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Oekaki MemeCategory: Surveys
Saturday, 26 February 2011
10:56:48 PM (GMT)
Copied and pasted from PeachyMinn. Kupika Oekaki Meme! ^o^ i. Why, hello! Tell us your name/nickname! Supp', name's Fiona! |3 ii. What do you use to oekaki, mouse or tablet? Mouse, so very hard. iii. Do you use either Oekaki ShiPianter or Oekaki ShiPainter Pro? And why? :o ShiPainter. Pro looks complicated; eventhough it looks pro. iv. I see! Do you do oekakis regularly on this site? Nope. v. What do you like to draw? Em, anime/manga-like characters. vi. How many oekakis have you done on this site? 7. vii. Okay, and how many oekakis do you want to do total? (Goal) I dunno, 20? viii. Just curious, but when did you start drawing? At the age of 9. But kind of stopped for abit, but then when I start being into anime - when I was 11 - then I started drawing again... until now~ ix. What’s the most kidnapped oekaki of yours in 2006 (if any of this year), and include the number of ‘naps (also for the next 5 questions)! :D Can you put that oekaki (small thumbnail of it) here? Pretty please? ^_^ Ain't here yet! x. And for 2007? Ain't here. xi. 2008? Ain't here. xii. 2009? Um, only 1 kidnap - on my old deleted account. xiii. 2010? One 'nap. xiv. 2011? Tired yet? None. And no, not really. xv. Interesting! Who are your 6 (you can put more) favorite artists on here? Yanely_a_la_mode, Jaune, leah_kairi, Neriko, chestnutlollipop and others... xvi. :D And have any of their oekakis inspired you? Which ones? Psh, duh. THIS AND THAT AND THAT AND THIS. AND THAT |D SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. xvii. Do you draw better in paper with pencil or on tablet/mouse? Paper&&Pencil FTW. xviii. Show us a drawing you did in pencil if you can! : No. Lazy. xix. Do you know what omgeme.com is? No. xx. Go there please and draw my avatar in no more than 5 minutes and put it here if you can. C= Srry, dude or dudette, but I'm just so lazy. xxi. Nice style! Hey, do you have a tutorial? STYLE? OH YES, I LOVE MI' STYLE SANKYU. And no. Very lazy to do so. xxii. Which Kupikans would you like to see a tutorial from? Um, from the ones I've just listed above. xxiii. Do you have a dA? What is it so we can all stalk you? Yes, it's SykChords. Ain't a typo. xxiv. Are you tired yet? Why would I be? xxv. ActiveKupi might add more questions on here later, what do you think about that? Cx Oh, COOLIO - Can't wait~ xxvi. I hope you enjoyed this meme! Did you? Psh, of course not! //sarcasm >D No worries, it was pretty great, so to speak. xxvii. Tag your friends, tag anyone, just go ahead and tag and spread the Oekaki meme love! Tag? UM. I TAG YOU THEN.

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