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The Sky Realm [Chapter 1: Petsha]Category: Stories
Friday, 21 December 2012
12:54:59 AM (GMT)
I know you are all wondering how I-- a young, rather nondescript Necocian girl, of
considerably pedestrian appearance, and lacking of any remarkable quality-- came to
be permitted into the sky villa of a luminary.  While I'm sure it would indeed make a
fascinating story, I regret that it is yet too painful for me to disclose tonight. It
is still raw in my mind, and I know that the personal speculations of citizens are
sure to evolve into uncontrollably effervescent rumors before I know it, but as it
is, I see no way that my situation could be made any worse by the words of the common
citizens, so say what you will. 

Of course, the mere presence of a Necocian girl in a sky villa is no fantastic
occurrence.  But you can be certain that if you see one there, she is a talented
dancer, or singer, or exceptionally beautiful.  I am not.  Necocians that are desired
for their exotic, alluring beauty, or valued for unusual genetic traits, such as
white-tipped ears, are common in sky villas; they are entertainers or servants.  I am
not one of these girls.  I am Island-born, and barely distinguishable from countless
other Necocians.  
Some girls are genetically modified. They have eye colours like silver, gold, or
iridescent black, and hair that is sugary white, candy pink, or sapphire blue.  My
eyes are gunmetal grey, like many other Islanders, and my hair is black.  Like all
Necocians, I am smaller than an A'appella girl.  I'm average in every sense of the

And yet, incredibly, I found myself gazing out at the cityscape from the bubble-like
window of a sky villa.  The number of lights in the city was stunning.  Down there,
in the dark alleyways and shadowy streets, you'd never guess that there are so many
lights.  But seen from a sky villa, the city is a shimmering landscape of fallen
stars.  No-- brighter than stars, for the city lights make the real stars fade out of
visibility.  That sensation, of being so high above the earth, with nothing but a
thin dome of glass keeping me from a deadly fall into a beautiful, glittering ocean
of tiny lights, was mesmerizing. 

Leon of Ghypsy's Warfield was the luminary who brought me to the sky realm.  He gave
me an A'appella name; Petsha.  On the Island I had been known as Shai, and I would
have been called by my full name, Shaisoni, once I reached adulthood.  But that name
was taken from me, just as my family and my village and everything I'd ever known was
taken from me. 

Many nights, I would stand before the huge glass window, gazing at the vast city, and
feeling incredibly small.  Leon would come out of his bed chamber and stand behind
me, lifting my dress and exploring my body with his hands.  He told me strange
things, about how A'appella women have hair in places Necocians don't, and how this
was one of the reasons why so many A'appella men wanted Necocian girls for servants. 
I didn't always like his attention.  I was afraid of all A'appellas, because they
were tall and strong and gave Necocians no privacy, choices, or respect.  Leon scared
me most of all.  Alone at night in the great room, my heart would flutter in fear if
I heard a sound from behind his door.  Sometimes he would undress me and push me
against the giant window, so that I was trapped between his body and the sky.  It
amazed me that we could be naked right above everyone, yet so far away that no one
could see us.  When my face, chest, and stomach were freezing against the cold glass,
and the heat from his body was burning me from behind, I would try to breathe calmly,
try to focus on the beautiful city lights.  But it was impossible, with Leon above
me, moaning and breathing hard.  It always hurt.  He sometimes would talk to me,
saying dirty things that made my ears burn, while his hipbones were grinding against
mine, but I didn't listen.  I tried very hard not to care too much.

After several months of these nights, Leon lost interest in me.  He kept me around,
but didn't mind or notice if I wandered around the sky villa, out of his sight.  He
found two new girls, twins, genetic mods with silver hair and blue eyes who he named
Luvetica and Ariqua.  They followed him around like puppies and he kissed them and
cuddled them, something he had never done with me. 

Soon, I became aware that I was sick.  In the mornings I would wake early and go to
the washroom.  Leon's shower was not just one room, but a small labyrinth of brick
walls and fountains and shower heads.  The water ran into channels at the base of the
walls and drained away, and I crouched there each morning and vomited.  Live tropical
fish swam in a glass box above my head. 

Before long, I realized what my affliction was.  I was pregnant; a death sentence. 
Necocians who conceived an A'appella baby were killed.  Interbreeding between the
races was illegal.  This was why genetic mods were sterile.  

The sky villa became my prison.  I wore the loosest of dresses, trying to hide my
swelling body.  I spent most of my days hiding from Leon and the other luminaries in
the garden house or the library.  The other Necocian servants seemed to notice right
away what was wrong with me, but they kept quiet, and looked at me with silent pity.

I needed to escape the sky villa before Leon noticed my morning illness and stretch
marks.  The sky lift was accessible only to luminaries, which meant that servants
brought to the sky realm were completely trapped.
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‹Dadagamekingrules40› says:   21 December 2012   671326  
Great story! I will be expecting more chapters!
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   21 December 2012   727894  
‹stance› says:   21 December 2012   841404  
I like it. *thumbs up*
This is something I would continue reading.
I'm gonna read the next one. :p
serendipity29 says:   21 December 2012   860000  
This is a very nice chapter. The sensory details paint a picture, but
not enough that it is explicit you know. Your way to make words flow
and make sense even in a super complex storyline is amazing. I will be
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   21 December 2012   564302  

Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for so thank you, very much 
black_wing_angel says :   21 December 2012   743997  
i love this! i love it soo much! awesome job!

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