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Saturday, 10 November 2012
09:16:50 AM (GMT)
Getting rid of all my other characters except for Yao and Kiki. Here are my new ones. Name: Alice Kinsely Age: Sixteen Creature: Human Picture: Good or Evil: Good For or against nekos: For Other: Alice is a very clueless, smart but intelligant beautiful girl that just loves adventure. Fun and gaes would be her middle name, if only her parents were the same. Her mother was strict on what she was like twenty four seven hours a day, so she didn't get much freedome. Her father was a gentlemen, the caring most loyal person. But he was oftly gone nowadays so he didn't spend much time with his daughter causing a horrible relationship. At times Alice would venture off into the forest to find new things, hoping to meet new people. Name: Akatsuki Norstrum ( Dawn ) Age: Seventeen Creature: Inugumi Picture: Good or Evil: Neutral For or against nekos: For Other: Akatsuki is a very sarcastic and usually rowdied up person. He's very feminine and likes playing around with people despite their gender and doesn't take much care of those who are hurt or in pain. He might act like he cares, but he's just another one of those cold hearted inhumans who would only care for themselves. Name: Daichi and Akira Stanly Age: Eighteen Creature(s): Vampire Picture: Good or Evil: Both are good, in different ways. For or against nekos: For Other: Daichi is said to be 'intelligant' written in english from his Japanese nature. He's smart, cunning and doesn't give a rats butt about what other people think. He's a one-man sort of deal, although seen many times helping out his brother Akira-- who isn't the brightest at times. Daichi although difficult to talk to, will be quiet and will understand the moment, refraining from speaking at a wrong time. Thus, he makes a good person to hang around. Akira is a loud, obnoxious person in his own nice way. He cares for his brotherins and family, but gets hard to warm up to. He never got the love and attention he wanted as a child and now is being reflected on his bad submissive behavior. Despite his misgivings, there are times when he will do things in good return. Name: Fuyuki Kingston Age: Seventeen Creature: Incubus Picture: Good or Evil: Good For or against nekos: For Other: Fuyuki ( Snowy winter ) is a very loyal, quiet but extreme modest person who cares for only those who deserve it. He's usually seen sitting down with a book, hanging around Daichi or messing around with Akira who tends to get him in trouble. Fuyuki doesn't really care for the other gender as much and highly dislikes them touching him in any way, causing a dramatic change in his attitude when near them. Despite this, he tries his best not to hurt anyone else. Although, it is said by Daichi he was abused by both of his parents making him hard to get close to. Name: Ai Akahana Age: Sixteen Creature: Succubus Picture: Good or Evil: Evil For or against nekos: Doesn't care Other: Ai ( Love ) is a very natured, mature but sadistic person who levels onto herself. She doesn't care for others as much and as told to be one of the most cold-hearted and self-loathed person, saying that she even killed a man once. Slowly they rumoures spread and they all became true. Her story was different. She once was the sweetest kindest alive, but that just happened to be a little fake game to her. No body knew what a perfect beautiful girl she would become to prove them wrong, and the cursive nature embraced her, making her what 'evil' she is today. She dislikes cats very much and hates when people touch her, she doesn't get along with anybody and prefers to stay in closed spaces. Name: Hironori ( Wide faith ) Tsubaki Age: Eighteen Creature: Demon Picture: Good or Evil: Good For or against nekos: Doesn't care Other: Hiro is a very generous, loyal, smart and extreme boy. He takes life the 'high way' and does what he does best. He might not care as much of others who he just met and likes, but when he opens up, he becomes the brighter person. Although his misgivings and being clumsy a lot, he's respectful and mature and takes things the right way. He's not the type to be perverted or insecure, so it seems normally he's a bit emotional to others. He's a good friend of Daichi and Akira. Name: Amami ( Beautiful Sky ) Anju ( Grace ) Age: Sixteen Creature: Kitsune Picture: Good or Evil: Good For or against nekos: For Other: Amami is bright, fearless, brace, considerate, loyal, generous, lovely, graceful, intelligant, smart, caring, and a lot of wonderful things. She works at a shrine near the main cat gods and goddeses are, appearing to take a form of a kitsune/okami at times. She loves children, she's very light weighted and loves to help around with cleaning or with others. She gives great advice, though at times her countless moments of forgetfulness cause her some grief and struck trouble. Despite all of this she's a great overall person. Loved by all around the villiages, she takes the great honor of her ancestors. She hangs around with Akira. Name: Hana ( Flower ) Hisae ( Eternal blessing ) Age: Sixteen Creature: Demon Picture: Good or Evil: Neutral For or against nekos: Against Other: Hana-- despite her beutiful name-- is a very distant, cold but experimental person who enjoysthings most people call 'weird'. She's very sarcastic, prempt, and all around ditzy and cheerful. Bipolar, some would say. One moment cheerful and over excited, and the next moment- one word could set her off and she'd change completely! She's a dear friend of Amami, she helps work at the Shrne, although does nothing but lay around all day. Name: Kuro Anju Age: Eighteen Creature: Demon Picture: Good or Evil: Depends For or against nekos: For Other: Kuro Anju is the brother of Amami, although different in many ways. He likes to fool around and lay around all day with nothing to do, normally messing or fighting with Akira who he likes to tease a lot. He likes animals and such, but hates meeting new people. Being touched is a no-no for him, it's the main reason why he has trouble coping with Akira in the first place. Despite this, his weakpoint is his little sister Anju who he will die for her if in the means. Name: Rose Valenteen Age: Seventeen Creature: Demon Picture: Good or Evil: Good For or against nekos: Against Other: N/A Name: Jun ( Truthful ) Kaede ( Maple ) Age: Seventeen Creature: Vampire Picture: Good or Evil: Good For or against nekos: For Other: Jun has almost been asleep for thousands of years, but takes usually a while for him to wake up, finally decide to come and play, help with Amami at the shrine, and hang out with Diachi when he's done with his nap. Name: Mao Naoya Age: Seventeen Creature: Shrine protector Picture: Good or Evil: Good For or against nekos: For Other: Mao helps around with Amami when she needs help taking care of the shrine, and has always lived in the large marble stone of the large kitsune fox at the top of the Maiden Shrine. He likes to hang around Daichi and is usually found running around in the forest looking for cats or animals to save. He can see and help spirits that need help, can hear animals talk. Name: Sora Taiga Age: Eighteen Creature: Vampire Picture: Good or Evil: Good For or against nekos: For Other: Sora works at the Shrine with Amami and is the one that invites or finds people to pay their respects and enter the Shrine. He likes to sell out home-made products he makes with his skillful methods that are secret. He is a sincere friend of Diachi.

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