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Rape story for rape_me. C;Category: Sex,sex,sex
Friday, 9 March 2012
06:09:15 PM (GMT)
This story is based on sex, rape and bondage. If you don't like it don't read it c;
righters get wet 

He saw her and he knew he wanted to fuck her, the way she swayed her hips he knew she
was begging for it. He waited until she got home from work, he had been watching her
for weeks and he knew that she lived alone and diddnt had any dogs. He crept into the
open window as she got in the shower. He tiptoed into her room and smilied as he
started getting his things out, bring the slut he was sure she was she would love all
of it. He heard the water go off and he smilied as he notices her clothes on the bed,
good shed come out naked. He smilied as he heard her walking out, he walked closer to
the door and smilied at her, "Hey you little slut, are you ready to get dirty you
little whore?" he asks as she stares at him wide eyed and covering herself with a
towel. He smirks and grabs her, kissing her forcefully on the mouth as he starts to
drag her into the bedroom. She starts resisting and screaming, So he gags her with a
pair of her used Underware and ties her up to the bed, "Taste your old pussy juices
bitch." he says as he ties up her legs and looks over her naked, wet body. He started
with her neck, kissing down it and going her a few hickies as he sucked his way to
her breasts. He went to one of her nipples, and started sucking on it to get it hard.
As soon as it was hard enough he bit it, while he started pinchin away at the other
one. She made noises of protest that only made him want her more. He smilied and
continued with his mouth as his hand went down to her pussy. "Ohh your wet you little
whore, I bet you love this don't you?" he asked as he rammed a finger inside of her.
She squealed but he diddnt mind he kept licking and biting at her nipples. When he
was horny enough he stripped off his pants and boxers and sat above her, "ok you
little whore, I'm going to fuck you know. But your going to like it because your a
little slut." he said as she looked up at him with wide eyes. He positned his dock
Inbetween her pussy lips and started rubbig It up and down and finally rammed it into
her. He fucked her hard and mercilessly, plowing his dick into her, and yelled things
at her, tellin her she was a little whore and his little bitch slut. He wouldn't let
her cum when he knew she was close, teasing her and rubbing her clit till she was
almost there. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and came all over her wet body.
He smirked as he untied her and threw two dollera at her, "It's for beig a little
whore." he said as he walked out of her house 

Wow that one kinda made me horny c; anywho I hope you liked it!
Last edited: 29 July 2012

rape_me says:   10 March 2012   854939  
Fuck yes! I love it(;
‹AubreeRose› says :   10 March 2012   335254  
Thanks! I enjoyed writing it! :D 

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