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Dying, Dying, Dead - Chapter 4Category: Stories
Sunday, 15 January 2012
03:05:35 AM (GMT)
Dying, Dying, Dead
Chapter Four: Jenna Hamilton

She'd thought the whole thing was stupid. Why didn't she listen to Meghan?

As she walked home the Monday after the game began, she felt the need to talk to Meg.
At 22nd Street, she crossed to Sheetner Avenue and began to head to Meghan's house.
Jenna knew Meghan was the only friend she had now. If she admitted to the rest of
them that she was scared, they'd laugh at her. What if she was next to be killed,
just like Alissa was?

When she arrived at Meghan's house, she felt a bit nervous. If her mother found out
where she was, she would be grounded. Yet, if this was a way to save her life, she
had to do it.

Once at the door, Jenna knocked. Meg's little brother, Ambrose, answered.

"Is Meghan home?"

"Yeah. Who are you?" he glared.

"Jenna. From school," she replied patiently.

"Wait here." Jenna waited as Ambrose ran up the stairs. He came back down a few
seconds later. "She's upstairs. The first door on the left."

Jenna ascended the staircase. She could hear "Teardrops on My Guitar" coming from the
room. "Meghan?"

Meghan looked up. "Oh, hey Jenna."

Jenna walked in. "Good song."

"Thanks. It's my favorite one," she smiled. "Um, did you need something?"

"Actually, yes. I think you're right about this game. It's dangerous. I'm scared. I
wished I listened to you and never joined," she said, feeling tears came to her

"Jenna!" Meghan rushed from her seat on her bed to Jenna. She led her friend back to
the bed. The two sat down. "It's going to be ok. You're going to be ok."

Jenna shook her head. "No, I'm not. I'm going to be killed by some crazy murderer all
because I believe in some stupid game!"

"Jenna! Calm down! You'll be fine. Anyway, won't your mom get mad if you're not

"Yeah, she will," Jenna sighed.

"I'll give you a ride," Meghan offered.

Once they arrived at Jenna's house, Jenna said, "Thanks for the ride, Meg."

"Sure thing," Meghan smiled. "See you tomorrow."

Jenna got out of the car and walked up to her door. Once it was unlocked, she stepped
into the house. It was quiet, so Jenna called, "Mom?" Walking further into the house,
she saw the answering machine blinking. She pressed the play button and hear her
mother's voice.

"Jenna , honey, I'm working a little later than expected tonight. I'll be home around
8:30. We have leftovers for supper. Stay off the phone and do your homework. I'll see
you tonight. I love you."

Jenna groaned. "Man, I'm going to be so bored! I'm going to be dying, dying-," She
turned around and gasped.

The person standing there all in black smiled and, in a deep voice, said "Dead."

It was 9:07 when Mrs. Hamilton arrived home. The door was wide open and the smell of
something gross was alive in the air.

"Jenna?" Ms. Hamilton called. She turned the corner to find…

"Oh my God! Jenna! No, my baby!"

Jenna was lying on the floor, with her eyes wide open, her own blood surrounding her.
The thing that made her mother's stomach churn was her head, her hands, and her feet
were separate from her body.

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