Drama starts when someone is bored and just say something randomly
mean about someone else
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Drama starts when someone is bored and just say something randomly
mean about someone else
Category: story
Saturday, 27 August 2011
05:28:18 PM (GMT)
There was a girl named Jessica. She had a lot of friends but most of them used her cause she was rich. She thought she was every guy's dream but she was wrong... One day she was hanging out with her friend Astrid at her house. They were talking about different stuff. Jessica: "I think Athena likes this guy" She points to someone in the yearbook. Astrid: "Whhaattt?? She does??" Jessica: "Yeahh, it's soo obvious" Obviously Astrid heard wrong because Jessica said she thinks Athena likes that guy. But then Jessica just went along with what Astrid thought. Eventually;; Astrid went home and signed in on facebook. One of her best friend's Haley was on. **On Facebook Chat** Astrid: "Hey Haley I just found out something reaaaallllyyyy weird!!" Haley: "What is it?" Astrid: "Athena likes this guy in our class.... you know.... the guyyyy" Haley: "WHHAAATTT nooo waayyy" Astrid: "Way. o.o" Haley: "Oh my god i never kneww thaatt!! Wow, now that I think of it; it was kind of... OBVIOUS" Astrid: "Ikr?????!!! But you can't tell anyone!" Haley: "I won't(:" Astrid: "Ok good but i g2g now byyee" Haley: "lateer!" 2 minutes later.... **On Facebook Chat** Haley: "Oh my god;; Alexa, guess what!!" Alexa: "What?" Haley: "Athena likes that guuuyyyy in our class!!" Alexa: "No she doesn't" Haley: "Yeah she does. Astrid told me." Alexa: "What? Really? I didn't know Athena had taste in those types of guys x[" Haley: "Well I guess she does!" Alexa: "That is weirdddd" Haley: "Tell me about itt!! :D" **Haley is typing a message...** Alexa is offline. Your message will appear in her messages. Haley looks up right before to send her message. She see's Alexa is offline. *In Haley's message box* "Don't tell anybody though..." Haley signs off. **Next day at school** Athena is at her locker and then looks to the side and see's girls laughing and looking at her. Athena walks away and on her way to class a girl comes up to her and asks her: Jenna: "You like him?" She points at a guy walking alone. Athena: She looks and turns back to Jenna. "Ew.. no why." Jenna: "That's the word on the street" she smiles and laughs as she walks away. Athena looks back in confusion and then turns forward and continues walking.

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