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Sera, Shiki, and Eichiro?
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Who made the cut in the TLO cast?Category: The Little Orphan
Sunday, 30 October 2011
10:04:27 PM (GMT)
I just went through the list of TLO characters created by others, and I'm sorry if I
veto'ed a character you created, but there really WERE too many characters. I cut the
list in about half. I'll make a new page for characters when I redesign them all to
prevent copywrite issues.

If any memory is lost on these characters, you can check their last updates
backgrounds here:

Mana Futabatei - Remains as the main protagonist of the story. Her personality
has changed to being open and kind to having developed a thick skin, a tough exterior
which hides a naive hope to get away from it all, and added some New York sarcasm.
Sera Adachi - Remains a main supporting character. Her personality has
changed, so while she's still a grade-A student and fairly popular in her grade, she
has a certain sense of cynicism and is a bit of a fraidy-cat. 
Shiki Tsukimiya - Remains a main supporting character. She remains pretty
close to her original write. She's still bubbly and hopeful, almost forcefully so,
but inside, she's very insecure, and naive.
Eichiro Kitoji - Remains a secondary protagonist, verging of having the same
significance as Mana. He remains as elusive as ever, but is also very quiet and
collected, except when pushed to extremes. He remains very kind deep down, but
despite that, he is generally disliked as the ruler of the Other World.
(Seriously, I need a better name for it.) I'm changing this part. Making him the
Prince of everything is a wee bit cliché. He is now a Lord, available for the
Muskinatu Funiamoon - Downgraded to a minor character, but verges on a
supporting character due to her ties to Eichiro.
Ato Dakyi - Downgraded to a minor character. His name was changed slightly,
and only has a minor role in the world of things.
Kiri Shimoto - Downgraded to a minor character. Is part of the same minor role
that Ato is.
Kiyomi Akatsuki -  Downgraded to a minor character. Decided to turn her from
being a "half-mute" to just being a full mute.
Yukinia Futabatei - Remains a minor character, in the same vein as her
Fishi & Hiki - Remain minor characters, with some possible expositional
Shikuro Yuki - Remains the main antagonist. May or may not add a twist or two.
He remains a very ominous character throughout the books, mostly being mentioned in
words only, and hiding anything personal about him.
Naomi Mige - Upgraded to a supporting antagonist. She pretty much stays the
same as before; a creepy girl with incredible powers which only work when she's in
the labyrinths under the world.
Naono Tushigara - Upgraded to a supporting antagonist. (You like, Kirti?) He
starts off as a spoiled brat,and  a bullying victim, with a tough skin and a foul
mouth of his own. This later drives him to work for Shikuro, who takes him under his
Hatsue Yuki & Chitose Baisotei - Upgraded to secondary antagonists. Their
purpose in the story is unclear now, but don't worry; I've got plans for them.
The Dark Note - Downgraded to a minor antagonist. She basically becomes a
ruthless pirate/bandit, coming from the very elusive race of angel-like creatures
called Péyane.
Arachna - Upgraded to a supporting antagonist. Her name is rather overused for
spider queens so she'll probably get renamed. Don't worry, she's still a nutcase.
Gregordo - Downgraded to a minor antagonist. He changes from a criminal to a
ruthless lord, in control of Solem, a poor run-down town in the southern part of the
Taheiji - Upgraded to a secondary character. Often, he is considered in the
same vein as Eichiro, since the two are so close as it is. He remains as quiet as
Eichiro, but also strides with a certain nobility and pride, but often wonders if
he's a mis-formed creature for being a mix of a dragon, a tiger, and an elk.
Takehide & Sukitanu - Downgraded to minor antagonists, most to the Muskinatu
character. While Sukitanu has never been explained text, as I discovered today, she
will be elaborated on and given an appearance later on.
Hikosaburo - Downgraded to a minor antagonist, mostly because he is imprisoned
in a volcano, and if he ever got free, would be used as a trump card for Shikuro to
get his way.
Regada - Downgraded to a minor character, running in the same vein as
Muskinatu in the way Taheiji is to Eichiro. She pretty much remains the same as
Arisa Takemago - Remains as a minor character, serving as a supporting force
to the protagonists due to her history and alliance with Eichiro.
Teren & Hwaga - Upgraded to supporting characters; serving as the eyes and
ears of Eichiro should he ever need it; nobody would expect a hick Scottish-speaking
salesman, right? Hwaga is also in on this, and would help out when she could too.
Usually, she could blend into a crown and get valuable information with little
KaoraKasuga Futabatei - Remains a minor character...for now. I'm sure she'll
have more significance later.
Hazel Brown - downgraded to a minor character, but is given the privilege of
being a reoccurring character. 
Aiko Egami & Jack - Upgraded to supporting antagonists. Aiko works as the eyes
and ears of Shikuro, appearing as a laid-back traveler to talk to whomever he can
without worry to get information. Jack also works with delivering messages.


Takuya Natumi -  With the rewriting of the story, I've lost a use for his
Yukina Kitoaji -  I've lost any idea of how to incorporate this character in.
Hanako "Hana" Tano - I've lost any idea of how to incorporate this character
Mikan Suzuki -  Her character never had a clear purpose in the main plot.
Naina Tushigara - Her character just seems unnecessary. 
Melody Warmhearted - I couldn't come up with a use for this character, no
matter how hard I tried.
Nautou Renai - Just seemed like an unnecessary character.
Ryou Kitoji - I've changed around Eichiro's past a bit, so this character
would cloud it up and add useless added complexity.
Fandanna - This character lost my interest.
Fumie Yuki - She was a good idea at the time, but I don't think I have a need
for her.
Kumi Kitoaji - Since Yukina was removed, this character would make no sense.
Luna Momotani - This character doesn't seem required.
Tamiu Natumi - I removed Takuya, so this character serves little purpose.
Chieko Ayabito - This character seems excessive, and will be replaced with
Jack from Aiko's character.
Akane Taminaga -  A minor character that doesn't need to exist.
Ayano Yoshinobu - A unusual and probably a character that doesn't require
Mizuka Tamura - I wouldn't know where to incorporate her.
Tiffy - This character from the beginning had no purpose other than to die.
Izumi Aquarous - This character and most of the other mer-people have lost my
interest; I don't want to crowd my fantasy world.
Iyouni - Another mermaid character I don't need.
Alto - With Mikan gone, Alto serves no purpose.
Koriya - Another mermaid.
Yuuri - Another mermaid.
Narei - Another mermaid.
Unknown... - This character is vague, and I could probably replace her.

Monzaemon Momotani - I like the design of his original art for the
application, and if the mermaids in my fantasy world were rare and looked like that,
than he might be worth saving.
Michi, Etsuya, and Chinatsu - I'm still not sure if I need to keep these
characters once we get to Giaga in-story.
Chosi "The Gossiper" Milua -  I'm not sure if I'll ever use this character,
but I'm not sure.
Last edited: 1 December 2011

Breakthrough says :   31 October 2011   323530  
I'm very much looking forward to the rewrite :D I have to redo my
stories millions of times before I'm happy with them - I'm writing one
now that's taken me since I was roughly nine - needless to say, I had
to upgrade the plot. A LOT. o.o


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