haha CG: I'M PUTTING YOU UNDER ROLEPLAY ARREST. MS: ❥ yεp, ωε'rε gεtting marriεd in a fεω sωεεps!!! DAVESPRITE: few sweeps? CG: MY LIFE IS A SHAMBLING MESS AND I WANT TO DIE. DAVESPRITE: what you gotta date for 6 years first MS: ❥ it's g☼nna βε tr☼ll avεngεrs, tr☼ll supεrnatural, tr☼ll shεrl☼ck, and rainβ☼ωs thεmεd❤ DAVESPRITE: dude do it that sounds great DAVESPRITE: ill be the dove they release DAVESPRITE: except ill shout caw and abscond with the cake MS: ❥ ☼mg that ω☼uld βε s☼ kaωaii dεsu nε davεspritε!!! arigat☼ g☼zaimasu!!! DAVESPRITE: sugoi DAVESPRITE: whatever the fuck that means MS: ❥ yεs it ω☼uld βε sug☼i t☼☼ dεsu!!! CG: I HAVE NEVER CONSENTED TO THIS. DAVESPRITE: you have to now weve planned it MS: ❥ yεs y☼u havε, sωεεtiε!!! CG: NO, YOUR HEADMATES DON'T COUNT. MS: ❥ *usεs Quεεn ☼f All p☼ωεrs* DAVESPRITE: but bro CG: YOU CAN'T JUST SAY THAT YOUR HEADMATE BROADWAY KARKAT AGREED TO MARRY YOU. HE'S NOT EVEN REAL. DAVESPRITE: listen DAVESPRITE: listen bro DAVESPRITE: fucking CG: I TOTES CONSENT TO MARRYING YOU ROCKET PAPAYA BECAUSE I LOVE YOU DESU. DAVESPRITE: crow doves CG: OKAY, FIRST OFF, THAT IS NOT SOMETHING I HAVE EVER SAID. DAVESPRITE: and cake MS: ❥ y☼u said it just n☼ω, l☼☼k, it's right thεrε!!! CG: NO, THAT IS PRETTY OBVIOUSLY A THING THAT YOU SAID. MS: ❥ and y☼u said it in thε m☼st kaωaii shadε ☼f pink just t☼ imprεss mε!!! aωω❤ CG: YOU CAN MARRY YOURSELF, I GUESS. CG: THIS IS BASICALLY THE WORST POSSIBLE SHIP. DAVESPRITE: but then who would marry you CG: VRISKA, DUH. DAVESPRITE: what MS: ❥ y☼u t☼tεs said it karkat-kun❤ y☼u dεfs said y☼u'rε g☼nna marry mε❤ DAVESPRITE: i dont know what i was expecting DAVESPRITE: but def not spider8itch carcinoGeneticist [CG] joined chat. CG: MARRY THAT GUY INSTEAD. DAVESPRITE: and now youre here twice DAVESPRITE: congratulations MS: ❥ ☼mg s☼ many fiancεs!!! carcinoGeneticist [CG] is now ectoBiologist [EB]. CG: MORE LIKE SO MANY FINANCES. CG: BECAUSE WEDDINGS ARE HELL OF EXPENSIVE. DAVESPRITE: haha EB: no, karkat already has a fiance. CG: OH GREAT, NOW I'M JOHM. EB: it's actually me. DAVESPRITE: magic CG: JOHN, STOP. GO BACK TO BEING ME. CG: I NEED YOU TO MARRY THIS AWFUL PERSON. MS: ❥ its ☼kay, ωith my Quεεn ☼f All p☼ωεrs i can makε m☼nεy and ruin thε εc☼n☼my just f☼r ☼ur ωεdding!!! DAVESPRITE: become the karkat, john CG: WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. OBAMA? EB: no way, i like being me! DAVESPRITE: oh snap MS: ❥ i can βε ☼βana if i ωant t☼, ωith my p☼ωεrs❤ EB: shoosh karkat. i'll sneak you off somewhere. CG: YES, DO IT. CG: BE OBAMA. MS: ❥ ☼kiε d☼kεs!!! DAVESPRITE: what exactly even are these goddamn powers EB: and then we can get married so you don't have to marry obama. CG: AND THEN SHOW ME THE FUCKING BIRTH CERTIFICATE. majesticallySuperior [] is now Obama-kun []. DAVESPRITE: oh god why PRESIDENTDESU: ❥ hi im ☼βama dεsu!!! DAVESPRITE: obama senpai noooo carcinoGeneticist [CG] is now Donald Trump [DT]. DT: I got you, Obama. DT: I KNEW you were actually an alien. DAVESPRITE: oh snap PRESIDENTDESU: ❥ ☼mg trump chan st☼p it y☼u βaka ectoBiologist [EB] is now Romney-kun [RMONEY]. DT: You fell for it, you fool. anonymous [??] joined chat. DAVESPRITE: what the hell RMONEY: obama you baka DT: Silence, impertinent bird. DT: I will make a fucking toupee out of you. DAVESPRITE: bitch you did not just even PRESIDENTDESU: ❥ im an amεrican citizεn dεsu trump❤ ωε alrεady ωεnt thr☼ugh this❤ Romney-kun [RMONEY] disconnected. DT: No, you are from Kenya, or from space. DT: Space Kenya, maybe. DAVESPRITE: space kenya DAVESPRITE: do they have spaceys anonymous [??] disconnected. anonymous [??] joined chat. anonymous [??] disconnected. PRESIDENTDESU: ❥ i am fr☼m nεithεr ☼f th☼sε things βεcausε my Prεsidεnt ☼f All p☼ωεrs lεt mε rεtc☼n my tr☼llnεss and βε a fulltimε human❤ DAVESPRITE: what does that DAVESPRITE: what is even DAVESPRITE: how do i DT: That's just stupid. DT: You went too far, Space Obama. PRESIDENTDESU: ❥ it's n☼t stupid its kaωaii dεsu nε❤ DAVESPRITE: no man DAVESPRITE: you cant just become kawaii desu ne DAVESPRITE: like bro once said DAVESPRITE: you gotta be fucking born kawaii desu ne DT: Or, as I call it, born American. DT: I am glad you understand, Harvey Birdman. PRESIDENTDESU: ❥ i ωas β☼rn kaωaii dεsu nε!!! i am just a diffεrεnt kind ☼f kaωaii dεsu nε n☼ω❤ DAVESPRITE: okay i am at least eighty percent sure im not even an attorney DT: You are now. terminallyCapricious [TC] joined chat. DAVESPRITE: really DT: And now we have a clown, too. TC: . . . . DT: Now we can defeat Obama once and for all. PRESIDENTDESU: ❥ ☼mg n☼ a juggal☼ gεt it aωay dεsu❤ PRESIDENTDESU: ❥ hε's g☼ing t☼ stεal my prεsidεntialnεss❤ DAVESPRITE: juggalos are obamas weakness DT: We must combine. We must form Trumpobirdajugg. TC: I WaLkEd iN On tHe wOrK PaRtY, mOtHeR Of fUcK DAVESPRITE: is that like fucking voltron or whatever DT: Yes. The work party. DT: I like that. DT: It's like the Tea Party, but more down to earth. TC: I MiGhT As wElL FuCkInG StAy, It mIgHt bE FuN. DAVESPRITE: can we be the apple juice party instead DT: No. We can be the lemon juice party if you don't shut up and act more like a lawyer. DAVESPRITE: damn it DAVESPRITE: uh DAVESPRITE: objection DT: Because I swear to god i will slam HELLS of lemons into your eyes. DT: Yes! Yes. DT: Object harder! PRESIDENTDESU: ❥ ☼mg y☼u βakas arε s☼ mεan dεsu, trying t☼ gεt mε kickεd ☼ut ☼f ☼fficε❤ im g☼ing t☼ g☼ βack t☼ thε ωhitεh☼usε in a raincl☼ud aβ☼ut altεrnia ωith my tω☼ ya☼i lusii dads❤ TC: ObJeCtIoN TC: We nEeD FaYgO Obama-kun [] disconnected. DAVESPRITE: objection DAVESPRITE: faygo is shit DT: Faygo is garbage piss for asinine boy-men! TC: No iT MoThErFuCkIn iSnT DT: You are FIRED from your job as my Chief Clown. TC: No DT: Clean out your desk by noon. DAVESPRITE: when did he get a desk TC: I'Ll lEaVe yOu a sUrPrIsE ToO ThAt i fOuNd oUt oN ThE GoOgLe DT: He stole one. DAVESPRITE: do i get to steal a desk DT: Look, he's standing on it right now. TC: I StOlE NoThInG DT: What does a bird need with a desk. DAVESPRITE: objection DAVESPRITE: fuck you i want a desk DT: What, so you can poop on it? TC: No DT: I know your kind. DAVESPRITE: objetion DAVESPRITE: bitch TC: MaYbE It dEpEnDs DT: Okay, that's it, you are FIRED, mr. Sprite. DAVESPRITE: objection DAVESPRITE: no DAVESPRITE: youre fired TC: YoU CaNt oBjEcT EvErYtHiNg DT: Don't make me call security. TC: IlL Be sEcUrItY DAVESPRITE: objection fuck you i can object to everything DT: No, you're a retarded clown. TC: Im nOt a cLoWn DT: You are. You so completely are. DAVESPRITE: hes a juggalo TC: YoU GuYs aRe mOtHeRfUcKiNg iNsAnE DAVESPRITE: not as insane as the fact i dont get a goddamn desk DT: Ugh, you kids nowadays and your juggernauts and clownaloos and Kesh-ahs and Lady Babas. DAVESPRITE: what were any of those things TC: I HaVe nO IdEa TC: LeT'S JuSt sAy wE'Re aLl "StUcK ThIs wAy" DT: When I was young, we were lucky if Mick Jagger woke up from his drug-fuelled coma for long enough to write ONE song! DT: And we certainly didn't wear face paint about it! DAVESPRITE: what are you even TC: ShUt iT DoNaLd tRuMp DT: But now it's all about this "rapping" music, and clowns, and black people. DAVESPRITE: shut up man snoop dogg is black and a rapper and fuck you hes great TC: I HaTe nIgGeR MuSiC, nOt tHe pEoPlE, tHe sTyLe. UnLeSs i gO To tHrIfT ShOpS ThEn i'm mOtHeRfUcKiNg 'PiMpInG' DT: Snoopy is a cartoon dog, not a rap man! DAVESPRITE: not snoopy you senile gold digger TC: SnOoP DoG? TC: WhAt aBoUt mAcKlEmOrE? DAVESPRITE: who TC: He sAnG ThRiFsHoP DT: You are both meandering incompetents and I will not stand for this. Donald Trump [DT] disconnected. DAVESPRITE: hey DAVESPRITE: i am a meandering semi-competent thank you TC: I GuEsS ItS JuSt tHe tWo oF Us nIoW DAVESPRITE: indeed DAVESPRITE: so you end up getting any of that pisswater TC: No, WhY? DAVESPRITE: that douche didnt let me have apple juice and now im thirsty TC: HeRe *GiVeS ApPlE JuIcE* i bOuGhT SoMe yEsTeRdAy DAVESPRITE: *takes* oh my god DAVESPRITE: thank you you beautiful juggalo TC: *dRiNkS FaYgO* wHaTeVeR' DAVESPRITE: no man DAVESPRITE: i dont think you understand DAVESPRITE: how grateful i am TC: I GeT It DAVESPRITE: i love you gamzee DAVESPRITE: forever TC: :o) YoU OwE Me' DAVESPRITE: gotcha DAVESPRITE: now if youll excuse me TC: YoU'Re eXcUsEd fUcKeR DAVESPRITE: *sings "adele into the sunset* Davesprite [DAVESPRITE] disconnected. TC: FuCk.
Last edited: 26 February 2013

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