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I hugged a bowl of cereal because im good in bed(;Category: (general)
Saturday, 9 July 2011
04:54:31 PM (GMT)
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Last edited: 16 July 2011

‹Kairos› says:   15 July 2011   206990  
I stabbed a ninja because Im good in bed 0.o

..damn I bet he was hot xD
NoMorePickingBannansAtTheStrawberrypacth says:   15 July 2011   638643  
he probably wasssss.Just your luck!
‹Kairos› says:   15 July 2011   384512  
 Tis makes me depressed...

atleast Im good in bed ;D I can always get another one..;D 
NoMorePickingBannansAtTheStrawberrypacth says:   15 July 2011   710140  
I dont think Ninjas are that easy to come by,sweetheart
btw, im Holland(:
‹Kairos› says:   15 July 2011   884958  
Dnt worry ;D I'm in an elite ninja academy with my friends lol
I'm audrey(: 
NoMorePickingBannansAtTheStrawberrypacth says:   15 July 2011   862085  
Of course....i dont know a person on the street who doesnt!
lol, Its nice to meet ya...i think we are going to be good friends.
‹Kairos› says:   15 July 2011   971703  
I'm kidnapping you so you can come join us
Lol ditto xD the best of friends :3 
NoMorePickingBannansAtTheStrawberrypacth says:   15 July 2011   595589  
Kidnapp away, my friend.
anywhere is better than here...in my house...not at the midnight Harry
Potter screening.
ohkay, im done.
NoMorePickingBannansAtTheStrawberrypacth says:   15 July 2011   873748  
lets take this convo to msg, shall we?
‹Kairos› says :   15 July 2011   191958  

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