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I need to find a semi-literate(or literate) roleplay club on here ;~;Category: Roleplay.
Sunday, 20 January 2013
08:12:38 PM (GMT)
I seriously need to get a life...find a new roleplay club on here.

I mean, I'd love to create my own club, and what not, but I only have 9 Kupipoints.
(DANG IT. Must. Bring. Them. Up!)
So, for now I must settle with joining (hopefully) new clubs and getting into it.
I haven't roleplayed in a while.

I look for:
-Semi to Literate roleplayers who I KNOW I can keep up more than one paragraph with
in character.
-Can be based on anything (So long as it isn't about an anime/manga/show/movie/etc. I
like to be wild and free about it.
-CAN be explicit, but I tend to look away from that. Mild touching is a given, but I
like to keep it on the down-low unless I know you can handle it. 
-NEW clubs in the making. Meaning a fresh start, and hasn't been too active just yet.

I tend to like to use characters with pictures of real people; they always have
piercings, colored/teased hair, skinny jeans, so on, so forth. I tend to feel more
comfortable with such things because I can easily get into my element.
I also love doing gay couples, lesbian couples, straight couples, fantasy, human,
mix-of-both, etc, and I don't mind working into the plot. 

So, If you know of a new club, or you want to help me create one (I would eventually
have to trust your good judgement on making a club!), then I am more than willing to
answer your messages and/or comments.


I CAN willingly send you a sample of my roleplaying c: 

CoolerThanMe says:   20 January 2013   356678  
 This made my day. Really.
xHisSixBillionx says:   21 January 2013   916768  
Did it really? o:
CoolerThanMe says:   21 January 2013   348718  
Well, it made my, uh, yesterday.
But yes. c: 
This diary is perf. @xHisSixBillionx 
xHisSixBillionx says:   21 January 2013   355314  
Awww @CoolerThanMe thank you c: 
Means a lot! 
CoolerThanMe says:   21 January 2013   374219  
 Most of the roleplayers I find anymore are illiterate.
Finding a person who seeks literacy whilst roleplaying makes me happy.
* ~ * 
To be honest, I'd love to see a sample of your, uh, roleplaying
skills. c: @xHisSixBillionx 
xHisSixBillionx says :   22 January 2013   114005  
I will more than willingly type out a response for you so you can see
just how I tend to write, if you'd wish. It will be sent to your
inbox. Please excuse the fact that I'm a little rusty. It's been a
while since the last time I've actually written one!


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