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Saturday, 2 June 2012
03:46:18 AM (GMT)
(Mass Effect Roleplaying With DieTahServeXSe7en on IMVU #1, continued)
EvanescentWeb: Human, huh? How about Battle Tits? James: Who is that? Web: -She
smirks- No one
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he leans against the wall and crosses his arms- Nah. I'm not into
women that dress as skanks for views.
EvanescentWeb: -She bursts out laughing while James stands there looking confused-
DieTahServeXSe7en: Yeah sorry James.. Inside joke...
EvanescentWeb: -He nods, still confused.- Web: Well, you could always go for Chakwas.
-She smirks-
DieTahServeXSe7en: Please. That woman. She'd have me so drunk I wouldn't even
remember anything.
EvanescentWeb: -She pouts- Awww, the poor woman needs some love. -James shakes his
head- That is so wrong.... -She turns and sticks a finger in his face- She was young
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he shakes- Don't put images of what she may or may not have done
in her youth in my head.
EvanescentWeb: -She bursts out laughing again and James shakes his head once again-
Well how about one of the crew members that I don't pay attention to?
DieTahServeXSe7en: I don't pay attention to them either. -shrugs- All I know is they
salute my ass as I walk by.
DieTahServeXSe7en: And stare... to much.
DieTahServeXSe7en: too*
EvanescentWeb: -She covers her mouth, giggling behind it so much that tears were
coming to her eyes. James smiled in amusement at seeing his commander laugh so much,
then raises an eyebrow- Well how about Lola? -She stops laughing and gasps, hitting
him on his too-big-to-be-real bicep- What!
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he chuckles- I don't think she's up for that. -smirks-
EvanescentWeb: -She inches away dramatically- Why are you grinning me like that?
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he shrugs and shifts his wait to his other foot looking at her-
EvanescentWeb: -She looks at you warily-
DieTahServeXSe7en: What makes you think I should aim my crosshairs to her James? -he
turns his head so to him raising a brow plate-
EvanescentWeb: -She crosses her arms and turns to James- Yeah, what makes you think I
should give up my sexy baby who calibrates so..good... -She sighs and grins. James
shakes his head- James: It's not like Vakarian has to know.
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he shakes his head- I don't roll that way James. Remember that
talk we had... that drunken night... -clears his throat- The personal one....
EvanescentWeb: -She looks between him and James, raising an eyebrow. James nods
silently as though keeping a secret-
DieTahServeXSe7en: Right... well... -he rubs the back of his head-
EvanescentWeb: -She looks at James, grinning- About that Vakarian doesn't have to
know thing.... -James looks to her confused, then widens his eyes after a moment-
Whoa, Lola, don't be joking with me right now..
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he raises a brow plate-
EvanescentWeb: -She runs a hand up James's arm- Would I joke about this, Vega? -He
stammers nervously- I, uh, well, you know...
EvanescentWeb: -She looks to you, grinning- I think I'll be busy the rest of the
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he walks back to the desk and takes out a book- Right then.
EvanescentWeb: -She looks at James, grinning again, then grabs his hand and they
leave for the elevator-
EvanescentWeb: (x'D And that's my way of saying I gotta go to bed. Bahahahaha)
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he shifts to drell and begins to look through notes- (alrighty.
Last edited: 2 June 2012

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