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Possible Usernames for KupikaCategory: Outside Help needed
Monday, 15 August 2011
10:33:32 PM (GMT)
So I've thought of a few Display Names, I need your help to decide which one I
should go with, so, here they are:

- Xx-DoubleRainbow-xX  --l
- Xx-Playing with Fire-xX  --l
- Xx-La Reine des Cœurs-xX  --ll
- Xx-♪↑Allais détoner↓♪-xX
- Xx-Perdu ne mais pas Oublie-xX
- Izaya Orihara
- Xx-Peu sÛr mais confident-xX
- Xx-Kayrah-xX
- ♭♪Jami Lyn Zare♪♭
- Xx-Le Renard de ton rêve-xX
- ∞◎Le Revenent tu crainte◎∞
- ♪<3Felicia's girlfriend for life <3♪   (x3 lol)    --l
Last edited: 16 August 2011

‹Dullahan› says:   15 August 2011   647305  
I say Xx-La Reine des Cœurs-xX.
I'm a sucker for a good classic literature reference.
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says:   15 August 2011   174122  
Nice! xD you knew what it meant xD I'll think about it. :] 
‹Dullahan› says:   15 August 2011   955361  
I'll admit, I used Google Translator. But I immediately recognized it
as French.
I love the French language. 
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says:   15 August 2011   758220  
Ah, you recognize good language when you see it. :] I love the French
Language as well. Tu parles la Français? 
‹Dullahan› says:   15 August 2011   126409  
Sad, I only really know how to PRONOUNCE that (I think). 
If I had to guess, did you just ask me if I speak French? 
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says:   15 August 2011   551256  
Oui. x3 Je prise ce à un non? xD 
‹Dullahan› says:   15 August 2011   223347  
Nope. Not a clue on that one. 
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says:   15 August 2011   605636  
I said, "Yeah, so I take that as a no?" xD 
‹Dullahan› says:   15 August 2011   543546  
XP Figured after I translated it and it came out sort of... weird.
Google Translator's a bitch sometimes. 
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says:   15 August 2011   861006  
Or I mixed up some words, either way it was distorted x3 
‹Dullahan› says:   16 August 2011   668189  
And either way I couldn't read it. 
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says:   16 August 2011   542332  
True x3 ~Hug~ 
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   16 August 2011   782768  
I like the double rainbow one
exquisite says:   16 August 2011   903635  
Xx-Playing with Fire-xX sounds cool.
‹-catching.fire.♥› says:   16 August 2011   189973  
how about felicia's girlfriend for life<3
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says:   16 August 2011   776742  
I'll take it into account, that was my previous displayname, but I
needed a change so yeah. I'll think about it.
Alright, thanks for the input, I'll think about it. :]
xD I hadn't thought about that one x3 I'll add it x3 lol x3 
‹-catching.fire.♥› says:   16 August 2011   307419  
;D oh bby
‹??????› says:   16 August 2011   336952  
Xx-La Reine des Cœurs-xX 
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says:   16 August 2011   288563  
Thank you, Miss. Yanely. :] ^^
‹►Lord♪The♪Đestroyer♪of♪Đreams◄› says :   31 August 2011   713519  
Xx-♪↑Allais détoner↓♪-xX This one is nice 


Xx-☻♥The Ass Kicker♥☻-xX



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