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...dont judge meCategory: trollmegle
Wednesday, 13 June 2012
11:56:41 PM (GMT)
▼: hey there
▲: oh gog.
▼: oh hey sol wwhat brings you here
▲: beiing ab2olutely bored wiithout any other form of fiixiing that
▼: sounds like somthin i could help wwith
▼: if you knoww wwhat i mean
▲: oh gog.
▲: have you no 2hame?
▼: some i guess but i dont really think it matters any
▼: wwhy do i bother you too
▲: apparently there ii2 no end two your attemtp2 two
▲: do anythiing even after you faiil mii2erably
▼: i dont fail sol im merely doing things my own wway
▲: your way obviiou2ly doe2nt get you what you want
▼: then howw you wwant me to do it sol
▲: anyway iin whiich ii am not bothered by you.
▼: thats cold sol evven for a piss blooded poser
▲: po2er?
▲: weak.
▼: oh so you wwant me to try anbinsult you harder that sounds like your comin on to
me sol
▲: you cant iin2ult someone harder.
▲: ju2t better.
▲: and ii would never come on two you.
▲: that would be gro22 and a wa2te of my tiime iin whiich ii could be u2iing two do
better thiing2 wiith.
▼: i mean its not completely ridiculous an it could be fun maybe
▲: eriidan
▲: iit wiill never happen
▼: i nevver said it wwould i wwouldnt evven think of anythin like that wwith
someone so loww
▲: and the thought of that would never even cro22 my miind wiith a 2tuck up
2eadweller liike you
▼: im not stuck up im just tellin the truth someone as high as me on the
hemospectrum only deserves the best
▲: you al2o have a horriid 2en2e of 2tyle
▲: and who giive2 a grub2auce gargliing FUCK about how hiigh on the hemo2pectrum
you are
▲: youre 2tiill a 2eadweller
▼: im fuckin royalty sol you really should think better of me than you do
▼: and a lot of people respect blood cast
▼: like equ
▲: no ii 2houldnt.
▲: my thought2 are perfectly fiine and content where they are.
▲: al2o equiiu2 ii2 a 2weaty freak
▲: he doe2nt matter two me anyway
▼: he did get your girl
▼: just pointin that out
▲: fuck you.
▲: actually no,
▲: youd liike that.
▼: you havve no prof of that
▼: also you cant fight the truth
▼: hes ovvously better than you in some freaky wway
▲: ju2t becau2e he got aa doe2nt mean that he2 better than me
▲: iin any way
▲: at all.
▲: and ofcour2e you would liike it.
▼: you must be kinda lonely since shes been gone
▼: and howw are you deallin wwith that
▲: iim not lonely
▲: ii am perfectly fiine
▲: 2peakiing of lonely,
▲: you have two be.
▲: gettiing rejected all the tiime.
▼: not as much as evveryone seems to think tho i mean i might not havve the best
▼: but your talkin to me
▲: ii am only 2ufferiing through thii2 conver2atiion wiith you two get riid of my
extreme boredom.
▲: dont get exciited.
▼: really dont you havve some coding to do and isnt kar the one you normally bag
▼: admit it
▼: you wwant to talk to me right noww
▲: ii fiinii2hed all of my codiing earliier becau2e iim 2o fuckiing amaziing
▲: ii have a hiigher tolerance for kk
▲: but he ii2 bu2y at the moment.
▼: and you come crawwling to me then
▼: i like that im just so close
▲: dont thiink ii havent triied conver2iing wiith anyone el2e
▲: becau2e ii hve
▲: have
▲: they all have diifferent rea2on2 two not per2ue conver2atiion2 at the moment.
▲: you are the ab2olute la2t one ii triied.
▲: 2o here we are.
▼: and ivve taken the time out of my busy schedule you pleasure you wwith my text
▼: you should be honored
▲: ye2,
▲: pretend youre bu2y and talk two me two attempt two make me feel honored.
▲: im on my knee2 eriidan.
▲: iim 2o 2peciial.
▲: dont thiink 2o.
▲: what next?
▲: gonna pretend youre not gettiing any and attempt two fiill a paiil wiith me?
▲: oh waiit
▲: dont gotta pretend.

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