The girl who defined gravity~Story. Comment if I should continue it,
please : )
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The girl who defined gravity~Story. Comment if I should continue it,
please : )
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011
04:34:53 PM (GMT)
Okay, this is a lame couple paragraphs I am writing in 3rd person. Tell me if it's

  June 11th, 2011. What a crazy day! You may think you've had some crazy days, but
your most crazy day, compared to this, is normal. Unless you grew wings, flew up over
a rainbow, where pigs dressed in pink tutus danced like the sugar plum fairy in MID
AIR, i couldn't care less. Yes, that's what happened. You know how people use the
term, oh I'll do that when pigs fly, well they must have done it that day, because
pigs actually flew! I am a very honest person, too honest for my own good.
Which is why, I'm telling you now, that isn't exactly what happened. 
      That afternoon of June 11th, the sun must have been really excited or
something, cause I thought if I went outside, I just might start melting. So,
naturally, being me, I went outside. What didn't happen, is I didn't start melting,
but I did drift off of the ground. I was astonished as my feet slowly lifted
off the deck. I shrieked and my 18 year old brother, Austin raced out of the house.
My god, the look on his face was priceless!! His mouth hung ajar and his electric
blue eyes were as round as saucers. I laughed my head off, despite the total
weirdness of the situation. Unfortunately, i didn't have wings, but they would have
added a nice exciting, dramatic touch. Though, I don't mind saying I would have
probably fainted on the spot in mid air- now that would've been interesting to see.
Without the laws of gravity, i guess i would just drift away, unconcious and not fall
over or anything. Well, anyway, back to the story... I almost did faint, even without
the wings. Austin finally recovered from his shock, and ran over to me, grabbed my
ankle, and tried to yank me back down. But no matter how hard he pulled, i just kept
drifting up. Then when he tried to let go, he couldn't. It was as if someone had
super-glued his hand there. 
        I was rising in a startlingly fast manor now. The ground was 2ft, 10 ft, 20
ft away! Not to mention I am afraid of heights! Austin, holding onto my ankle, seemed
to be weightless, as his firm grip didn't hurt. On my way up, my hand brushed a bird,
who suddenly didnt need to flap it's wings anymore to stay air born. Everything I
touched defied gravity!! Eventually, we were hundreds of feet of the ground. I gasped
as I looked down, and my face turned a nasty shade of green. I couldn't help it: I
threw up. Austin screamed like a girl as it just missed him by an inch. (Which I
teased him for later.) I hoped I hadn't hit anyone down below, as even if I wasn't
affected by the laws of gravity, my vomit seemed to be. I could just imagine some
poor old lady walking down the street, leaning heavily on her cane, and then all of a
sudden, splat, all over her hair and face, as if someone had dumped a bucket
of green eggs and ham over her head. I wondered if that's why Sam was so reluctant to
like green eggs and ham. Maybe he, like this poor old lady who's image of Dr. Seus
may have been tarnished forever, had suffered from the effects of liquid-ified green
eggs and ham, that really wasn't green eggs and ham. There I was, defying
gravity, and I could think of nothing more than Dr. Seus and green eggs and ham. 
       I burst of colour cut into my reverie, and all of a sudden, we stopped
floating up. Austin could actually take his hand off my ankle now, thank goodness. It
would have been awkward walking downtown in New York on the side walk- if we ever got
down, i thought sourly- with my brother clutching my ankle like a life line. I found
myself sitting on a beam of colour. It was neither warm, nor cold. When i reached otu
to feel it, my hand went right through. I looked farther down and realized it wasn't
just a random beam of purple light: it was part of a rainbow! I looked around in aw.
A blue bird flew by, and I had a sudden urge to sing 'somewhere over the rainbow',
which i supressed. I gasped as a pink pig flew by- at least that's what I thought it
was a first, but then I realized it was really just a  cotton candy cloud- no,
really, it was made out of pink cotton candy- in the shape of a pig. I reached out my
hand, and pulled off the sugary sweet fluff and stuffed it into my mouth. It melted
pleasantly and my brother gave me the look. He had finally found his voice.
"Sabrina! You can't just eat cotton candy off a cloud! It could be poisoned!" now it
was his turn for the look. Seriously, what a kill-joy. Who poisons cotton
candy clouds over the rainbow!!?

Please comment if you think this is good, and if I should continue it. Sorry for any
spelling or grammar, i am only 13, so cut me some slack.
Last edited: 24 May 2011

lillymill says:   24 May 2011   866487  
lol that was fun xD
tiggerlemon101 says :   22 July 2011   351987  
This is good 


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