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Sex story: Softcore bondage.Category: Sex,sex,sex
Friday, 9 March 2012
04:40:35 PM (GMT)
So this is for Triniboii c;

John wanted to try something new with his girlfriend Kat, and he knew he found just
what he was looking for in the sex shop. He was going home with a few pairs of
handcuffs, a new blindfold and some vibrators. John went home to prepare for his
special night with Kat, setting things up when she walked into the apartment. John
smilied and walked up to her, "Do I have a suprise for you tonight or what?" he asked
as he gave her a seductive smile and walked towards her. His mouth found hers, and
his hands roamed across her supple, firm body. He led her to the bedroom, removing
her clothes from her body. "What suprise would this be?" she asked as they made it to
the room. He diddnt answer him and he fully undressed her and laid her down on the
bed and missed her deeply, his hands going to her brests and playing around her
nipples. He stopped kissing her and looked at her, as he pulled a scarf from his
pocket and tied it around her eyes. She giggled as he moved her and cuffed her to the
bed posts, "I think I like this suprise..." she said giddy as he moved between her
legs, holding them apart. "mmm good." John said as he kissed her on the lips and
moved down her neck until he made it to her supple brests, licking its around the
nipple, but never fully licking or sucking it. He was teasing her purposely, knowing
she couldn't do anything about it. Finally he gave in, suckin on one nipple as his
finger tickled at the other one. He smilied gently as his tounge flicked st her
nipple and her moans filled the room. He stopped with his mouth so that both his
Fingers could do the work. Eventually stopped as her breathing came quicker and
quicker, he kissed down her stomach, licking down to her pussy. He gently slid a
finger up and down her slit feeling how wet she was, "Mm it seems that you enjoy
this, your awfully wet." he purred as he gently started running her clit, she was
getting impatient with his teasing and started begging him to fuck her, well who was
John to deny her? He smilied as he got back on top of her and gently slid his cock up
and down her slit, he loved teasing her until she begged. "Oh John... Please fuck
me." she moaned out, he diddnt need any more. He ran his cock into her, deep inside
her pussy, pulling himself closer to her. Her breasts rubbed against his chest, her
nipples rubbing against him as he started thrusting his cock into her wet pussy. Her
moans filled the room and his grunts mixed with them as they were both brought closer
to climax. He stopped before she came, and before he did as well, prolonging it as
log as he could. He rubbed her clit Inbetween stopping and fucking her. He teases her
as long as he could until he had to continue fucking her, she wrapped her legs around
him and started moving with him as they came with eAchother, their moans and grunts
filling the room as they collapsed onto eAchother.

Not sure if it's very good, if you want me to do it over I can c;
Remeber, stay horny. (;
Last edited: 29 July 2012

Triniboii says:   10 March 2012   531500  
Hehe That Was Great, Definitely Kept Me Horny ;x
‹AubreeRose› says:   10 March 2012   534227  
Aww thanks c: I try 
‹Faye Amaris Enid› says :   28 July 2013   965296  
You're pretty damn good at this. You should be one of those author
that compiles a book full of erotic short stories.

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