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Tuesday, 1 March 2011
06:03:46 AM (GMT)
Okay so everyone i have ever talked to say that suicide is bad, wrong immoral, bla
bla bla.. Well my opinion on it is that it is the most selfish thing a person could
do. (right next to murder) however, i also believe that it is your body, and your
life. Everyone says that they wouldnt have to deal with the friends and family's
reactions. Well my thought on that is, alot of people dont deal with half the crap
they are suppose to anyways, this would just be another example of it. i had already
said it was the most selfish thing you could do, and that is part of it. i think it
is more selfish then murder honestly.because a lot of times, when dealing with
murder, someone is caught. and from what i can tell, if anyone was locked away, the
family would be all happy and everything, as long as they think it's the right
person, any bum off the street would do. And if you murder someone, then kill
yourself.....well maybe you are better off dead. And honestly, families are pathetic
at times. it is less embarrassing if you were murdered rather than you killed
yourself. That's what they deal with, is sympathy. They get a better sympathy vote if
you were murdered. But anyways, i am not saying that if anybody was to read this,
then i advise them to go shoot themselves. What i am saying is it's their choice, and
i dont think anybody else has a right to control a body that is not
theirs(....without permission or you are under 18 yrs old). But before anybody
decides to kill themselves they should think REALLY hard about it. think about what
would happen if you commit suicide. how would your friends react? your family? what
about your future? College? a spouse? a nice job? how about a house? a family? with
kids? maybe in the future you are going to save a puppy. When you kill yourself, you
kill everything that would've been in your future. But the most important question
you need to ask yourself, the one that is going to matter most (in my opinion), If
you fail, would you be able to live with that new life style? With this screwed up
society, would you be able to handle being put in a mental hospital? and even when
(if) you get out, nobody is going to trust you around knives, or pills, or anything
you could harm yourself with. nobody would leave you alone, i mean you'll have a
crowed around you just so you can go pee. is it right, do i believe in it? hell no!
but do you deserve it? yup. If you fail, it's your own fault. YOU chose that life
style yourself. i agree it sucks, and everything, but this society is so ****ed up
that they think you must be crazy, or whatever. And if you have the thoughts of if
you were meant to live then God will make sure you dont go through with it, or he
will make sure your plan fails.....Well i'll have more on "God" in another entry. but
my thoughts on that are....honestly, if gos wanted you to live then he wouldnt have
made your life so ****ed up, or gave you those thoughts, right? i dont know how the
whole god thing works. But if you have REALLY thought about it, and you wnet over
everything i put, then MY only advise to you would have to be....

dont try OD or cutting, it doesnt work, go for the gun.
Last edited: 1 March 2011

ShaneAshley95 suggests :   1 March 2011   517634  
I know it is harsh......but you have to be harsh, especially when
dealing with subjects such as this. A lot of people will shun me, or
look down apon me, but you cant be all rainbows and unicorns about it.
that's what's wrong with society, they think that life is the most
precious gift (from god?) well sometimes, it would be better if you
can return that gift, which is basically suicide.


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