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Two novels done, what's next?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 15 August 2012
10:08:29 PM (GMT)
My first book was Noble Intentions, which was done shortly before I turned sixteen.
Recently I finished my second book, Puzzled, on the day of my seventeenth birthday,
but before I technically turned seventeen. (I was born after 6am, and finished the
draft at like 5:59am. Cutting it close, I know.)

So now it's time to outline my third book!

Actually, what it's really time for is saving up enough money to print out
the first two so that I can begin revising them. As a consequence of writing so fast,
you can imagine both need a lot of work. There are scenes and characters that need to
be written out of both. NI actually has a scene or two that need to be added
in, as well. There's also a couple subplots to emphasis or de-emphasis in
Ignoring ^that^, because printing is actually very expensive...

I have an outline that I started last year because I almost used it for my second
book instead of Puzzled. Upon rereading the outline, it's actually almost completely
done, which was a surprise to me, and do I really want to be one of those writers who
just sits on good ideas for years at a time?

The only other consideration I have is that both my first two books and this new
story are set not just in the same world, but also the same country. The new one
takes place before any of the characters are born and centers around completely
different events, but still. Maybe I've had enough of Shank, you know? Maybe it'd be
healthy to take a break.

And I do have a plot outline kicking around for a story that would be set in a
different country. One where I'd be aloud to end names with vowels, and people live
longer so my characters could feasibly be adults, and where it isn't a patriarchy, so
some of the main characters could actually be female without me sacrificing internal
consistency.  (Actually, I have two plots set in that world, but one is much more
polished than the other.)

Oh! And! Speaking of the inconvenience of names ending in consonants!

The one big flaw I found in the outline I had worked out is that two characters I
wanted to include turned out to have rhyming names, and I didn't notice at the time.
It'll be my first time making romance an actual plot element in a story, so I don't
want to mess it up by having names that make it seem like they're sisters. 

So if you want to comment a name that is not used by an actual country or
culture, which also sounds distinctly feminine, and doesn't end with a vowel (or
vowel sound), please do!

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   15 August 2012   450392  
"Do I really want to be one of those writers who
just sits on good ideas for years at a time?"
Oh jeez that sounds like me. D:

I'm sad that I haven't read your stories yet, but I bet they're really
And sorry, I am totally bad with names. I usually use name generators.
Kirti says:   15 August 2012   223182  
Sorry! That wasn't directed at anyone, that's just a cause of
frustration for a lot of writers I know.

The books are too long for Kupika, honest they are. I suppose I could
add some of the short stories I've written, though, if you really want
to. I have a couple that are done and set my book's world.

Also, if you could recommend me a name generator, that'd be awesome
;-; I could alter them if necessary, but they'd give a starting point,
and that's what's important. 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   15 August 2012   140440  
I know it wasn't directed at anybody, but I still read it and was like
"Oh crap, that sounds like what I have!"

Well, I suppose you could e-mail them to me if you so wished.
This one is a pretty diverse one. Not sure if it'll work for you, but
give 'er a go. 
Kirti says:   15 August 2012   432317  
It let me select "consonant heavy names". What more could I ask for?
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   15 August 2012   903803  
Lol, I tend to act that way to it too. So useful lol 
‹-赤い激怒-› says:   17 August 2012   616783  
Is that the one with the doves by any chance, that you're looking for
names for? I don't recall names being mentioned at the time you gave
them to me...

is totally not distinctly feminine...
Nuj? Wenur? Gal? Lol. If you put in Gal that'd be funny enough to fawn
Kirti says:   19 August 2012   556450  
The finch story? Gods no, that is destined to be a really depressing
short story, I couldn't write that into a whole book. (Besides, that
would be set in Shank.)

It's one of the other stories I told you about, with the attendant
going off to find his sister, and helping a freed slave, who
coincidentally later meets the sister and recommends she go work in
the castle, so the sister meets the princess, who then mistakes the
sister for the attendant, who then comes back.
The other story I don't think I've told you about yet, but it's also
in Tandere.

Nem and Gal I rather like. "Wenur" reminds me of "wiener" though, and
wieners aren't very feminine xD 
‹-赤い激怒-› says:   21 August 2012   969348  
I'm me and I didn't think of the Weiner thing

Also I just noticed Nem is Men backwards
and Gal is Lag backwards
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   10 September 2012   553972  
"Do I really want to be one of those writers who
just sits on good ideas for years at a time?" Sounds Like Something I
Can Never Do, Unless It's A Good Idea...In Which I Leave It In A
Corner ;___; With Like 15 Chapters. Sigh. 
Hey Kirti, Ever Thought At Looking At Your Character's Culture's
Names? (Unless You're Making Your Own Country And Culture Again) I Do
That Sometimes. Find A Greek Girl Or Guy Name That Sounds Cool And Has
A Meaning That Goes Along With My Character And Use That. 
Kirti says:   11 September 2012   683031  
Yes, it is another invented culture. Same world as the first two,
different country. But, the lack of restrictions on vowels should help
with naming; the biggest challenge might be making sure they don't
sound Shankii. xD 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   15 September 2012   715561  
Ahh I See, Well Have Fun With That! 


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