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Don't, 'cause it's too late. there's no fixing what you didCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 1 June 2011
04:34:46 PM (GMT)
Dear Mr Blank
lets get a few things straight here. I used to have a major crush on you. I
used to. Then I stopped, and not without reason. Your a jerk and your popular
and your a retard and I think you need to get a life and stop being so annoying and
stop having such a big ego and stop being such a pervert. That's why I don't like
you. I started liking you again. My friend gave me hope that you might actually have
liked me, but of course you didn't. But I guess you do now. You used to try and make
eye contact, I know. but I couldn't get myself to. I was on default, I couldn't make
myself, I was too shy. Your eyes are really deep and it's not like i dont like them,
but i cant make myself I'm too shy and too scared I am imagining things. I'm scared
im imagining you liking me. I really am. But I used to be. I dont like you so much
anymore. Ha I remember when you tried to make me jealous but you didnt know I liked
you. You danced with her, and had let me hear you say in a conversation that you had
stopped liking the girl you had liked before, which i assumed was me and stopped
looking at me to make me jealous. It kinda worked, last month, you know it kinda
worked. But I was mad at you. Gosh, when you danced with her-slow danced- with
popular, pretty Kara, who I heard you talk to a lot on facebook, my heart was
crushed. There's no fixing the first time you broke my heart last year. 
There's no fixing what you did a month ago.
 There's no way to make up for it. 
It's too late! 
I see you glance over at me.
I'm pretty sure the one time you saw me glance at you, then you whispered something
to your friend, I'm pretty sure you said something like she's looking at me. but im
not positive, I'm pretty sure.
I saw when I looked at the time, at the clock above your head, i saw how you looked
over as if checking if it was you I was looking at.
I see the look of exasperation on your face.
I see the gloom hidden beneath the surface.
Just don't. 
Don't make me feel bad!
If you think I'm being impossible, think again!
It's not my fault your timing was off!
sure I'm confused about you, but I'm pretty sure I don't like you.
unfortunately for you, I'm not one of those girls who will date a guy just because
he's hot.
stop hoping. 
Stop making me feel bad.
I can't change who you are, or what you did.
You've broken my heart twice now. 
I was doing fine with the bandages wrapped around. 
The wound was almost healed...but not quite.
Then you just have to reopen the wound.
and now there's a hole. 
a hole that is slowly filling back in.
not thanks to you, but thanks to one of my buddies on kupika.
I think you know who you kupikan friend. 
but you know what Colin...gosh, it's too late.
and get out of my life.
that's all I want from you now.
please just leave me alone.
and don't come that close to me standing in line again
gosh that was so awkward. 
even if it's you, i dont want to hurt your feelings, so I try to inconspiciously step
over, but not enough for me to feel comforted. you were like right there. don't
invade my personal space.
i dont know who you think you are.
not every girl will want to be with you.
especially not this one, you bastard! 

what's done is done
what is and isnt said is too
there's no fixing what you and and didnt do
you had your chance last year
you blew it
it's not my fault your timing was off
so dont go making me feel bad.
It's too late.
it's pointless, and trust me were not going to get anywhere.
just dont.
Last edited: 1 June 2011

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