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Wednesday, 21 December 2011
10:15:20 PM (GMT)
The whole idea of posers seems to keep coming up again and again and again, everyone
is calling everyone else a poser and people are posers because of this or that well,
honestly this is my opinion on the whole thing and some people are going to be very
A poser to me is first, anyone who dresses/acts a certain way just to fit in or to
make people think they're a certain way. But that's not the only type of poser,
though that is the most basic and probably most accepted idea of what a poser is, the
next two will piss people off:

1. A poser is anyone who doesn't live the lifestyle of the particular subculture
they're "in". For example, how are you goth (you're supposed to be outsider and
reject society's norms and be dark and intelligent) when you're the biggest Twilight,
True Blood and MTv fan in the world. You're a mainstream-society whore, how are you
goth? Dressing a certain way, I feel doesn't cut it. I feel like it's a mentally (not
that I think all goths are smart and dark and unhappy) but I feel like the mental
state is there first and everything else follows and the lifestyle you live is a
product of everything together. The same goes for emo and scene and even preppy and
all that. You're not a jock if you don't play sports or don't like sports, wearing a
jersey and looking at jocks online or talking to them or saying you are doesn't make
you one. Most people just dress the part and don't follow the lifestyle, or they
dress it and live it but it's just not in their personality, its obviously not them,
it doesn't fit. 

2. As far as alternative subcultures, I feel like you have to have had strife in your
life. Like, it melds with the first reason, but I feel like if you're just some rich
kid who never got enough attention and now you're bitter- no. You are not emo.
Attention, really? I feel like that's a modern, wealthy-country reason to pout and
whine. My parents were almost never around and I don't give a fuck, that hasn't
defined me and doesn't make me hurt. If you've never felt pain or injustice or
poverty or true sadness (and I am not talking relative dying because EVERYONE deals
with that) or you've never gone through a rebellious phase, I feel like you just like
it. Like you respect that subculture and think it's cool, but you're still a

Some people are born weird, they just are, it's just their personality and it's
always been there and they're fascinated by x or y and because they are they dress a
certain way or act a certain way or whatever. Some people go through strife and
become a little weird and some people are just outsiders and they're sick of trying
to get in. THOSE are real alternative kids. They've chosen to live an alternative
lifestyle, everything else is just a phase or a fad. 

I had a friend who was short and adorable and bouncy and we wore uniforms to school
then and she was definitely different, I had a friend who people swore worshiped the
devil and he was just naturally pale with dark hair and wore sarcastic black t-shirts
(though he did chant weird shit just to freak them out lol) but they weren't going
out of their way to be different they just were and they didn't even dress how they
wanted. It was just engraved, it was real. I wish more people were. 

Unless a revolution hits, it'll never matter though. So be a poser, most people are

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