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Monday, 18 April 2011
08:42:50 AM (GMT)
Yes, here's yet another meme for everyone to ignore. 8D I brutally stole this from dear Muffinbake because we're both Bleach nerds. Like, the biggest Bleach nerds ever. 1 – Favorite Character 2 – Least Favorite Character 3 – Favorite Filler Arc 4 – Least Favorite Filler Arc 5 – Favorite Character From the Gotei 13 6 – Favorite Zanpakutō/Shikai 7 – Favorite Bankai 8 – Favorite Fight 9 – Favorite Opening 10 – Favorite Ending 11 – Most Epic Moment 12 – Favorite Vizard 13 – A Scene that made you happy 14 – A Scene that made you sad 15 – Favorite Zanpakutō Spirit 16 – Favorite Fan Couple 17 – Most Pointless Episode 18 – A Character You Feel You Are Most Like 19 – A Character You Wish You Were More Like 20 – Favorite Arrancar 21 – Least Favorite Arrancar 22 – Favorite Release Form 23 – A Character You Are in Love With 24 – Funniest Scene 25 – Favorite Line/Quote 26 – A Character You Would Love to Cosplay 27 – Favorite Minor Character 28 – A Character You Wish Never Had to Die 29 – Favorite Episode Ever 30 – Why You Love Bleach ----- Day 1 – Favorite Character They always start with the hardest ones! I have many favourite characters in Bleach, but I guess that's because the cast is so big and Kubo-sensei has characters of all types. My favourite characters include: Urahara Kisuke, Shihoin Yoruichi, Matsumoto Rangiku, Hitsugaya Toshiro, Kurosaki Isshin, Kuchiki Byakuya... yeah, maybe a few more somewhere alonh the line too, but there's definitely one that stands out above the rest~ Yup, Ichimaru Gin. ♥ He is definitely my favourite, though Kubo-sensei was a bitch and brutally had him killed. Well, that sucks. I love Gin because... well, ever since he appeared in the first place and was presented as the chief bad guy, I've always hoped he was secretly a good guy. When he betrayed the Soul Society with Aizen, and said those words to Matsumoto, I decided that he couldn't really be evil at all. And then, he goes and double-crosses Aizen, just as i had predicted! All because he loves Matsumoto so much~ Come on, it's basically one of the only canon pairings in Bleach - GinRan - because Gin actually admits he tried to kill Aizen because he had made Matusmoto cry~ I SHIP DIS. I also love Gin because he's a very unusual character - in fact, I can't think of character in any other series that's remotely like him, really. I love his design (I have a thing for silver hair?), and I love the mannerisms Kubo-sensei has given him too. Also, his zanpaku-to is pretty cool~ Oh, and he was adorable when he was little. ^__________________________^ Plus, he's super duper strong~ Think about it - he sliced and diced a lot of people in that final battle, he was never actually beaten by Ichigo in both of their fights, he planned Aizen's downfall ever since he met him, and he's the only shinigami who actually got anywhere near defeating Aizen until Ichigo (who, as the main character, had to be victorious anyway) - and Aizen didn't even figure out how Gin planned to kill him either. He's a genius, he's badass and he's powerful. Best character ever. ... least favourite character tomorrow? One guess who I'll be picking.

‹colours and carousels♥› says:   18 April 2011   399864  
I'm honestly shocked and appalled that Orihime isn't your favourite
Bootheghost says:   18 April 2011   882773  
Oh damn I forgot her 
‹colours and carousels♥› says :   18 April 2011   219745  



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