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Saturday, 23 July 2011
12:58:23 PM (GMT)
The Story With No Title.

3 weeks ago, Liberty's dad died in a tragic car 'accident'. Now it's time for the
funeral but strange things have been happening to Liberty. She keeps seeing flashes
of her dad's final moments. Could it lead to something deeper than just a car crash?

Chapter One: The Visions
Liberty awoke. She gasped then sighed. What had just happened? Liberty grabbed her
alarm clock. It was 1:30am. Putting her head back on her soft pillow she thought
about what she had just seen.
 "Probably nothing." Liberty whispered to herself. 
"Libby... Go to sleep" A girls voice said muffled. Liberty looked to that direction.

"Sorry Paige... I just had a... nightmare" Liberty whispered back. She went back to
staring at the ceiling. For the past week she had begun to see things. Not any random
thing but what seemed like her dad's final moment of life. Tomorrow was her dad's
funeral. Her mother had told her to get rest and to put on a smile for her younger
siblings. Liberty felt a tear slide down her smooth cheek. Wiping it away, she told
herself to stop crying. 

The next morning, at 6AM the sun began to rise. Liberty was sat at the edge of her
bed, her head in her hands. Suddenly Paige raised her head and stretched. 
"Good Morning Libby." She announced. Liberty looked up from her hands. Her eyes were
red and looked like she'd been crying. 
"Oh Liberty Georgianna Foxley-Gray," Paige said going from her sleeping bag to
comfort her best friend "It's OK I'm here for you ok. Come on, let's get dressed. You
wouldn't want to be late for... the funeral." Liberty slowly nodded. She took a deep
breath and stared at herself in the mirror. She had to at least look happy even if
she didn't feel happy. 
Paige smiled "Cmon. Let's make you look pretty." Taking Liberty's hand she led her
towards Liberty's en suite bathroom. Liberty let herself be dragged. She felt like
someone had came during the night and sucked out all her energy and happiness from
her. How could people be so careless when driving?

The girls had put on their dresses and combed their hair into ponytails. Paige looked
at her friend. Oh poor Liberty she thought. Liberty caught Paige looking at
her and gave a weak smile. 
"Breakfast is ready girls" Mrs Foxley-Gray shouted from downstairs. Liberty grabbed
her bag and walked down the stairs. She sat down next to Paige. Two more children
followed. One of them was twirling around in her dress and holding her doll, the
other trying to fix his tie.
"Mom! How do you do this tie?" The boy called.
"Here. I'll do it for you Dylan." Paige suggested. Dylan ran over. Liberty's mom
nodded as a kind of thanks. The girl ran to sit down "Mmm... Cereal! Do you want some
Lady Yellow? Or should I say Lady Black!" She said talking to her doll who was
wearing a excact replica of the girl's outfit.
"Emily put your doll away," Liberty snapped, realising she sounded stricter than she
intended she added "She may get dirty and we wouldn't want that would we?"
Emily nodded enthusiastically and put Lady Yellow on a counter top. Dylan went to sit
down. Mrs Foxley-Gray grinned "Are the other girls getting here at 9?" She asked
while pouring milk into Emily's bowl. Liberty looked to Paige. Paige nodded "Yeah but
Paityn is meeting us there" She added. Mrs Foxley-Gray smiled again and ate some of
her cereal. The rest of Breakfast was pretty silent. 

Soon it was 9 O'Clock. The doorbell rang. Liberty went to open the door. She felt
better than this morning. Probably because she had gotten her make-up done and she
was quite busy now, sorting out car seats and things. 
"Libs!" The two girls shouted. They both gave her hugs. 
"Faye! Seattle!" Liberty screamed hugging them close "PAIGE! THEY ARE HERE!" Paige
ran down the stairs and joined in the group hug. 
"It's a big day..." Faye began.
"With the perfect weather!" Seattle finished, giggling. Liberty grinned. Her first
proper smile today. She loved her cousin who could turn sadness into happiness.

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