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Muscle man and Benson <3Category: (general)
Monday, 2 July 2012
05:29:49 AM (GMT)

1. [] You're good at making friends
2. [x] You have a hard time asking out your crush 
3. [x] You like strange sounding music
4. [ ] You consider yourself smarter than your friends
5. [x] You've taken classes in art and still suck
6. [] You're often full of good ideas
7. [] You're good at videogames
8. [] You often pick on/tease your friends  
9. [x] You try to be honest most of the time
10. [x] You believe you're good with everyone's romantic situation but your own
11. [x] You've hit one of your friends 
12. [] You want to be a trendsetter
13. [] You tell people when they're being annoying
14. [x] You have friends you don't hang out with anymore close by
15. [] You're very good at understanding sexual innuendos 

Total: 7


1. [] You lie most of the time
2. [x] You don't clean your room often
3. [] You'd rather sleep on a mess than clean/make your bed
4. [] You're persuasive
5. [] You don't get along with one or more of your siblings
6. [x] You eat/drink things other people find disgusting
7. [x] Scary Movies give you nightmares
8. [] You don't consider yourself to be very responsible
9. [x] You take things that aren't yours (Pencils...and stuff))
10.[x] You aren't very good at videogames
11. [x] You've found something cool in the trash and kept it
12. [x] You can often be selfish
13. [x] You like junkfood a lot
14. [x] You hate it when someone copies you
15. [x] You don't like sharing your best friend 

Total: 10


1. [x] You're angry most of the time
2. [] You're prone to loud outbursts if upsetted
3. [] You're destructive when angry
4. [x] You can hate your job (chores/work/school/etc) 
5. [x] You have a limited amount of friends
6. [x] You've had a loved one/friend pass away
7. [x] You've been dumped
8. [x] You try not to let people push you around
9. [x] You like to be bossy
10. [x] You keep things for years because of their sentimental value
11. [] You're found to be very attractive 
12. [x] You hardly relax
13. [] When you do relax you can often take it too far
14. [x] People have confused your gender
15. [x] You have trouble sleeping

Total: 11


1. [] You're often very happy 
2. [] You're new to the place you live
3. [] You censor your swears/curses
4. [] You let curiosity control your actions
5. [] You have a very feminine personality
6. [x] You're imaginative but lack originality
7. [x] You're  easily saddened or very emotionally sensitive
8. [] You often behave spoiled
9. [] You're missing a parent 
10. [] You're easily excitable
11. [x] You appreciate old fashioned things
12. [x] You'll do anything for your friends
13. [] You're very good at baking
14. [x] You'd rather listen to music than watch TV 
15. [x] You aren't very bright

Total: 6


1. [x] You're good with advice
2. [x] You're easily annoyed
3. [ ] You force people to do the right thing
4. [x] You aren't very social
5. [x] You have at least one frenemy
6. [ ] You're good at following rules
7. [] You aren't afraid to break the rules when given a chance
8. [x] You keep many secrets
9. [x] You skip  
10. [x] You can be very indifferent
11. [x] Physical contact bothers you
12. [ ] You can be a Know-It-All
13. [] You're very helpful to those around you
14. [] You're strong physically 
15. [] You're strong mentally 

Total: 8

*Muscle Man:

1. [x] You do bad things, but hardly get in trouble for it
2. [x] You've been told you aren't funny
3. [x] You've been told by a friend you're mean/gross/jerk/etc 
4. [ ] You laugh at your own jokes
5. [x] You've cried over a break up
6. [x] Your sense of humor is unique/unusual
7. [x] You're repetitive
8. [ ] You're offended by "Your Mom" jokes, even if it's made by a friend
9. [x] You're rude about your own mother 
10. [] You spend too much time on the computer
11. [x] You can be full of yourself 
12. [x] People call you by a nickname 
13. [x] You're trusted with things you don't deserve
14. [ ] You hit on girls/guys even if you're already in a relationship
15. [x] You only have one real friend

Total: 11

*High Five Ghost:

1. [x] You're a loyal friend
2. [ ] You very quiet/don't talk very  much
3. [ ] You can easily live with one of your friends
4. [x] You highfive your friends a lot
5. [ ] You're an amputee 

Total: 2 


1. [ ] Finding a date is easy for you
2. [x] You've had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend
3. [x] You think guys/girls are jerks
4. [] You dress the way you want
5. [] You know one of your friends has a crush on you

Total: 2 


1. [x] You wear glasses
2. [x] You have lots of weird skills
3. [] You're very shy and timid 
4. [x] You like someone who doesn't like you back
5. [x] You get lost a lot

Total: 4
Last edited: 2 July 2012

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